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The Light Quotient and self-healing

Close to 2,000 people take part in the “I Meditate” Africa Month Program in Richmond, South Africa, on May 27, 2017. “I Meditate” is a volunteer-based nonprofit organization devoted to teaching meditation as part of self discipline and peace building, especially in prisons, schools, educational and social institutions, and in highly stressful environments. The town of Richmond was once a hotbed of political violence between the African National Congress and the United Democratic Movement. The Art Of Living Foundation conducted the program in 25 African countries, reaching over a million people.

Dearest readers,

I have written before about the light body and about coherence in the body. Coherence is when we create order and harmony in our body by being conscious of our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. Light is information that our cells and DNA need for cell division. A certain light quotient is needed to create balance and health in the body. When we allow too much drama, too much chaos in our lives and relationships, in addition to our eating dead foods, drinking dead water, and living a conventional life, we bring in disease and disorder in our bodies and lives. When we live unconsciously, without thought to the well-being of our body and soul, disconnected from other people, plants, animals, or the planet, eventually we create a great deal of entropy in our bodies.

flaming heart


I think about the eco-system of the body like that of a forest. There is growth and decay. Cycles of creation and decomposition. When decomposition takes precedence over creation, the fungi, bacteria have their way with your cells and tissues. Balance is lost, and depression, brain fog, and disease create a pain body. When we carry attachments to so many old stories that are not about love or wisdom, and when we are not able to live in the moment with our hearts and minds in balance in an attitude of appreciation and unconditional love, our bodies also suffer.


Basically, the human body is a closed system guided by our consciousness, which is a gateway. What we allow in: food, air, thoughts, feelings, gratitude, or attitude all affect the cellular activity of our bodies. Most of us are running on autopilot, feeding the unconscious programs from our ancestral DNA, from our families, and from our cultures into our bodies. These programs are full of lack and separation. Lack of self-love. Lack of respect for self, others, animals, the planet.  Judgment of others. Disrespect. Manipulation and abuse of others and the environment to get what we want. Selfishness. Fear. Anger. Reactivity. Mindless behaviors. Poverty consciousness. Impatience. Greed.


These low frequency programs are depriving our bodies of the light codes needed to run coherently. The cells of people, plants, and animals need light in order to function optimally. To be healthy, we need to consciously allow light and love of self and others into our bodies with every breath we take. Sunlight, unconditional love, as well as light codes from outside of the Earth plane come into our bodies as we think, feel, breathe, eat, relate to others. Every different form of light in the perceived rainbow and beyond contain different frequencies with specific healing properties.



Light waves from the sun contain information in their wave-lengths, as do light waves that we create using our imagination, which is sourced from the pineal gland in our brain. The pineal gland both produces and receives light codes and is a portal or gateway allowing us to connect to all beings, places, timelines in the time-space continuum. The human being is a multi-dimensional being living on a planet in which parallel realities or dimensions are being constantly created. For the pineal gland to function correctly, it must be decalcified. Avoid fluoride in water, tooth paste and dental rinses. Meditate and learn deep breathing techniques  to open the pineal gland. Breathing in is inspiration. When we breathe in, we also receive light information, and conscious out-breath allows us to release all unwanted, blocked or unneeded energies.


Scientists have been working with what are now called “bio-photons” since the 1970’s. The predecessor and true father of this research was Alexander Gurwitsch (1874-1954). He first discovered mitogenetic radiation in an experiment in which onions grew toward one another when an opaque glass pane was placed in between the two plants, reducing sunlight exposure. He also postulated that light increases cell division, and that plants themselves emit light or are luminescent. Plants emit much more light than people do.


Biophysicist Fritz Albert Popp (born in 1938 in Frankfurt, Germany) discovered that DNA particles produce faint emissions of light, and that these light particles, which he called “bio-photons” are necessary to trigger coherent or highly organized patterns of cell division in the body. He realized that this process of creating coherence as photons stimulate chemical reactions in cellular structure is at least partially regulated or controlled by consciousness. The information contained in these tiny light particles or photons, creates order in the body.


Dr. Popp wrote his doctoral thesis about cancer. UV light is the anomalous factor between normal cells and cancer cells. Cancer is caused when the necessary light required for orderly cell division is suppressed, and the cancer or tumor cells absorb and emit available U.V. light. Cancer tries to take over organization from the body, sucking in light from surrounding cells, killing the healthy cells as well as its own structure, eventually. Cancer is the process of decomposition, as in the forest, gone wild. Cancer in our bodies is a reflection of the chaos in our societies. Poorly organized patterns of energy are randomized systems of chaos. We have the power to transform cancer into health, creating more complex, coherent patterns of energy by using our consciousness. Unconditional love is the pattern or light form that helps and heals by creating these more complex, more organized patterns leading to harmony and coherence.

We know today that man, essentially, is a being of light Prof. Fritz-Albert Popp

A machine called a photomultiplier was developed which can measure the quantity of photonic light emitted by an organism, so it is possible to see to a degree of 85% accuracy the bio-luminescence of an organism and the degree to which a body can absorb light.


The future of healing is already here today. Using our imagination, our consciousness, our intentions, we have the power and ability to create order, balance, harmony in our bodies, or conversely, we have the power to allow our bodies to fall into decay. It is our choice. When allowed to function without conscious direction and with “destructive interference” of unconscious programs (inner toxins) and toxins coming from food, soil, air, water, media, dysfunctional relationships (outer toxins), the body systems and the DNA that regulate cell division are deprived of light and become chaotic.


Basically, unconscious behaviors may be the prime directive creating a terrain for disease in the body. Increasing light through meditation, consciously using imagination to create light codes that enter the body restoring coherence which can be used for healing. No machines, medications, substances, or surgeries are needed for this process. It is necessary to clear or detach from old programs, to detox the body of the less organized patterns that create this destructive interference in the body.


Ascension guides, or those of us who have come to Earth to allow humanity to rise to a higher level of consciousness, are now here to help all Earth-bound humans who wish to learn to self- heal to bring more light and more coherence into our bodies, into our relationships with self and others, and to our relationships to all of life, the plants, the animals, the planet, the air we breathe, the water we drink, the soil, the rocks. Everything that exists is energy, and the entire universe or multiverse live inside of ourselves. There is no separation between self and what is perceived as “other”.


Different frequencies of light (different colors) as well as geometric shapes/forms can be used to heal our bodies and return us all to coherence. The imagination is a super-power, allowing us to create new patterns and experiences of reality. Imagination is not limited to art. Or rather, art is a powerful manner by which the artist creates new blueprints for reality. Everything that exists has been imagined by someone individually or collectively.


The violet flame or violet fire is a powerful tool that you can use to transmute separation back into higher frequencies of light. By transforming disorganization back into coherence, the violet light frequency is key to healing. Like plants, which will channel toxins into selected leaves in order to protect the coherence of the whole plant, the human body channels toxins into certain parts of the body such as the nails, and especially the toenails and soles of feet. Our connection to the planet is one in which the planet will receive, if we specifically request it, that the toxins be removed or released from our bodies into the Earth. We can also ask that the Earth give us what we need to create more health or coherence and love in our bodies. By showing gratitude to our Mother Planet and allowing her to take what she needs from us, we create a positive, coherent, and living relationship with the planet which helps us to live in the moment and to be connected to Nature once again.


Today, many of us suffer from chronic pain and from excess body weight. The body is storing old programs, stories, attachments to a victim mentality, and to experiences and identifications that do not serve a higher level of living. Holding onto programs created by our society which need us to remain fearful, suspicious of others, and judgmental of others at all times, will keep you sick and if you decide not to let go of this status quo, your body will be like a forest that is dying. Candida, fungal infections, allergies, frequent infections, the abundance of incidences of cancer, inflammation, and chronic pain are all signs that the majority of human beings are living without the necessary light in our DNA.

candida overgrowth

We are masters of our experience of reality at each moment. Human beings are powerful beings when we choose to become conscious creators of our realities. Getting healthy and returning to coherence is necessary before we can remember who we truly are and why we are here on this planet. It is a process. The nature of reality and the truth of human history are completely different from what we have been taught in school, at home with our families, and through almost all published media. By learning to master our imagination and how the human body is connected to the entire universe, we are able to heal self and others too.

boy with rooster

While it appears today that the world is in chaos, what is happening in fact is that all of the shadows or collective toxins, the random patterns of decay, lack of respect, lack of integrity, consciousness of competition, hierarchy, separation, abuse are being exposed. The decay that has become a way of life and for most, the true expression of reality, is being revealed for what it is: a lack of light. As we collectively and individually rise to a more coherent level of connection to self and others, we understand that we are energetic beings of light. We are creators of love and light and are given the opportunity to choose between experiences of disease and decay, or love, light, coherence, and harmony.

duckling and owl

Both forces, creation (syntropy) and entropy, are necessary polarities allowing us and our bodies to live in harmony. When we are done with something, we let go of it and allow it to die, so that in decay and death there is transformation. The energies when released into the violet fire can be transformed into new life, new creativity.

cat and mouse


Healing the self is an art and a science. Our current system of medicine and healing is based on separation. The body is a machine. We give our power away to doctors to heal a body that is a mystery to us, with which he have no ability to communicate or understand. Medications are chemical substances that are foreign to the body, introduced to fight invaders. They do not take into account consciousness and that the body is a closed system naturally able to heal itself without foreign substances. Fighting disease is symptomatic of the condition of separation.

fighting disease

Healing involves our imagination, our taking full responsibility for self and for our relationships with other human beings and the planet, with all of her creatures. We can’t be healthy if we judge others or take advantage of others. We can’t be healthy if we don’t love self unconditionally. All is one. Love is light. Light is information. Light is everywhere. The human heart and the divine feminine are sources of light and creation.

Our culture has come to the end of an experiment where we chose to be separate from half of our true identity. Many thousands of years ago, the divine masculine took over, acting as if it were the sole creative force in the universe. This hostile takeover left us to identify with the survival self, Ego, as our entire expression of being. We learned to live in our minds, limited and cut off from our hearts and our creative powers. We left the Garden of Eden and chose to fall into separation. We chose to live from knowledge and left wisdom behind. We forgot the power of our own hearts. We forgot that with our consciousness we can create our own realities. We forgot how to be responsible for self. We forgot that all knowledge and wisdom is inside of us. God is inside of us.

The Wider Image: Puppy love: therapy pooches bring peace of mind

Atila, a trained therapeutic greyhound used to treat patients with mental-health issues and learning difficulties, falls asleep as it is caressed by three patients at Benito Menni health facility in Elizondo, Spain, on February 13, 2017.

Now is the time to remember. Now is the time to re-create the balance between the mind and the heart, the masculine and the feminine. The divine feminine, the holy grail, is returning to humanity right now. With this great transition, we will all learn eventually how to create, how to heal, how to live in harmony with self and others. As we learn the power of our own light, we will take responsibility for our own lives and whether we create coherence or chaos in our own bodies and homes, with our families, in our relationships with friends, lovers, partners, co-workers, and strangers. We are returning to unity consciousness, and the experiment of separation, disease, war, racism, and poverty are coming to an end. The more quickly we choose to wake up and to choose coherence and unity, the more quickly we will collectively create a reality which supports the highest expression of self for all of humanity on this beautiful conscious planet that we call our home.

rose quartz

There are healers today working with energy, consciousness, light codes, many from outside of our planet, imagination, and focused intention to heal the body. These include Bruno Groening, a German multi-dimensional healer working in post war Germany, Patrick San Francesco, from Goa, India, Grandma Chandra, a young woman from a higher dimension incarnated in a severely handicapped physical body who communicates through her mother telepathically, and Jerry Sargeant, also a very talented individual and Star Magic healing facilitator, from the U.K.  Using our innate connections as human beings to the consciousness of the planet and to planetary beings outside of the sphere of Earth, an increasing number of people are becoming aware of our ability to heal self and others through thought and energy patterns by creating coherence.

The relationship between loving thoughts spoken to our cells, imagination and intention, and the biology of cell division as well as the physics of light and its effects on biological organisms will soon, in my opinion, be clarified by scientists. As we begin to integrate the active principles behind consciousness and the creative power of our divine feminine aspect, we will all learn to maintain coherence as we transform our societies and way of living into one in which we respect self and others, animals, plants, the planet. Unity and a holistic way of living promote harmony and health. Disease is not an enemy. It is a misunderstanding – a separation from self and all that is. The consciousness revolution is here, and humanity is about to rediscover its innate powers.

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