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Monster: How Mass Shootings Can Teach Us How to Heal Ourselves, Our Societies


Dearest readers,

There are many reasons why violence is so prevalent in the United States and around the planet today. Violence is an outward projection of our individual inner states of being as well as an accurate portrait of our collective state and how we use our consciousness to create the realities in which we live.


We call these shooters “monsters”. We claim that they are mentally ill exceptions to the rule of who we are: peaceful, law-abiding, kind individuals. We rush to punish or to protect or protest gun ownership rights and laws.

School Shooting Florida

What is a monster? Where do these shooters come from and why do they appear? Are they really disturbing our peace? Have we created a peace which can be disturbed? Or have we accepted violence, constant stress, fear, mistrust, and duality as our accepted state of reality that we wish to preserve?

A monster is someone who shows us something important about ourselves and about our society. From the word “montrer” in French, “mostrar” in Spanish: to show. In a way, a monster is a gift. A person who has entered a state of too much. A person who can no longer carry the separation, the lack, the stress, the loneliness, the brutality of our society any longer. And so they explode. And in that explosion of violence, they show us who we are. They show us how we are responsible for what we have created, all together.

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For the societies in which we live are a highly accurate snapshot, in each instant of time and experience, of our current state of collective consciousness. If we each choose in each moment, both individually and collectively, to perpetuate fear, mistrust, perfectionism, tribalism, judgment over unity, kindness, forgiveness, compassion, trust, vulnerability – then we continue to perpetuate the kind of collective experience that leads to more of the same.


The monster or the shooter, in my eyes, is a self-sacrificing hero of sorts. I’m not trying to exculpate the shooter, but to elevate our own collective responsibility for these events. It is not one person who creates the tragedy. It is all of us. These individuals are showing us what we refuse to see about ourselves. Where we play the victim, we are each in fact responsible for every life lost in these tragic, horrible shootings. Even those of us (including myself) who have never used or owned a gun and who practice compassion on a daily basis…I too am responsible. Because we are all one living body, one living consciousness, one family.

responsibility quote

We cannot blame, punish, incarcerate, suppress, hospitalize, legislate violence out of our individual and collective realities.

The only way to stop mass shootings and violence of any kind in our societies is for all of us to take responsibility for the way we imagine and live our lives from one moment to the next.

Fear is a choice. We are completely free to choose to be unafraid in the face of any “outer” circumstance or situation. We are free to speak to our neighbors and to love them, no matter who they are, or what we perceive that they have “done” to us. It is our inner state of being which creates our outer experiences of reality. This is the truth about human consciousness. We are extremely powerful beings, and we create reality with our consciousness.


We don’t need to get rid of guns. We need to sit quietly at home and look at the shadows in our minds and our hearts which are the subconscious programs that are running our lives. We need to get honest with self and others. But mainly with self. All of the great masters who have walked the planet have known and lived this truth. Sit quietly. Face your demons. Integrate the shadow into light. Become a fully integrated, conscious human being. Know that all of reality, the entire Universe, is inside of you. What we call God, or the Creative Source, is inside of you. Together, with our individual states of consciousness, awake or asleep, we create the experiences of reality that we see projected out in the world.


When more and more of us awaken and begin to create consciously, we will see increasing unity on the planet. This is already beginning to happen. Where there was duality, there will be people seeking unity and common ground. Neighbors are meeting with one another, seeking real, face to face relationships. Working on the problems of separation, lack, learning to love and trust self and others once again.

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There is a wonderful new show on Netflix called “Queer Eye”. In this show, 5 gay men work together as a team to help a straight man (a different person in each episode) who is disconnected from himself to live happier, to love himself more, and to improve his relationships with others. It is an amazing show, because people who normally would never meet share incredibly heartfelt experiences of transformation. This is an example of how we heal.

As we each begin to accept responsibility for our thoughts, for each of our choices, and when we begin to live in a more connected compassionate state, loving self and taking steps to open up and show love and gratitude to other people, animals, plants, and our beautiful planet, we will begin to see the dissipation of violence, separation, lack, poverty, inequality in our realities.

We don’t all live in the same reality. In fact, we all jump to many different dimensions from one moment to the next, depending on the frequency of our thought patterns, emotions, and energetic state is at the moment. A human being is a highly sophisticated energy system, a deeply sensitive being who is connected to the consciousness of the Earth, to that of the cosmos, and to every other particle of energy on the planet – air, water, plants, animals, other human beings.


We have not been told the truth about who we are and what we can create. We are not victims. We are powerful creators of realities. It is time to wake up and take responsibility. Think about in what kind of world you want to live. What legacy do you want to help create for the children, for the animals, for the plants? Are you using your consciousness wisely? Are you working to heal the water, the soil, the animals, the plants? Are you thinking about our place in the Universe, in our galaxy? Are you aware that we are but one of an infinite number of planets and civilizations? Are you using your time and energy working to heal and love yourself?


These are the important questions. We don’t need teachers wielding firearms in our classrooms, nor do we need more security guards, or even more restrictive gun laws. We don’t need more mental hospitals. So many young lives have been sacrificed, so many families torn apart, yet people are still not waking up in sufficient numbers. We need to thank the shooters and their victims for showing us who we truly are and what our current state of consciousness is, so that we can learn to live more compassionately, honestly, powerfully. We are all responsible for the violence in our societies. We have the power to make the changes inside of ourselves right now.

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