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The only way out is up


Dearest readers,

It’s become a common-place truism to say that a problem cannot be solved at the same level of consciousness at which it was created. It also seems obvious from the word “revolution”, that by rebelling against a situation or system that is causing pain, discomfort, or which has been observed to not work for the majority, we end up in the same place that we started.

Is time travel an illusion?


The German series, Dark, of which two seasons is now available on Netflix, underlines this circular nature of time and reality, where past, present, and future are intertwined and simultaneous. The symbol of the ourobouros, or the snake biting its tail, as well as the triquetra, derived from intersecting circles, similar to the vesica pisces, represents past, present, and future in a unified field.

What we call reality could be a simulation


Collapsing timelines

This multidimensional representation of our human experience of reality in which multiple timelines appear to be collapsing into one another, and that which was perceived to be separate can no longer remain encapsulated is becoming apparent in our current collective experiences of reality around the world. Everything that we were conditioned to believe as truth and reality no longer seems to hold water.

Are you awake yet?

The person who is awakening to this realization may feel fear, as if the solid foundation onto which they believed everything they hold dear is no longer stable or reliable. The person who knows that reality is simply a mental construct observes the events around him or her and builds peace and stability by mastering his or her thoughts, emotions, desires, and intentions.


The life force is our true identity

Spiritual teachings from all civilizations seem to hold a common belief that the only reality is that which is inside of each of us. That spark of life, of consciousness, is the foundation of everything that we seem to perceive on the outside.

From separation back to unity

As our current paradigm collapses in on itself and all of our institutions implode, we can choose to observe this process of deconstruction peacefully, knowing full well that to create something new, the old must go.

Unity: serving the highest good

To build something better, we must create from a state of consciousness in which everything we allow in our world must serve the highest good of everyone and all that exists.

Since energy is never lost but is simply transformed, there is grief only where there is attachment. Of course, we are all attached to people, places, animals, things, memories…but the less attachment we hold, the easier it is to let go. And we can grieve and let go eventually of those things and beings we once loved.

triquetra timeline

Wormholes and portals

The circle of time or evolution (rather than revolution) is a spiral. It circles up and down again. The thesis of the series Dark is that our world is locked into a circle that endlessly repeats itself over and over again in disparate timelines that overlap when portals or wormholes between these dimensions of time are opened. In the show, the time cycles each last 33 years, at which point the portals can be accessed.

The apocalypse: the end of one world and the integration of all timelines 

In this hellish repetition of an  interlocking past, present, and future, we blindly participate in a play that can only end badly, as we suffer the same wounds and betrayals over and over again. One aspect of the main character ends up co-creating an apocalyptic event to end this endless trap of suffering with the unknowing consent of all of those who are seeking resolution, love, peace, and reunion with those they love and have lost. When we extend the illusion of time to a helix, our experiences allow us to advance and regress, ad infinitum. Perhaps there is no way out, but I believe that life is all about experiences that the soul chooses to live.


The witness and the experiencer

By becoming more self-aware, the experiencer does not take the pain and suffering the same way as someone who identifies fully with the character he or she has taken on for a particular lifetime. By observing self and how we respond to our triggers, we can work on our self. I know that I am more than just this human person, Rebekah. I have chosen this role for this lifetime, and all of my experiences feel very real. That is why the game is so hard. Mastery is the real reason we are here, in this very elaborate game that is simulated by our collective consciousness (perhaps what we call God).

Mastery of self

Moving up in the game means not taking anything personally. Watching ourselves play the game – that is how we move up, and that is how we move beyond being triggered by social violence, political chaos, or by any situation or person that shames, blames, judges or otherwise seems to try to manipulate our state of consciousness.

Miguel Ruiz self mastery

My entire existence, past, present, and future is inside of me

Being calm means no longer trying to control external circumstances or people. Mastery, like all truths, is a paradox. I am a master if I let go of all desire to control my life, and in doing so, I am able to remain peaceful in all situations…ultimately making me in full possession of the ability to create a life full of peace and joy. And what more could anyone want?

St Germain Self Mastery

Everything is fine as it is right now

The key is to stop judging self and others. To stop qualifying situations as good or bad. It’s not weak or passive to forgive, to let go, to observe, to accept everything as it is as being perfect.

Soul contracts

We all choose our parents and families and the challenges we come to experience here on Earth. They are all perfect, for us. It took me a long time to realize this, but when I finally did, I felt very empowered. I could then receive the gifts from my family, even though they had caused me a lot of pain and forced me into isolation from the family unit.

Empowerment and self-responsibility: the way to inner peace

The challenges other people face are not tragedies, and it is not our role to feel sorry for them or to help them out of these situations. The only thing each of us needs to do, if we wish to master our reality, is to look inward and to observe ourselves. To be kind at all times to self and to others.


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