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Be it ’til you see it: thoughts on the process of manifestation


bleeding heart

Hello dearest readers,

Over the years, anyone in mainstream culture or those you are interested in things of the spirit can only be aware of the attention given to the law of attraction. Fake it ’til you make it is a truism that is equally common. If you pretend you already are or have what you want, then this state of awareness will eventually trickle down into your lower frequency physical reality. Basically, thoughts and emotions are forms of energy which exist on a certain plane, and the so-called physical plane is simply a more dense form or mirror of the emotional, mental, and spiritual planes.

When Nicolas Tesla famously declared that everything is energy, frequency, and vibration, he obviously understood the true nature of reality. Everything that ever was, is, or will be coexists right now in energetic form. There is no separation of anything. Nothing is ever lost or gained.

Yet the experiences of limitation we choose to live out here on Earth are so realistic! The game of life and the game of being human are expressions of limitation in density that our soul or Higher Aspect chooses to experience in order to provide opportunities for mastery of thoughts, emotions, choices, and intentions while living under duress.

Being human is a paradoxical situation. We are all powerful creators of realities living in a very narrow state of expression. It is as if we have amnesia and must try to remember what we once knew and lived with ease. Manifestation of our thoughts, desires, and dreams is second nature to us in the higher planes. But here on Earth, in the lower densities, it becomes difficult. We struggle, we resist our circumstances, we fear outcomes and worry that we won’t be able to survive and protect our physical bodies and possessions. The more we struggle and worry, the more challenging our circumstances or experiences become.

Which is why being human is such a gift. Because it is so challenging, and because in the lower densities taking care of a physical body and a family demand so much of us.

And so, in the name of remembering who I really am – a soul or fragment of the source creator – I declare that I will be what I want to experience until that energy signature of joy, abundance, peace, and well-being translates into the mirror of the physical plane.

There is a delay between thought, emotion, and manifestation in the physical plane because of the variation in frequencies between thought, emotion, intention, and that of our physical bodies and their surroundings. The whole point of the ascension process is to recalibrate our physical bodies and to bring them up to the same vibrational level as that of our soul expression. The process of purging conditioned thoughts, belief systems, emotional trauma that is seated in the body (mental, physical, and emotional as well as in the energetic or light body – toroidal field that surrounds every human being) is a long and challenging one.

Which is why manifestation of our thoughts, desires, and intentions is not as easy as it seems it should be. To experience joy, you have to be joyful and truly feel joyful. You can’t fake that, and faking joy will not bring a true experience of joy into your life. The feelings that accompany abundance, ease, joy, patience, calm or whatever we wish to embody must be actually felt in order for the results to manifest in the so-called physical world. The light body, which is an extension of our chakra system and DNA, is the interface between our material self and all of the non-physical realms.

We are all constantly creating our reality, manifesting perfectly the results that match the frequencies of our thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and the level of self-love we currently feel and express. In this, we are all perfectly powerful.

However, if you or I does not like or enjoy the reality we have created, then we have the ability to shift to a different reality by examining and changing the thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and intentions we are holding to a new set that is more harmoniously aligned with that which we would prefer to experience.

From my perspective, this is the hardest part. If I wish to be an entrepreneur and not have a conventional job anymore, then I need to examine what is holding me back from realizing this dream. Am I afraid of not making enough money or the lack of stability or security that may ensue from being my own boss? Do I lack self-love or self-worth and believe that I don’t deserve to be successful? There are so many unconscious thoughts and beliefs as well as emotions that need to be examined carefully and of which I need to be aware if I wish to shift my experience of reality.

I know I am completely responsible for my experiences of reality in this dimension, and I own that. There are things about my life that I don’t really like right now. I want to work from home full-time as an artist, so that I can be present for my dog and do the work I love to do.  I am working on feeling the joy and security that abundance gained from enjoyable creative work would bring. I am also working on self-confidence, needed to promote my work and to command the commission fees I need in order to pay my bills. There are practical as well as spiritual aspects to manifestation. The emotional aspects and unconscious beliefs and conditioned thought patterns are not often broached in pop culture talks and lectures about the law of attraction.

Everything in life is about mastery. Mastery of our thoughts, emotions, desires, choices, intentions. What we achieve in this world is illusory. The true goal is to be. Simply to be. Pure of heart. Peaceful. Joyful and enjoying each experience that comes our way with gratitude and non-judgment. It’s not easy. It’s a process that is meaningful and which brings its own rewards.

We live in a very goal-oriented culture in the United States. There is a lot of emphasis put on status and on achievement, as well as on doing rather than being.  A friend of mine from my book club told me the other day that she is now focusing more on being. Her husband of at least 50 years is dying of a rare form of dementia. He is not able to speak or communicate. Yet all of the people in the home where he was staying were moved to tears and expressed so much love for him when he had to move out to go to hospice. His energy of peace, gentleness, and love was so pervasive despite his inability to move, communicate, or do anything. This is what I am talking about.

So be love until you see love mirrored in your life experiences. What more could any of us want?


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