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Where is humanity going? The end of human slavery and the ascension process

Rainbow Bridge arch (world's largest known natural bridge), Rainbow Bridge National Monument, Lake Powell, Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, Arizona/Utah border USA

Dearest readers,

Most people realize that something is changing on our planet. Everyone feels the shifts in energy, though most do not understand where these shifts in energy originate. Some people are worried, feel their world is falling apart and don’t realize that this is a good thing. Others are thrilled that humanity is finally awakening and becoming more compassionate. Yet others are somewhere in the middle.

chaos of change

Human beings have been enslaved for many thousands of years. All human beings have been and continue to be controlled and manipulated by media, politics, our financial systems, food systems, pollution, culture. Our energy, our freedom, and our creative nature have been sapped and those responsible for this clever hijacking of our true nature have been hidden from us. Our true history has been concealed from us as well as the authentic realities of our relationship with our home planet, Gaia. Yet all over the planet, people are waking up.


While revolutions have happened again and again throughout history as humanity has attempted to overthrow oppressive regimes, the outcomes of these revolutions have always been predetermined. The level of consciousness throughout humanity has been too low to notice that all which we are given to perceive as freedoms in our current paradigm of society, nation states, and culture are all manufactured and artificial.


The variety of choices presented to us represent in fact a single option which does not benefit our well-being. We are conditioned by these belief systems from birth, and we teach these values to our children, as do our schools, religions, and employers.

Do what you are told. Buy what you are told to buy. You need to work to live. If you do not work, then you are lazy and not a valuable member of society. You need pharmaceuticals. You are sick. If you are different, you should be punished. Other humans are dangerous and out to get you. You are not good enough to be loved. You are not beautiful enough to be loved. You are not enough in yourself. You need things to be fulfilled. You need other people to be whole. You need to judge and compete with one another and with yourself. You are weak and powerless, but if you buy xyz or if you live in xyz, then you will be better than your neighbor, friend, family member. If you become perfect, then you will deserve to be loved.


Where we have been conditioned to believe we have choice, there has never been any. Where there is in reality abundance and more than enough for every single person on Earth to live a happy and fulfilled light-filled life, we have been taught poverty consciousness and lack. Now it has become visible that a very few and perhaps only one corporation and banking/finance system owns all companies. We are owned by mortgages, jobs, and we are constantly and intentionally kept in a state of worry and fear. The entire system in which we live is designed to keep us asleep and fearful. This is what maintains the status quo.


We could be enjoying an amazing relationship with nature and experience our own bodies in full health right now. We could have fantastic technologies that allow us to live much longer and healthier lives without all of the pollutants and diseases manufactured by our governments to keep us toiling and sick, and believing that we need their healthcare, medications, jobs, bank accounts, and retirement. In fact, we need none of these things to be healthy, happy, and secure. The planet and our bodies can be recalibrated and healed quickly and easily.


The only way to end the current tyranny is through spiritual awakening. Which means remembering who we truly are as human beings. This has nothing to do with religion. In fact, the true nature of reality can be explained by physics. Love and light are the creative and constructive energies of which all that exists is made. The natural state of the human being is unity consciousness, which means being fully centered in our Self, connected to all that is through our heart center, and fully aware of our responsibility for each thought, feeling, and action we create. For we are powerful creators of realities.


Each human being is surrounded by an energy field which is the same  shape (toroidal) as our galaxy. When we enter the unified field through the zero point in our own personal field, we are in unity consciousness and the power of the universe flows through us. This is what Jesus, Buddha, and other ascended masters have taught over the ages. We are all masters of love and light. Miracles are not exceptional; we all have the power to heal, to walk on water, to create any reality that we want. All we need to do is to wake up.


We are intimately and intuitively connected to Gaia, or Mother Earth. She speaks to us, if we will listen. Consciousness is embedded in all of our cells and in everything that exists. We can communicate with our bodies, with our cellular structure and organs. Scalar energy, as discovered by Nicolas Tesla, coming from the Earth, the sun, and outer space comes through us, feeding us with light and information, connecting to our DNA. We are living libraries, containing huge amounts of wisdom and information for connected living. Once we free ourselves from the oppression of our current paradigm, we will enjoy free energy, pollution-free air, water, and food. Plants, animals, and people nourished by scalar energies and by the minerals supplied by the Earth will experienced heightened intuition, improved health and energy levels. All people will be equal to one another and have access to all resources.

scalar energy mountain

Quantum physics explains the realities of our holographic universe and energy systems. As humanity awakens, we will progressively realize our true nature and end all timelines which do not serve our collective good and the good of all of the inhabitants of our planet. We will connect to the citizens of other planets, and we will remember who we are. Each of us has a role to play in this process. The most important thing that anyone can do right now is to release all negative programs, belief systems, memories, worries, stress, attachments to physical objects or relationships which are codependent or harmful. Releasing negativity and harmful conditioning takes time and effort as well as self-love. As we give love and allow our self to sit with these energies and templates, we can re-integrate the lost parts of our energy or soul fragments. The more we do this work, the stronger and more unified we become.



By transferring your center of cognizance from your mind to your heart, you will become once again part of the web of life. No longer will you be distracted and tricked by separation consciousness, which causes selfish behaviors and which perpetuates the old paradigm.

compassionate listening project.jpeg

You can end human slavery by refusing to believe in racism or terrorism, all designed to distract humanity into endless conflict with one another. These aggressive, hateful, and fearful emotions feed the old paradigm and distract us from our true nature, which is cooperative, loving, and compassionate. It is not human nature to be selfish, separate, and uncaring. We have been taught to behave this way, to live without love, and to be cruel to one another. We have been manipulated into hating ourselves and into feeling ashamed of who we are. We have been tricked into competition with one another and into living with a victim mentality so that we never take responsibility for our thoughts, feelings, choices, and relationships. We have been taught by education and religion that we are judged and punished for our actions and that we are born into sin. All of this is untrue. We are always loved, no matter what we do or think. We are simply here to remember who we are and to evolve as souls.


There are people who teach that it is certain extraterrestrial civilizations who are working with dark forces in world governments to keep this system going. There are also many benevolent extraterrestrials who are looking out for our evolution and well-being. The bird tribes or Blue Avians are surrounding Earth and making contact with many of us right now to help us to make this peaceful transition. If you feel attracted to birds or feel an energy around birds through a song, dream, images then try to open your mind and heart to these messages, for they are messages of love and liberation.

jesus-and-the-blue-avians  blue jay

Many of us here on Earth are from other planets and galaxies. We came to help humanity to make this shift. Some call us starseeds, indigos, crystals, or rainbows. We are lightworkers, here to anchor the light of awareness and awakening on this planet. We are here to teach those who are still confused how to awaken and how to remember who you are and how best to use your energy. The indigenous peoples of Earth as well as lightworkers have been working hard for decades to stabilize the energies on the planet, to protect Earth and humanity from the excesses in human-created chaos and Earth changes. We owe them a debt of gratitude and we all need to do our part.


There is much fear on Earth, and fear is darkness. Fear perpetuates the old system of human slavery. When you, human being, release fear and begin to receive and to emanate love and light, you are doing the most important work of all. The more light that is anchored on the planet, the quicker we will all begin to see and experience New Earth.

I am

New Earth is already here. The energies and gridwork are in place. The energy we are living in presently on Earth is pure, without templates or prejudice of any kind. In this new energy, we are free to create a brand new humanity and way of living on Earth. There will be no apocalypse, but the duration of the transition period depends on all of us human beings and the choices we make right now. Will we choose light and love? Or will we choose fear, reactivity, and allow the made up threats of terror, war, loss of security, and disease continue to manipulate our emotions?


On New Earth, all is possible. We can work together to create an entirely new way of living together. No longer will children be brainwashed in schools. Instead, the gifts of each child will be nurtured and developed in view of service to all. The freedom to live and know that you will always have everything you need or desire will relax all minds and hearts. All of us will contribute using our gifts. There will be no need to fear one another – no crime, no hatred. Plants and animals will thrive as well in this new energy of love and cooperation.

conscious energy

New technologies are being given and will develop very quickly without the hindrance of the old paradigm to hold us back. Teleportation, telepathic and telempathic communication will replace old language systems which kept peoples of different cultures separate and not understanding one another. Non-locality, a principle of the physics of consciousness, will allow us to be wherever we want to be, instantly. As our bodies evolve to capture and transmit increasing amounts of light, disease will be eliminated and we will be able to detect and release all energy blockages instantly and on a daily basis. Once again, humanity will experience joy, laughter, and freedom.


We are creators of realities and we are the stewards of our beautiful planet, Gaia. The new golden age is here. The more quickly we release fear and the old programs, the more quickly we will manifest the magnificence of what religions have called heaven on Earth. It is possible. It is happening now. Ascension means moving from a lower energy signature to a higher frequency. Those new energies have been arriving on Earth from the sun and the cosmos as Gaia herself has been transitioning for several years. Everything is ready now, waiting on humanity to begin creating together, waiting on us to remember who we are and to make our choice. Do you want to stay on old Earth? Or do you want to make your home on new Earth? The choice is yours, and now is the time to make it. There is no bad decision, but it is nice to know that you do have a choice and that you have the ability to make it in full awareness.


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