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Winter solstice 2017: the rainbow portal


Vädersolstavlan is painting depicting a halo display observed over Stockholm, Sweden on April 20, 1535. It is named after the multiple sun dogs appearing in the sky on the upper right part of the painting. Artists:   Urban målare, Jacob Heinrich Elbfas, painted in 1636

I have been listening to a fascinating series of channeled messages and interpretations of these messages by Magenta Pixie called Rainbow Portal, Silver Ray and the Two World Split (Winter Solstice 2017). This link includes the entire playlist for the original channeling plus the 12 part interpretation.

sun dog

For those of us who are actively involved in the ascension process and who identify as starseeds, this winter solstice is a particularly important event, in which at last the divine feminine comes in to balance with the divine masculine. Pixie explains that the silver ray is the feminine aspect complementing the golden ray of the masculine. This silver ray allows us to maintain our high frequency so that we can do more than just visit the fifth dimensional realities.


As she spoke of the rainbow portal, the messages activated in me a series of memories from both art and life. My father passed away in November 2006. At his burial a magnificent sun dog, or perihelion appeared in the sky. It was a dark, dreary day, yet this phenomenon (caused by the formation of ice crystals in the upper atmosphere) touched all of us who were present. Since that day, I see sun dogs on a regular basis, and I always think about my dad when I see them. In fact, I saw two just this past week as I was doing light work to dissolve chem-trails and to transmute their emissions into healing particles of light in my neighborhood and all over the country. One of the jets flew directly through the iridescent patch in the sky!


I also remembered a painting I made around 2001-2002 of a girl-bear hybrid having a tea party with some eggs and monkeys, with a rainbow bridge in the background. Intuitively, I understood the outcome of the shadow work.

sundog plane

I believe the rainbow portal is a sun dog. Pixie says the portal or gateway is also a vortex.  I think about the torsion field or toroidal form, which is both a vortex and a portal, spinning out zero point creative energies from its center. In nature, the vortex amplifies energies. For example, in a mountain stream, as the water eddies over rocks, it swirls in a vortex pattern. (See Viktor Schauberger’s documentary.) This geometry energizes the water and endows it with healing properties. The same goes for light, for thought patterns, for images. The vortex is also the model for our DNA, which Pixie’s channeled message describes as filaments of rainbow light in a quantum field, intertwined with strands of golden and silver light. Our DNA is in fact the piece of God consciousness that is inside of each of us – the interface between our own consciousness and the light of the Universe.

In much of Christian art, Jesus is painted as emerging from a rainbow-like portal. In the painting by Hans Memling, pictured below, it is interesting to notice that outside of the rainbow portal inside which Jesus sits on a throne, there seems to be a lot of violence and chaos erupting.  As we prepare to enter the rainbow portal of this year’s winter solstice, the collective is plunged into a similar array of random acts of brutality.

In these artistic depictions of the Christ or unity consciousness embodied, sometimes the portal is round, but other times it appears in the form of a vesica piscis, or the shape formed by the intersection of two circles. This portal is an expression of the divine feminine, as it is shaped like a vagina, and the Christ or unity consciousness is emerging from the womb of the Universe into grounded or incarnated form. The Christian fish is this same shape, formed by two intersecting circles.


Most people do not think about Jesus or Buddha as being masters of DNA or masters of physics. Most people are not aware that there have been many great masters (male and female) who have walked this Earth, and that many masters are alive today.


Full integration of the light of awareness and unconditional love all parts of the self are the pre-conditions for mastery. All parts of self that were formerly submerged in the shadow of the subconscious mind are examined and brought into the light. At this point, there is no longer any need for conflict with other people. No need for karma. Once this difficult work has been accomplished, then any human being is capable of functioning from the zero point as a master of love. A miracle is the outcome of a person using intention, imagination, and unconditional love to create in hyper-space, outside of the illusion of time and space. This is the creative space, where humanity intersects with what we call God. Our DNA is the source of our power.


This winter solstice of 2018 is an activation point for full re-empowerment of the human being. As we bring back the full measure of the divine feminine to complement the divine masculine, and as we integrate both sides of our brain back into unity, the long journey back to our true nature comes full circle.


Humanity expelled from Eden has come full circle into the rainbow portal. It does not matter if you consider the “Fall” to be a choice or a condition to which humanity has been subjected for many thousands of years. Humanity has been experiencing separation from our true power and our true nature, out of balance, lonely, yearning, grasping, blaming, judging, killing. Yet in spite of the terrible challenge of being completely unaware of the great power within us, human beings have created incredible music, art, theater, dance, fashion, gardens, languages, architecture. Human beings have remained creative in the arts, sciences, mathematics, sports, and so many areas.

Nevertheless, the full expression  of our true abilities has been severely curtailed. We have been experiencing life as but a shadow of our true measure. The rainbow portal is an opportunity to return to Eden, fully aware and responsible. Not in the care of a father-like God, but fully empowered in ourselves.

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