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It would be an honor: Donald Trump, Kim Jong-Un, and the Higher Self



Dearest readers,

I rarely watch TV these days, but I happened to be sitting in a Moe’s Southwest Grill restaurant, whose screens featured CNN broadcasts. While I couldn’t hear the sound track, headlines paraded across the screens with the words: It would be an “honor”. The word honor was surrounded by ironic parentheses, it seemed. A normal quotation of President Trump’s words would have ordinarily framed the entire phrase.

trump jong-un


This choice of use of quotation marks got me to thinking about how the mainstream media/propaganda system manipulates viewers who still believe the narratives fed to us all about a reality which does not in fact exist, and how this reality is consistently negative, fear-based, and manipulative. Why, in fact, would we choose to criticize President Trump’s words in this particular instance?


I am not a fan of Donald Trump or of his policies, but I also do not believe that he is the source of the current chaos that is rocking American society. His role is to help collapse the structures of our society so that we can collectively become sovereign human beings once again and choose the type of society in which we truly wish to live and thrive. In this particular situation with North Korea, we have been programmed to believe that in contrast with our own nation, North Korea is a rigid military dictatorship in which its people live in constant fear. This may be true. Yet our own country and other nations of the so-called free world are also dictatorships in which people have no true freedom and in which we are constantly manipulated to live in constant fear of one another.


The United States of America commits horrific acts of abuse against its own people every day. Yet most live in ignorance and denial of these realities. Our criminal justice system, intentional racism and poverty, division of people through identity politics, fear mongering, intentional terrorist acts and wars, voluntary and involuntary slavery, scientific experiments on human beings, chem-trails, poisoning of our food, air, and water…, control of weather patterns: there are countless manners in which our own government corporatocracy has been working to sicken, control, and kill the American people and global populations. Our own system is a much more insidiously dark one than North Korea, which for the most part does not pretend to be anything other than what it is. Today, in the world, most human beings have experienced lifetimes of abuse of power, misinformation, slavery, suffering, fear.



I grew up in a severely emotionally abusive family. Emotional abuse is in some ways much more difficult to navigate than physical abuse, because it is challenging to understand that the emotional body is as real as the physical body. All victims of abuse feel responsible for the abuse and believe something is fundamentally wrong with self, often blaming some aspect of self for the abuse. At some point, hopefully, a person awakens from the victim mentality and accepts the learning from these experiences. From victim we become sovereign beings, conscious of our own creative power.

emotional abuse

The effects of emotional abuse can for some last an entire lifetime and affect every aspect of our lives and well-being. These techniques of emotional abuse and manipulation are used in our families, media, schools, workplaces. We are surrounded by brainwashing and emotional abuse in every aspect of our lives. To awaken, we must heal ourselves from the effects of this abuse. The American corporate dictatorship is an autocratic system teaching us that we live in a free society in which we have a say in how we are governed. We are taught that we have choices. This is all an illusion. It is time to take back our freedom, to take responsibility for our thoughts, emotions, and actions…also for our health and for the well-being of all living beings on our planet.


Back to Donald Trump’s words: “I’d be “honored” to meet Kim Jong-un under “the right circumstances””: CNN interprets the president’s words as a leader of the “free world” agreeing to meet a threatening “rogue” dictator as a gesture that would vindicate and validate the authoritarian regime in North Korea and its abuses of human rights. This stance is manipulative and dishonest. I believe in this particular instance, Donald Trump is taking the high road.

Donald Trump as a toddler

On the surface, he appears to be extremely narcissistic and not very self-aware. He is, rather surprisingly in this instance, choosing unity over division. In reality, all of humanity and beyond – all living beings in the Universe – are part of one living soul, one living intelligence. When we speak respectfully to another human being, or another living being, animate or inanimate – we are raising our own level of consciousness. In this manner, when we reach upwards with honor and respect for self and others, we improve outcomes. The energy of our own frequency will be met by that of the other person or persons with whom we are relating.

ego vs higher self

Some people think it is naif and unrealistic to believe that we can create peace with our consciousness. That realities such as the situation between Israelis and Palestinians can be resolved by changing our minds and hearts. It is our current system of living from our minds which is unrealistic. Each time we react to an external “reality”, we validate it by telling the Universe that we wish the outer reality in which we live each day to reflect the fear, anxiety, dread, and hopelessness we feel on the inside. The Universe complies to our internal realities, reflecting those frequencies in the outer realities in which we live. When we shift our internal perspective, our experiences in the world change. It is not childlike or naif to know that our consciousness is powerful. Peace between all nations is a very real potential. It is up to us to change our minds and hearts and to raise our personal frequencies that we project outwards into the world.


The higher self is our true self. We mostly choose to relate from our ego, which exists only in our mind. The Higher Self is centered in the heart, and the heart is the source of the higher mind, truth, love, and unity. If we wish to create a peaceful world, it is only from a place of love, respect, honor, and the highest truth  that this can occur.

peace and harmony

Just yesterday, I heard someone explain with great wisdom that the human mind is a projector. We create thoughts and images in our mind. These thoughts and images possess a distinct frequency or energy. When we project these visions, feelings, or ideas outwards, the world outside of self mirrors back to us the very same frequency that we projected outwards. All of reality is energy, and the source of reality comes from inside of each of us. In reality, we are not separate from one another. All of reality is a magnificent moving kaleidoscopic equation. We are each a tiny prism inside the giant kaleidoscope. Our changing thoughts and energy changes the entire pattern of creation in each moment. When we begin to create consciously, we add more light, beauty, and intention to the geometry.


So when CNN chooses to mock President Trump and to question his intentions with regard to North Korea, CNN is choosing an outlook that is reactive rather than creative. They are maintaining a state of threat by validating the status quo. Here, President Trump is coming from a place of creating peace. By choosing to honor and respect Kim Jong-on, he is appealing to the Korean leader’s highest version. Because Kim Jong-un, like us, at each moment can awaken and make a different choice. He can mirror back honor, truth, justice, love just as he can choose to continue on a path of repression, fear, control of others, darkness. When we each choose to send love and light to the fearful power holders on our planet (and there are many, especially here in the U.S.A.), we are making a difference in the world.

group meditation

We are taught that we are small and powerless, but this is very far from the truth. By consciously raising our own vibration and frequency from within by sitting quietly at home and focusing on our own heart, we can choose each moment to send love and light out into the world where we feel it is most needed. If every human being chose today to honor and respect Kim Jong-un and the people of North Korea, that country would be transformed almost immediately. Such is the power of the human heart and mind, when aligned, awake, and consciously creating light and love.

sending love and light

Human consciousness is extremely powerful. Our own governments, corporations, and military industrial complex have been working hard to keep us passive, asleep, and unaware of our own power. The illusory fake democracy has prevented us from rising up in revolution, keeping us passive. The time has come for all of us to awaken, to live in unity, and to take responsibility for our own light. It is time to honor self and others. We can choose to live in darkness and to believe that evil exists only outside of us, running in fear and allowing our self to be controlled. Or we can choose to see the beauty in our self and in that of all beings. For we all contain the spark of life which is pure, unconditional love.

piano for elephants

Even Kim Jong-un is, in his essence, pure love. And so is Donald Trump. You may not like the persona of either man. But the persona is a mask. It is not the real man. So to honor Kim Jong-un is an act of great wisdom. I did not expect it of Donald Trump, but I am grateful that he is planting this seed of light.

kim jong-un as a child

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