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Humanity in transition: visions of our future


Dearest readers,

My faith in humanity is very strong, even though I am a very solitary person by nature. I feel that humanity has deviated from its natural state.  Some say that we collectively chose to experience a state of forgetfulness, victimhood, or to be humbled through suffering because it was an experience we all desired to share. I don’t really know the spiritual reasons behind the last 25,000 plus years of humanity’s descent into darkness, except that the vortex pattern of spiritual growth descends and ascends the ladder of light and darkness in cycles. All I can say is that I am very glad that we have reached the pit or abyss and now are beginning not just to crawl out of a very dark place, but happily to find our wings and flex them.

spiral staircase

It is very possible that we yearn to experience so much as physical beings when we are in non-physical realms, but all of us humans know how painful it is to love and suffer when we can’t remember what it was like to be so spiritually free and ambitious. What it was like to be free of fear. Yet in this physical world, we sense that we have somehow lost our balance and our way. We lost half of our beautiful nature by collectively suppressing our heart, our emotions, our ability to love self and others, to cooperate, cherish the land, animals, plants, and our bodies. We may have been tricked into crushing the feminine part of ourselves and our beautiful planet, but we are still responsible for what we have allowed to happen to us and to our home.


As we awaken, we see how our bodies have become diseased and are crying out for our love and attention. We observe and begin to feel deep distress at the suffering of our home planet. We suddenly become aware that the water, air, food, soil are full of poison and no longer endowed with rich healing minerals and the energy patterns that heal and give life. Our awakening finally allows us to see how we have either voluntarily or involuntarily divorced ourselves from truth, beauty, and wisdom, and from the power of our own bodies and consciousness.


Even though some say that malevolent secret governments, corporations, mafias, or extra-terrestrial beings have been carrying out a self-serving plan to destroy humanity and to overtake the planet, whether or not this is true, we, as humans, are still responsible for our ultimate destiny. By remembering who we are, rediscovering unity, and re-centering ourselves in our hearts and in communication with Gaia and the Universe, we are able to overcome any lower density energy systems.

Anunnaki reptile

As we wake up, the old world begins to collapse. We now see how its structures and systems that privileged the mind, masculine, competition, action, and might over body, love, cooperation, intuition, and the feminine were completely out of balance. Harmony could never happen in that world of separation from the true self, where the divine masculine and feminine are equally cherished.



Some may feel worried and afraid as they see the old structures of government, economy, education, culture, and what they feel is a comforting reality as it collapses. These people do not yet realize that we are in a transition, and that the old must be deconstructed in order for us to create together a vision and to build a new reality which takes into account a harmonized and full balanced human being.

old city new city

Our planet is making the transition with those of us who have remained mostly kind and true. Not all will be ready to consciously choose to evolve, body, mind, and spirit. It is up to each of us to choose our thoughts wisely, and to deeply honor our bodies, hearts, minds, and one another at this time.

visionary architecture 2When I think about the world which I want to help create for the children and for all of humanity and the animals and plants here on Gaia, I imagine a very simple life, full of creativity, where at last each of us can use our natural talents to contribute.


Instead of looking for work, I think we will develop our talents and use our insight and intuition to know where our gifts and abilities are needed. I feel certain that at some point, the use of currency will disappear. As we shift to a heart-centered way of living, greed and the desire to accumulate wealth or the need to compete or prove to others that we are more powerful will disappear. In my mind, money is a creation that lends itself to a more egotistical way of living. In a heart-centered community, if everyone does work they enjoy and receives everything they need in order to live happily (for free), then there is no need for money. The key to this shift is deriving happiness and fulfillment first from self-love, and secondly, from using our talents to serve others.

new garden lifestyle

The way we educate our children will also be very different from the schools of today, which attempt to indoctrinate or domesticate children into a system which cares little for their natural talents and inclinations. Rather it tries to mold them into subservient workers while pretending to promote their self-esteem. In the new era, adults will encourage intuition as well as rational thought, and each child’s gifts and talents will be quickly spotted and nurtured. We will finally understand that each person has been purposefully been born at the right time and place with the right talents for his or her community. The natural balance of the community is maintained because there will always be the right number of artists, scientists, mathematicians, construction workers, plumbers, farmers, etc. even as people travel and move from place to place.

kids learning outdoors

When all of humanity remembers how strongly intuitive we are by nature, and when we remember the power of natural human consciousness, we will learn to use these powers wisely. We will consult our inner guidance, as did and still do most indigenous peoples, who know when and where a home should be built, when to travel or when to refrain from travel, when to talk and when to listen. Instead of imposing our will on the land and on one another, we consult the bigger picture derived from living in unison with our highest self and therefore co-create realities without the side-effects, pollution, and cruelty of our half-blind current social, political, economic, and religious systems. As people learn how to truly love self first, it will be a great relief for all relationships to no longer be controlled or feel the need or desire to control or manipulate any one else to get our needs met.


I am really excited and somewhat impatient for this new creative way of life to blossom, because I have never felt comfortable or at home with the hierarchy, rigidity, stress, and competition of American culture.  I always wondered why I never felt at home on Earth, yet at the same time, I always felt deep ties to plants, animals, and the planet herself. I’ve always wanted freedom to live creatively, and I’ve never cared about wealth or status.

nature is alive

Now I realize that it is not humanity itself, but the culture and realities that humanity has created or to which humanity has been subjected (depending on how you look at it) that make me so uncomfortable and miserable. I am eager to throw away my alarm clock, my cell phone, my computer, and most of the stuff in my house that I don’t really need or use. And I don’t have that much stuff, compared to many Americans. Still, I crave absolute simplicity. I always have loved a simple life. Not owning much of anything is a big part of freedom to me.

pared down

The rebirth of humanity to a higher vibrational body and higher level of consciousness will also bring about this rebirth of simplicity. Shedding attachments, being more authentic, and also more affectionate. Right now, almost all of us, I would hazard to guess, are suffering from PTSD. It’s almost as if we need to spend some time at a spa for our emotional bodies, to be coddled and to learn how to love, give and especially to receive affection again. Human beings are such deeply emotional and sensitive beings. Living from our minds and having to forgo more often than not touching others and being touched, both physically and especially emotionally has been very difficult for me and for all of us.

dalai lama love

As we transition to our new way of living on Earth, we will learn to trust our Self and others again. This may take some time. To be open-hearted and to share without fear of reprisal, ridicule, or judgment from others. To be spontaneous and playful.To offer and receive physical touch and affection.  This might be the biggest challenge for many of us, especially in the United States, where people only rarely touch one another. And if they do, the touch is usually mostly devoid of real affection or warmth.


It is as if we are moving from a world in black and white to a world in full technicolor. I am sure that all artists and creative people of all disciplines are more than excited about this shift. I suppose that religious people will struggle the most with these changes, for the majority of our world religions have severely edited out the divine feminine from her rightful place. Also, the disclosures, when they finally do come, about the true history of humanity, the presence of extraterrestrial peoples in our galaxy and beyond, their interactions with humanity even in recent history, as well as the reality that other beings inhabit our planet will also challenge current mythologies and belief systems. I am excited but also a little nervous about full disclosure, but I do feel it is extremely necessary and important for the liberation of humanity.

rainbow labyrinth

What kind of world will we co-create with other multi-dimensional beings? I am hopeful that the most benevolent beings will share their wisdom with us and help us to develop new technologies to heal our water, soil, and our bodies. Most likely, we will learn about inter-dimensional travel and the quantum nature of our bodies. Many say we will live much longer than we do now. Once we harness our natural abilities as energetic beings and creators of realities, we will learn to play again. Instead of surviving, we will truly enjoy our lives. It will be thrilling to wake up thinking, “What will I create today?”


Today is a good day to start practicing. We are already powerful creators of realities. Yes, learning to love our self and to cleanse our self of old belief systems, conditioning, fears, anxieties, anger, worry…all of this takes time and effort. For me, it seems almost like a never-ending task. But apparently it gets easier. I am certainly looking forward to the day that my body, mind, and heart are cleansed of all fear and worry. So many lifetimes of survival from which I need to recover, including this current life, which has not been the easiest. I am still struggling to remember who I am and where I came from. But now I know that there are many other humans who are also on this same path. We are, each in our own time and place, remembering why we came to Earth at this special transition.

self love

For myself, I feel the connection to plants very strongly. Also to Gaia as a living being. The memory of the divine feminine lives inside of me, and I’ve felt this memory become less fuzzy as my memory returns. Like a tight green flower bud, I have to keep reminding myself to be patient. My gifts will unfold at the right time, and the situations, opportunities, and encounters with people and other beings that are beneficial to my remembering will also occur when they need to, as long as I stay open in my heart and focused on taking back my own power. Some days there are leaps and bounds. Other days just tiptoeing in the dark. My vision of a beautiful future for humanity helps me to stay focused on planting seeds and encouraging others through the transition, where light and dark clash and zig-zag, hearts thump, and the excesses of old hatreds swell and threaten to suffocate all hope.

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