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We are the ones we’ve been waiting for: the new age of personal responsibility


Dearest readers,

Life is but a dream. My focus in the new paradigm, as we collectively move into a higher level of consciousness, is to create a dream, that is a life, that I enjoy. No one is coming to save us. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We came, we incarnated, to take back our power. To take responsibility for our lives, for our own creation. To finally end the era of limitation, giving up power to others. To finally realize that we no longer need to suffer and constantly spin in the drama of our own emotional wounds and project them onto others in an endless playing out of victim and rescuer roles.


I have been working hard on myself for years, releasing myself of the conditioned programs of fear, self-hatred, self-sabotage, fear of my own success, worry, lack, doubt. This is hard work. It doesn’t happen overnight. Even though I know I came to this planet in this body in order to plant seeds of wisdom to help humanity to wake up at this time, it has been a long process of awakening for myself.

coughing up flowers


Yet I am encouraged. I see multiple signs that many others are awakening and realizing that no one is going to swoop down from the clouds or arrive on spaceships to save us. No politician or elected official is going to deliver the answers that we need to create a better society. We are each responsible for creating the new paradigm. And the more quickly we become conscious, self-empowered, heal self, and take responsibility for our own lives, the more quickly we can collectively embody a peaceful way of living on our beautiful home planet.


One of the hopeful signs I have seen was during the recent French legislative election. I am a citizen of the U.S., but I also have French and Canadian citizenship and thus am able to vote in elections in these countries as well. France has an abundance of political parties, and only a few candidates in the presidentials resonated with my values: Jean-Luc Mélenchon, of the leftist people’s party, La France insoumise, and Philippe Poutou, an anti-capitalist promoting equality, simplicity, and environmental responsibility. Despite these candidates similarities to Bernie Sanders (though more left-wing), they still maintain the concept of an elected official representing the people – though with more integrity than to which we have become accustomed.

syrian graffiti art

The exciting shift appeared in the legislative or parliamentary elections. Called #MAVOIX, this movement seeks to empower citizens by returning the power very closely to a direct democracy. By using technology, the concept is to elect candidates who would attend assembly meetings, after which they would publish the issues on-line, and the people would vote. Anyone can become a candidate. Using the results of these on-line referendums, the #MAVOIX (my voice) candidates would then vote in the national assembly.


Other signs of a return to self empowerment would be movements in which people choose to grow their own food, turning away from commercially produced products which have no real food value. The rejection of GMOs is also important. Intuitively, we sense that splicing and modifying genes is dangerous for our health and for the health of the planet. Just as the heart and frequency of vibration of the human heart is synchronized with that of the planet, so is our own heartbeat with the electromagnetic field of our DNA. If we modify our DNA or cut out bits and pieces, we may possibly damage the harmonious resonance of this connection and damage our health and longevity. See the work of Dan Winter on fractals, DNA, and the golden ratio.


Very recently, on my way home from work, I saw an older bearded man standing on the busy street corner of Moreland Avenue and Ponce de Leon (in Atlanta, GA), alone, holding a large hand-painted sign reading: NO MORE WARS.

protest signs

People are leaving large commercial banking institutions, opting for credit unions. More and more people yearn to leave their jobs, leave behind the slavery of our financial system, and do something creative and exciting. Our desire to be free and to live from our highest expression is growing stronger. People are closing their retirement accounts, quitting their corporate job, and checking out of the matrix.

farewell cake

Many are also discovering that the body is self-healing when aligned with our highest expression. As we grow more self-empowered, an increasing number of people will reject our healthcare system altogether and realize that we do not need the chemical pharmaceuticals which are depleting our health and our bank accounts. Let them take Obamacare. While the current administration abounds with ridiculous pronouncements and seemingly anti-humanitarian and anti-environmental projects, the excesses of abuse and lack of integrity are helping people to wake up and realize: Why do I keep giving up my power to people who are selfish, incompetent, and who have no clue how to build a better way of living? Why do I keep feeling as if I need to be saved by people and institutions who do not care about my well-being or the future of our humanity on Earth?

we are all immigrants

Another hopeful sign is that people are beginning to talk to one another again. It is a bit slow going, but it is encouraging to me that some are putting down their cellphones and organizing meetings to discuss issues of importance. On my block, my neighbors and I have been meeting up to discuss race relations, dirt bike riding in the neighborhood, how to improve the quality of life in our area. On our neighborhood social network, we share ideas, plants, services. I always make an effort to help people see the positive side of issues which are perceived as problems, such as youths roaming neighborhoods, breaking into homes and cars. Instead of jumping into fear, how about talking to the kids?

street art peace

I recently spent nearly an hour talking to two 17 year-olds who were cutting class from my local high school. They were swinging big sticks and may or may not have been entertaining trouble they could get into. Several break-ins had happened in the area, including on my block, and people were afraid. My own son is 17, a great student with big plans for his life, and I felt it was really important for me to talk to them, and to help these kids to see that they have power and potential for their own lives. To not throw it away for an X-box or some other nonsense. We talked about my garden. We talked about life. I gave them snacks, and they went on their way. Every time we bring positive energy, we raise the frequency of our neighborhood and reduce the chances of lower energy events occurring. This is part of self-empowerment and creating the reality we want to experience. By investing in others, we improve our own lives, without depleting ourselves. The energy begins to flow.


We are the ones we have been waiting for. Jesus is not arriving on a cloud to save only those who have been obedient. This is not want the new paradigm is about. We are each our own savior, and by raising our own level of consciousness, we create beauty, abundance, peace, and joy in our life. According to the life and example of Jesus, we become the fully empowered human being. This high energy spreads. It is contagious. It is the energy of unity, and in this energy, we all play our part. Instead of continually playing and replaying the broken record of limitation, separation, victimization, abuse, lack, codependency, polarities of good and evil, poverty and wealth, power and exclusion, we are now beginning to choose something different.


It is a very exciting time to be alive. Humanity has been cycling in the victim/rescuer mode for many thousands of years. As the 26,500 year cycle ended in 2012, many way-showers and forerunners have paved the way for people to make this shift, each at his or her own pace. We have been waiting for this new paradigm for a very long time. The more quickly we become conscious and take responsibility for self and begin to heal and love self, the more quickly we will all collectively enjoy increasing freedom, joy, the ability to use our time to express our personal creative talents. Abundance is at the threshold. It is up to each of us to embrace our own potential and to express it. Welcome to new Earth!



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