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Condensing parallel universes: the road back to Self


Dearest readers,

I have this image in my mind that I am going to paint, and I will describe it here with words. The energy field around our bodies which is the vehicle by which we can travel to all dimensions, called by some the merkabah, by others a torus, is fragmented, deactivated or weakened by what we call parallel universes or karmic experiences. It is said that we live in a holographic universe and that our environment, which appears to be so solid and real, is just an energy field. And that infinite layers of these fields exist, one on top of the other, at varying frequencies of energy. We can leap from one field to another, sometimes without even realizing that we have done so.


In my vision, I see my human body surrounded by this somewhat spherical field of yellow light, which is fusing together at the top and the bottom. In between are layers of realities. In each reality, I go about a different life cycle, completely unaware of my other lives. As I become conscious of choices made, fears, areas where I have allowed myself to be manipulated, or have made choices with less than complete self-love, I realize that I have given up bits of my personal power. Reintegrating these bits with a personal ceremony that is full of love for myself and for these lost fragments of my soul allows me to regain unity, one crystalline chip at a time.


When a human being is not living in complete integrity or unity with his or her highest version and heart, then we keep giving up our power. Parts of our soul energy keep splintering off, taking on a life of their own. This is, in essence, what creates or contributes to our existence in parallel realities. When I make a choice that is not aligned with the greatest good of all, then karma is created. There is always some pain involved for someone in these decisions.


Dolores Cannon, celebrated hypnotherapist and tirelessly creative researcher of the (for now) invisible realms, explains (see video) that each time we make a decision, the road not chosen continues to live on in a parallel universe. She wrote a series of books called The Convoluted Universe which explain the physics behind the true nature of reality and consciousness.


By refusing to live in victim consciousness and by understanding that we are creators of the realities in which we live, we can take responsibility for our lives and end the karmic loop by  choosing to re-integrate the soul fragments that we have abandoned in multiple, perhaps uncountable parallel universes.

What we call past and future lives are in fact all simultaneously running like a program on a computer, constantly looping in the now. Outside of our 3rd dimension, there is no linear time. When we decide to take responsibility for our choices and to live in unity consciousness, we choose to end the karmic loop. The Akashic record resides in our DNA. The Akash is a library which has recorded in minute detail every experience that our soul and soul fragments have lived at any time or place in the universe.


The process of defragging  our soul is the same as the individuation process described by C.G. Jung. Jung was inspired by alchemy, the metaphysical science of transforming the unconscious mind, body, and soul into the proverbial gold of enlightenment. He and those who worked with him, such as the amazing Marie-Louise von Franz, analyzed fairy tales for this same reason. Fairy tales contain the archetypes, codes, and keys to unlock the knotted areas of our consciousness, or our shadow selves, where we have hidden parts of our energy.

Marie Louise von Franz 2

In the new energies that have been coming into our planet over the last several years, it is much faster and easier to integrate. The lower density energies are not supported in the higher frequencies, and they rise to the top of our awareness like cream floats to the top of fresh milk. As a gatekeeper for my thoughts and feelings, I immediately sense discomfort or dis-ease when a thought comes in that does not feel good.

bird woman

I know that it  is the voice of ego or perhaps a fragment of my soul that has experienced pain or fear. I ask myself: who are you? Images come forward of these fragments. To integrate them, I do not react to their fear programs or accept to identify with their direction for my life. Instead, I pause and reflect in their company. I spend some time with them without judging myself or their presence. Then I take them to a sacred place, which for me is an amethyst cave. It is somewhat like a spa, but under the Earth. Each soul fragment is given unconditional love, and at the end of the session, they return a crystal to a large bowl, which represents the totality of my soul. When recognized, loved, and validated, these soul fragments find peace and no longer need to continue to exist in parallel dimensions. This very personal process, like the shamanic journey, and however you choose to accomplish it, is key to resolving karma and finding unity in self.

reed-flute-cave (4)

Self love is necessary to mastery and to living in unity consciousness. Because we have all been raised in human cultures which are designed around shame, judgment, and punishment, we have all integrated these thought patterns and behaviors on a deep, cellular level. We have all been taught to identify our entire self with a tiny soul fragment, the ego. The ego is our survival consciousness, and it is motivated primarily by fear, grasping, worry about lack, and competition.

amethyst crystal


When you begin to cleanse and reintegrate soul fragments, you will begin to live from your heart and will be able to absorb increasing amounts of light into your body. Your cells, muscles, bones, blood, soft tissue have all much debris and toxins to evacuate in this process. It is important to get a lot of sleep, sunlight, and to drink a lot of water. Eating green vegetables and detoxing are important at this time. Spending time in nature and walking barefoot outdoors are very helpful.

alchemy and DNA

The entire process of ascension is the same quest that Jung described in his work about individuation. The unified soul is described as a diamond, its countless facets reflecting the brilliant light of source being. An awakened pineal gland is also represented by a diamond. The actual gland, which is known as the third eye, allows us to see into and visit other dimensions. It looks like a small pine cone, and throughout history in art and architecture it has been depicted as such, though it is also the eye at the top of the pyramid depicted on our dollar bill. The ancient Egyptians depicted it very realistically. (see below) When awakened fully, the pineal gland becomes the source of the activated merkabah, or energy vehicle around the human body.

pineal gland

The lightworker or wayshower is a person who has taken the hero’s journey and who has made the descent into the dark night of the soul. Through a series of difficult trials, the person delves deep into heart and psyche to remember his or her true nature. For by design, all human beings are powerful, multi-dimensional beings. We have given up our power and have been enslaved for thousands of years.


The reality to which we have been conditioned from birth on this planet, over and over again, has caused much pain because it is not aligned with our true nature and purpose. This 3-D matrix has collapsed, and its physical manifestations are also in the process of implosion. For those who have been working the puzzle of the true nature of reality and consciousness, this collapse is a long-awaited gift. For those who do not yet understand that the reality in which they have always lived was in fact a prison, there is much fear and confusion.


If you wish to realign yourself with your true nature and live a life of purpose which benefits all of life, it is necessary to end all karmic cycles in your life and resolve all unfinished business. Any promises made must be kept. Anyone whom you need to forgive must be forgiven –  especially yourself. All parts of yourself, which are part of your soul energy that you have given away to others in insincere relationships, out of manipulation or fear, must be taken back. The process of migration from ego mind to full alignment with the highest Self is a full-time occupation, especially for those of us born into cultures with deep programming and victim consciousness…which is all humans.


Parallel universes and realities are something that we have all created unconsciously. The true nature of human consciousness is co-creation. We are all powerful creators of reality, or realities. It is up to us to realize and remember who we are. It is our choice to awaken to our power and to take back that power. Instead of being fragmented, asleep, and creating realities out of fear, we can unify the field of our consciousness. When we do this, we dissolve the parallel realities back into the light of Self. We begin to work with others to create a magnificent and compassionate world that is beneficial to all people, animals, plants, and to our beautiful mother planet, Gaia.


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