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Shifting realities: mastering the pattern


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Dearest readers,

As I navigate the ascension process, working my way back up from separation and survival consciousness (3-D) towards unity and compassion (5-D) and non-judgment (7-D), I often notice unwanted thoughts and emotions entering my realm of experience or reality. Sometimes it is something as silly as compulsively imagining cockroaches invading my bathroom. These experiences, if reacted to, adopted, or taken personally, can drop me back down to lower timelines or more angsty experiences of reality. As the saying goes: “What you resist, persists.”

Sometimes I have unwanted, compulsive fearful thoughts about traffic accidents or cockroaches invading my bathroom.

I believe that as individuals moving towards unity consciousness, we each have both the opportunity and the responsibility to help ourselves and to help the collective to release these old thought forms and emotions that were originally created either to help us to survive in a more primitive expression of consciousness, or which were created as a response to living in a terrifying world of separation from nature and from ourselves where everyone and anything could be an enemy.

I personally visualize the “All that Is” (what people commonly call God), as a beautiful geometric pattern that is constantly shifting and changing. Because the great consciousness of everything includes everyone and everything that exists, we are each part of that pattern. And, as such, we each have the opportunity to change the color and tone of the entire pattern, since we are all connected to one another and are an expression of the unity of all life. Just as a seed contains the entire pattern and potential of an adult tree, so does each particle of energy, every person, plant, animal, insect, rock, droplet of water, or grain of soil contain the entire pattern that is “God”. From the perspective of unity, everything is sacred, and nothing can be treated with less than the utmost respect, including ourselves.

For me, “God” is a geometric pattern, like an ever shifting mandala or a kaleidoscope, containing all of consciousness, all of the energy of everyone, everything, all that is.

It may seem as if the world (planetary and social) is in chaos. And indeed it is, on one level. I personally perceive this chaotic state as an opportunity for each of us to take back our creative powers and our ability to imagine, feel, and live from a higher perspective. The old timelines of powerlessness, suffering, and separation where people seek a savior or give their power away to either people or God that are perceived as more powerful than self are all falling away. The chaos is a prerequisite for change. We can easily pick up the pieces and create a beautiful and loving way of being here on Earth once again.

We are not creating something new, per se. We are beginning to remember what it was like to live from a unity perspective once again. Once we remember that we are part of a bigger, magnificent pattern, like a kaleidoscope or mandala, we also remember that we are never alone.

We are all powerful artists, creating realities for ourselves and for everyone else too.

Taking responsibility for “unwanted”, “negative” thoughts as well as impulses to control others, to hoard wealth, to bully or to feel as a victim, hopeless and small is not an easy thing to do. But it is simple. It takes persistence. Over and over again, each time these thoughts, feelings, and impulses arrive into our field of awareness, we can simply thank them for giving us the opportunity to experience life in 3-D and separation, and then release and transmute them back into pure light. Then we can focus our attention and intentions on creating what we truly would love to feel and experience in the present moment.

No one is coming to save us. We are in charge!

It takes practice. Shifting timelines helps everyone – humans, plants, animals, the planet. If you want to help change this collective experience of reality, you can do it in the privacy of your own home or backyard. No one even has to know that you are doing it. But it will help everyone, and the visible effects of these private practices will soon become visible thanks to all of our efforts.

Practice imagining what heaven on Earth looks and feels like.

We are living in a challenging and exciting time! We are all influential. Please do not despair. I know that many are taking their own lives, finding life on Earth at this time to be overwhelming. And it can be, if we allow ourselves to be influenced by narratives of destruction, pain, violence, and confusion to overtake our senses. Be strong! We are the ones who create the new realities. No one will come to save us. We are all powerful creators. All each of us needs to do is to reflect clearly on what we would like to experience, both personally and collectively, and what will benefit the highest good of everyone, everything, and all that is.

With love and support,


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