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Creating realities that support joy


Dearest readers,

I was just thinking about how we, as human parents, try to extend childhood for our kids. It wasn’t always like this, and in many places it still isn’t. Children work and are even slaves in many places around the world today. But the point I would like to make is this: the collective dream that most people accept as reality today is not something we want to offer our children. Instinctively, we know it is a nightmare from which we would love to protect them. And so we do whatever we can to create a cocoon that represents joy, love, and innocence.

kids in tree

The problem in this strategy is that even the cocoon has been co-opted by the capitalist destroyer of dreams and joy. What most people give their children are icons of happiness but not freedom to create, unplanned periods of time in which they can dream and play with their own imaginations. We have all been so deeply conditioned by the collective nightmare culture of shame and judgment that we inflict this “need” for perfection on our children who could be teaching us all a thing or too about happiness.


The quest for perfection is a hidden agenda in itself. I can’t count how much energy I have wasted in my life putting off for later my own happiness because I felt I was not worthy of it right now. Criticizing and judging my life, my achievements or lack thereof, my body, my home, my abilities and skills…I was forever thinking “if I could only do or be this or that, then I would feel happy, relaxed, joyful, fulfilled”. We are all trained to punish ourselves in this manner by the culture that we have created and which we sustain by continuing to think and behave in this manner. By punishing ourselves continually, we are sustaining this reality and forcing it onto our children and future generations. If we want a better future for our kids, it is up to us to dream up a different way of thinking and being for ourselves right now!

real bodies

There are so many beliefs that we all have either accepted or continue to accept as truths which are not true at all, unless we put our energy, attention, and intentions into these ideas. Some of these beliefs include that we must give away our power, time, energy to doing work that we don’t necessarily like in order to have what we need: food, housing, clothing, medical care. We accept without question that we have to exchange work and money for food and for housing and that we must live indebted to powerful institutions such as banks and credit card companies.

Little bussineswoman in front of a giant boss legs concept

Yet plants and animals enjoy free food and pay no rent for the land on which they live. We accept that the talents with which we are born are not equally needed by humanity and by our planet, and that some talents are more valuable than others. All of these beliefs are untrue, and they become our reality and are reinforced every day as long as we continue to accept them and to live by them.

buckminster fuller quote

The day that we decide that food is free, that the land belongs equally to all humans, and that all of our talents are equally necessary and important, we will continue to judge ourselves and not take full responsibility for our reality.

100 percent responsible

I, for one, want to live in a world where I wake up each morning when my body is ready to awaken. And I want to wake up relaxed, excited about the day to come, full of joy, listening to birdsong. I want to create each day out of joy and love. I want to use my talents and skills to help others. I want to spend time with my family and friends and use my life energy to create anew each day. I know that all of nature is alive, conscious, and that I am part of the all. I want to get rid of all debt and to live simply with only the few things that I need and which give me pleasure. I want to spend my time writing, painting, gardening, taking long walks with my son and our dog. I want to live in a world built on love, freedom, and joy.

joyful life

Many people said that when Bernie Sanders spoke about creating a system which works for all people, of universal health care, and eliminating income inequality, that this was an impossible dream. Yet he was just beginning to sketch out a reality only slightly different from the one most accept and live by today. Many said he was unrealistic, “pie in the sky”. These people don’t realize that we create the reality in which we live. The real world is not something that exists outside of self. It is a projection of energy that begins within the mind and heart of each individual human being. The responsibility for what is real, for what we create for the collective takes shape inside of ourselves. When we use our energy and attention and focus on things, systems, beliefs outside of self, we give our creative energy away. We give up our power to other people and systems of belief.

Bernie we

The technologies for free energy, free food, instant free healing, as well as free travel and communications already exist. These technologies are available, waiting for us to wake up and shrug off the old habit of victim/slave consciousness to reveal themselves to us. The technologies our society currently uses are 19th century technologies for the most part. These technologies treat our bodies and the planet as if they were things or machines, not living energetic emotional beings. Only small tidbits of the advanced technologies have been revealed to us over the last 75 years. The elites and behind the scenes power mongers have suppressed the most advanced technologies from the awareness of the general public, though they are used by these elites and by secret military programs for nefarious purposes. When the truth comes out, we will no longer be able to consider what we currently have been programmed to think as reality as a viable truth.

suppressed technologies

If we want to live with simplicity, happiness, and joy each and every day, then it is up to each of us to question what we consider reality to be, what we believe in, and how we use our energy. We are the creators of realities. We, human beings, are powerful. Our imagination is the source of all realities. It is time to take responsibility for our lives and for the world that we create for our children. It is time to use our energy with wisdom. It is time to stop being victims and decide within ourselves what it is that we want and then to work together to make that vision a reality.


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