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On purpose: musings about why we are here


Dearest readers,

You may feel a vague or a more intense urging that there is a specific reason for which you came to live on Earth at this particular time. Many of us want to know: why am I here, and what is my specific purpose? I think about this a lot. There are so many things I love to do and to experience. Is being me and pursuing my own joy enough? Do I need to do something out of the ordinary to prove my worth or to make a difference?


In the ordinary, outwardly focused world, if we slow down long enough, we begin to feel empty and unfulfilled. The promises of materialism, couched in the artificial rainbows of the American dream, seem to take up all of our life force. The optics, narratives, and images propagated by the culture promise us just beyond our fingertips a place of beauty, harmony, love, and abundance. We can allow ourselves to get sucked into this deceptive system despite our own best but blind intentions, spending our entire lives seeking and never getting any closer to truth or fulfillment.


Many call this deception the matrix. Once you realize that reality is an illusion and that there are many realities, you begin to wonder what reality you might like to create and live in. For we do not all live in the same reality. Just as time is a convention invented to allow us to pretend that we all live in a single cooperative existence, the lure of happiness is an invented goal designed to manipulate us into giving up our  personal power and joy.

conspicuous consumption

Once I realized that I really do create my own reality, it became easier to start giving up the reality into which I was born – one based on manipulation, suffering, fear, and anxiety, where I could never achieve my dreams because I felt I was not good enough to deserve love, be a successful artist, and be free to pursue my dreams.

crushed flower.jpg

It takes a lot of work to release that false reality and all of the pain I have been carrying in every cell in my body for so many lifetimes. But knowing that by just being aligned with my true self I can create a beautiful world for myself, full of joy, beauty, and abundance makes the effort so worthwhile!

broken flowers


The reason for the emptiness we feel when we are unconscious is simple. The truth is found inside self. Not inside the mind, not in anyone else, in anything in the world, but inside the heart. The heart is the source of all realities. And the language of the heart is not reason, but intuition. We are not taught insight, intuition, or the poetry of interconnection of all beings and things at school. We don’t learn that everything is energy and that all beings have a specific frequency at any given moment. We don’t learn to read energy in others and situations. We don’t learn to know self. This is why we feel lonely, empty, and often can’t feel connected to self and to our purpose.


Our purpose shifts in any given moment. When we learn to connect to our inner self, we receive guidance from self on what we desire, what makes us happy, who to talk to, who to avoid, and so on. Realities are always shifting, as are energy fields. By tuning in and paying attention, we are living our life, not running away from it.


Because we live in an outwardly focused culture based on pursuit and activity, it is challenging for us to sit quietly with self. Purpose is something which unfolds from the heart, through experience. It can take an entire lifetime to discover the many facets of self and purpose.

tune out

I always see my life as a flower bud. It unfolds slowly. If I were to cut it open, all I would see are tightly wound green petals. There is always a core left to be discovered. The beauty of self is in the unfolding.


Some people pay those they believe are more intuitive or psychic than themselves to get clues and direction to discover their purpose. While an intuitive who has developed their innate skills and abilities can see the potentials for all realities, I don’t really see the utility in spending money on this type of service. It is counterproductive. You think you are saving time, but really, how can another person tell you how to unfold your life and how to open your heart? Why not spend that time and energy developing your own intuitive abilities? Though I can see a person desiring a connection with a more experienced person, as that individual can be a mirror to help reflect back to you what you cannot yet see in yourself. In that respect, I can see some value.


But if you sit quietly with yourself, spend time in nature, simplify your life, and pursue creative activities of some kind that please you and make you feel happy and relaxed, you will begin to see that your true purpose is simply to be your real self in the world. If we were all to slow down, look inward, stop blaming and judging self and others, and learn to love and respect our self, the world would be a lovely place to live right now.

quiet time.jpg

We are all conditioned beings once born into human culture. We forget who we are, what we enjoy, how to laugh, how to love our self, our body, our being. There is so much pain, judgment, shame, blame, fear, lack layered onto the beauty of our being, that our original freedom, joy, and ability to simply be an unique presence in the world is diminished.

Beautiful Blond Boy  baby

So all each of us needs to do is to release all of the conditioning. All of the accumulated pain from lifetimes of suffering. All of the fear, the lack, self-sabotage, victim mentality must go. This takes a lot of time, patience, and effort, and a clear intention to invite all of the hurt and pain to surface. For it is all stored in the body. As your heart opens up, you will start remembering how to feel again and stop running away from yourself. As you remember your true power, you begin to respect yourself and your life. You take responsibility for your thoughts, feelings, actions, intentions, and choices. You become an artist and begin to create a life that you truly enjoy. This is your purpose.

pema chodron  open-hearts-see-love-everywhere

Our culture is constantly seeking to escape from self. The new paradigm is waking up and walking back home. Remembering that home is inside the self. Where the heart is.

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