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Waking up in the physical body


Dearest readers,

I have been wondering how the ascension process pertains to the feminine and to our choice to incarnate on Earth in a physical body. People who publish articles and videos on-line about the ascension process explain that Gaia or our home planet Earth has consciously decided to “ascend”. This means that the planet has made a conscious choice to rise to a higher frequency. Some explain that many species of animals and plants (which we perceive as being extinct or on the verge of extinction on our plane) have migrated to another higher dimension.


Have we in fact chosen to live in a denser frequency in the physical, or has this been imposed upon us by a system that wishes to use our energy for ends that are not beneficial for humanity, the planet, and all of the animals and plants? It is very difficult to be human while living in a physical body in the current scheme of things. It is painful to live without true freedom, to not be able to create freely.

Still Life with Life

I have always felt, since childhood, that hierarchy was wrong. I have always known that all human beings are equal. At a young age, I instinctively knew that all of matter was alive and interconnected – that I could communicate with everything on Earth, except for other human beings. Why was that, I often wondered? It is only when I realized that almost all humans were deeply asleep, under a spell that caused them to believe that they were freely choosing what they were currently experiencing…that all of human culture is a spell, that I began to breathe more easily. I could choose to remember my true nature. I could wake up and take my power back.


All of the times I ever felt like a victim or that I perceived that someone else had hurt me, had power over me…all of the times in which I blamed someone or something outside of myself for the experiences I was living were times when I had given my power away. In this lifetime or others. By consciously reliving aspects of those experiences, I could love myself more. The more I love myself, the more I wake up, and the more powerful I become. My memory is returning.


If we have all been held on a “3rd dimensional” Gaia as hostages or slaves as many suggest, and that Gaia herself has been exploited mercilessly and without consent by selfish individuals and organizations, then the ascension process is tantamount to a planetary revolution. This also means that we have choices. We can leave this reality behind by no longer agreeing with it. As expressed very clearly in the Toltec wisdom teachings books The Four Agreements series by Don Miguel Ruiz, we are all living in a collective dream, and it is real to us only because we choose, consciously or unconsciously to agree that these experiences are real. We reconnect with our true nature by waking up and remembering who we are as humans, with our divine masculine and feminine aspects.

banana people

I have read that there are multi-dimensional beings influencing the elites who run our current political, financial, religious, educational, and military systems from behind the scenes. These beings are so powerful that they are even able to force us to reincarnate from the 4th dimension or astral plane without our consent. If this is indeed the case, then many of us are slaves even as we believe ourselves to be free. Can our minds and even our destinies be controlled in this horrific manner? I don’t know, and I don’t really like to think about this possibility. I prefer to believe that I have the option to wake up and realize my divine nature. That this is the only way to access our natural birthright as free beings who can choose to function from a much higher frequency – beyond control and manipulation, in unity consciousness, at the 5th dimension and above.


Some of us have reduced our frequency through a long and very painful process to come to Earth and to help humanity to awaken and to regain freedom, joy, and to remember our nature as co-creators of realities with love, cooperation, and compassion. The original human beings were innately balanced with equal parts divine masculine and feminine aspects.


When Jesus came to Earth as one of these starseeds, over 2,000 years ago, he attempted to teach humans to remember our true nature. It is very painful and challenging for multi-dimensional beings to come down to the Earth plane. Many thousands of “lifetimes” may have been experienced before those whom we revere most even remembered why they came to Earth. I have heard this process referred to as “the shattering”. However, Jesus, once he did remember why he came, like many other ascended masters, was only partly understood, and his message was used by power elites to continue to control and manipulate people for their own nefarious purposes and to remain in power.

I have written in this blog before that Jesus had a twin sister, Emmanuella. She was the divine feminine aspect of the twinship. The masculine and feminine ascend in different ways and each represent different aspects of the human being as well as of different cosmic realities and laws.


The feminine is equated with the physical body and Earth, our home planet. When we incarnate in a physical body, our entire cellular structure, our bones, our DNA, our soft tissues are all, when aligned, an antenna which receives energy and information from both the feminine (Earth, rocks, plants, animals, air) and the masculine (sun, galactic beings, source creator, the Universe and beyond). Our entire physical body is a microcosm of the entire Universe. This physical body (feminine) is a receptacle or vessel for the divine spark (masculine) of creative energy. In balance, the human being is a very powerful communicator and creator.


We have been denied our birthright for so long. We have forgotten who we are. Ancient civilizations possessed quite a bit more knowledge than we do about Earth and the divine feminine, as well as the divine masculine, than we do today. We can see this through mythologies, architecture, literature, poetry, art that still remains. What we perceive as symbolism today were realities that these people could still see in their minds’ eyes and with their physical eyes.  They could interact with fairies, elves, devas, extra-terrestrial beings because they were living in direct contact with their inner wisdom. Their physical bodies were healthier and they lived longer than we do today because their awareness of self was wider than is ours today.

turtle house

So when ascension teachers lay down their experiences for us as guidelines, and when they say that Gaia has ascended, this means that our planet has made a conscious choice to purify herself. She has invited humanity to join her, because we are intimately connected to her. When we remember our divine nature while in our physical bodies, we realize that we are here to honor her at each moment, as well as to honor and love our selves. We are here to protect Nature, and to watch over the animals and plants. We intuitively know the language by which animals, plants, and the planet communicate. This information has been demonized and ridiculed, as have the languages of the heart and the true meaning of sexuality. Christianity plunged into sin and darkness all that is Earth and the body so that they could best control humanity and keep us afraid…focusing all of our energies on obtaining freedom, joy, expansion only after death.


This control continues to this day, but it is waning as humans begin to remember who we are. We want to live in our physical bodies in true harmony with our divine feminine and masculine in balance. We want to ascend with our physical bodies, and now it is possible. We can create joyfully and enjoy freedom while we are alive. We do not have to work for a corporate controller who steals our resources and our energy, thinking that we will have time to explore our talents at an ever shrinking possibility of retirement from the work force. We will be able to spend time with our children and pets and encourage our children to develop their talents for the joy of sharing those talents with others and for no other purpose.


The only real sin is separation from self and others. The lack of self love, judgment of self and others has kept humanity in a prison that each of us perpetuates by teaching systems of belief from one generation to the next. It is a very clever system, for it encourages us to believe that we live now in freedom and democracy, when in fact, the entire global culture has us completely indoctrinated and under its control. Our energies are subjugated and as we secretly yearn to paint, garden, create, share, experience love, we willingly give away our lives to a system which creates endless war, fear, oppression, poverty, and disease.


We always have the choice to wake up and to remember who we are. And for the first time, we can experience true freedom in our physical bodies, while still alive on Earth. We can embrace and love once again when we center our self in our heart and disinfect our minds from all fear and conditioning, releasing with love all beliefs that do not serve us individually and collectively. We can begin to put away our devices, turn off phones, entertainment – all that serves to distract us from reality – and turn to self, then to one another. We can sit quietly with our self and be at peace, at last. We can stop being afraid of other human beings and know that we are not by nature cruel, violent, or selfish. For it has been by our conditioning and by imitation of sadistic, sociopathic masters that we have developed mass narcissistic behaviors.


Love is our nature. We don’t need to go to heaven to experience unconditional love. It is who we are, when we remember who we are and why we came to Earth. Gaia, our Mother Earth, is also pure, unconditional love. She is our mirror. She, like our physical bodies, work with us to show us how much we can be and do as our highest self. In the physical realms, we can create so much beauty. This is our new task. The heaven on Earth of which Jesus spoke required the contributions of the feminine. While Jesus’ twin sister was brutally murdered as he was, what was even more tragic is that her entire teachings and memory were entirely erased from our collective memory.


Emmanuella is the divine feminine. She came to remind us that we are divine in our physical bodies. We are powerful creators while alive in the physical form. By shedding the illusion of separation from self and others, we can create a new collective dream in a conscious manner. Heaven on Earth is not something that is delivered to us on a platter when we are “good”. It is not a reward that happens for us after a life of righteousness, after we die. Heaven on Earth is a choice. Ascension is a conscious process that we can undertake when we are ready to remember who we are. It is up to human beings, individually and collectively, to first remember, then to come together and imagine a new world that we would all love to live in. A world where we know we are safe. A world where we can share our talents every moment of the day or night. A world where we take back our energy and power. A world where all of us use our talents to benefit the greater good of all.


This is what is happening right now on Earth. We no longer have to die to go to “heaven”. By taking back our power, we become free, sovereign beings. This is the Garden of Eden, and we are all Adam and Eve. Free and powerful human beings, co-creating with Gaia and beyond.

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