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Natural Technology and Artificial Intelligence


cat and woman

Dearest readers,

The biggest question of our time, I believe, is this:

Will you take back your power and freedom, or do you agree to become the property of a corporation, essentially an enslaved cog in a machine?

A.I. or artificial intelligence, in essence, is the use of artificial (not of nature or unnatural) technology to supplant our own innate ability to give and receive information through intuition.

If you examine the state of the world today and how technology is used, you will easily understand that the Internet of Things is designed to completely destroy all freedom, independent thinking and creativity, and to turn all living and supposedly non-living things into property. In essence, to accept A.I. as your operating system is to accept being a slave.

The not so hidden agenda of the creators of A.I. and the Internet of Things is to control all of life and to manage all of life as property.

The ability to move freely, to reproduce, to think for yourself, and to enjoy privacy are intentionally suppressed in this movement to replace natural intelligence with artificial intelligence.

The human body is an advanced technology in itself. An antenna able to capture energy and information from anywhere in the multiverse or from the Earth without the use of any outside hardware or software.

The human body is an advanced piece of ancient technology, more advanced than anything science can produce today.

In all creation myths, there was a time when human beings were free and connected to all of nature. It would seem that we all lived in harmony with ourselves, one another, and with nature. And then occurred some event (a hostile takeover of the collective consciousness) which religions use to blame humanity as a fatal flaw in our own nature. This hostile takeover separated us from this unified and harmonious state.

Humanity has been enslaved for a very long time. Possibly hundreds of thousands of years. We now have the opportunity to remember our innate power and to free ourselves from oppression and control. 

As it happens, this separation from nature and from our own innate powers was not a flaw in our characters or in our human nature. It was an act of domination which has enslaved us for hundreds of thousands of years.

Artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things is an attempt to reduce all of life and creativity to commodities.

The fall from grace was in fact a fall into density, polarity, and separation. And from that enforced repression of the feminine aspect of ourselves and our ability to easily nurture, give, and receive, we were slowly and irremediably separated from our innate power to connect with all that is. Without this power, we came to understand ourselves as being inherently weak. And we gave our power away first to saviors from religions, then to patriarchy, domination of the mind over the wisdom of the heart, separation from nature, to relinquishing our consciousness to external products and gadgets produced by science and technology.

There is a clear reason why the feminine energies of creativity and receptivity have been suppressed from human cultures and religions on Earth. When we are creative, we are free. When we empty our minds, surrender our Ego and personal will to the greater flow of the Universe, we are an antenna that can receive direct information from the highest form of consciousness that is.

We are now experiencing the end of the era of slavery, domination, and separation from self and nature. That is, if we so choose. The technologies of artificial intelligence have been pushed hard onto us by those who have been the master controllers of human collective consciousness across the ages. By keeping human consciousness in the vibration of fear, our confidence in our own powers remains weak. Doubt, fear, anger, division, separation are all exaggerated in the technological prison which so many not only accept but embrace wholeheartedly.

Fear is a tool that is constantly used to manipulate human consciousness. To keep us separate from ourselves and to divide us from one another.

Artificial intelligence is not only not necessary; it is a trick designed to transform the human being into the most weakened and diminished state in history. To accept a chip into your body that allows you to connect to the Internet is to accept that you do not have the innate ability to connect to all wisdom in the Universe.

Before there were spoken and written languages, human beings, like the animals and plants, were able to communicate with all beings and energies every where in the multiverse. We are telepathic by nature. We were taught to suppress our own compassion and oneness and to treat living beings – trees, plants, animals, insects, soil, air, water, rocks and crystals, and even other human beings as if they were commodities and not sentient vehicles for energy and consciousness.

Human beings are naturally telepathic. We can communicate with trees, animals, with everything!

As humanity has reached the choice point in our era between freedom, unity, self-love and empowerment or total subjugation and domination by an external power source that holds the human consciousness in the artificial, non-creative, and stagnant arena of the mind…we each make the choice based on our level of consciousness.

Will I take back my power and remember who I am? Will I know that my heart contains everything I need to connect to the never-ending creative flow of life and trust in its wisdom? Or will I succumb to the fear propaganda and give into the devious and seductive rewards of artificial intelligence with the loss of autonomy and privacy that these technologies and the level of consciousness that produced them requires?

What does it mean to take back your power?

There is no right or wrong answer. Either choice will take you down a different path. To a new 5-D Earth built on a principle of balance, unity, harmony, intuition, creativity, and joy, or to a continuation of old 3-D Earth that will hold all of those who dwell there in a dependency on separation from self, others, and nature, and in which the reification of all beings into “thingness”, where the exploitation of all beings will continue to expand and where freedom will continue to shrink.

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