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Master number 44: humanity in balance

CaravaggioMary Magdalene

Dearest readers,

This post streams from a string of very personal events that occurred over a period of many years, including a dream, a vision, and a sense of knowing following my viewing of two videos. All are connected to the divine feminine incarnation of unity. I’ve come to call her Emmanuela, but today I watched a video by an Italian channel who addressed her as Mary Magdalena. They are both aspects of the same being. You could call her Jesus’ twin sister. Her colors are red and gold. I will describe each event in this post.



As for master number 44: My birthday is 4/4, and numerologically speaking, my life is full of fours. I love flowers and herbs, gardening, healing with plants. In fact, I communicate regularly with plants, trees, and birds. This divine connection to Gaia, to Mother Earth is an important one at this crucial time of the ascension of Gaia and of humanity to the fifth dimension.


In this post, I would like to introduce a new level or concept of reality as human consciousness takes a leap forward. It is well known that Christ consciousness or unity consciousness in the form of the divine masculine is represented by the catalytic number 33. What is not yet apparent is that this level of consciousness introduced by Jesus to humanity over 2,000 years ago was accompanied by an element of the divine feminine, which, you guessed it – is represented by master number 44. Humanity and all of creation are always growing and evolving. We have recently moved out of 33 into 44, which on the level of the collective consciousness expresses the potential to balance and harmonize the masculine and feminine energies. As we grow in awareness and see the excesses of a hyper-masculine global culture, we are seeking to restore balance  in our bodies, minds, hearts, and in the world we create outside of ourselves.


This twinning of the Christ consciousness was not welcomed at the time of Jesus. While the feminine was revered in ancient times, where women were priestesses, oracles, and considered sacred givers of life, a shift occurred in which the logical masculine mind attempted to squelch or repress the nurturing, receptive feminine influences. The feminine, the human body, and Earth or Gaia herself became at this time persona non grata. Humanity divorced itself from the physicality of life, choosing separation or duality over unity. Thus, the unity concept that Jesus introduced could not be realized without its feminine complement. Christianity created a religion in which the sacred aspects of Earth, body, sexuality, and femininity were considered sinful, ugly, and shameful. This paradigm was created to control humanity, to keep us weak, obedient, and fearful.

oracle at Delphi   Gaia painting

The consequences of this repression reveal why we see a low frequency, suspicious and conflict-ridden world today.  Women and children are frequently abused and mistreated, animals and the land are exploited and considered material objects and not living beings deserving of love, respect, and dignity. The magic and wonder of Gaia and of the divine feminine have for all intensive purposes been forgotten by humanity, relegated to the realms of the unconscious mind and mythology. Gaia has made the decision, with the help of lightworkers and star beings, to create a new version of herself at a higher frequency. We are invited to join her in this new incarnation if we do the inner work and raise our frequency to match hers. The old 3-D, high density, linear reality with causal time is currently collapsing, but everyone will have the opportunity to awaken at their own pace.

3D matrix

My first connection to Emmanuela took place in a dream. In the dream, I was in Italy, riding a brand new white Japanese motorcycle with racy red and blue motifs through a beautiful verdant valley. The grassy area was dotted with picnic tables and shade trees, and many people were enjoying a meal outdoors, talking and laughing. It was a beautiful, sunny day. No one seemed to really notice me, but I was really enjoying myself, and I rode the motorcycle with a great deal of skill. (In “real” life, I have only been a passenger on a motorcycle.) Towards the end of the dream, a slender woman with olive skin, a long oval face, dark curly shoulder length hair and dark eyes came up to me. She introduced herself to me in English as Deborah. She seemed very real, and I felt as though she knew me well and that I ought to know her. She was holding some clothing, which she gave to me. There was a gold sequined sleeveless top, and if I remember correctly, a red lacy bra. I was a bit puzzled on awakening. It was a very pleasant dream, but I wondered who Deborah was and why she gave me these articles of clothing, which didn’t seem like something I would ordinarily wear.

HONDA CBR500 R 2013 SCORPION EXHAUST gold sequin top

Second connection to Emmanuela: I went to a group meditation class about four years or so ago. During the meditation, I saw myself wearing a red dress on a stage resembling the TED stage, with a large crowd of people attending. There were other people onstage as well. It seemed that I was making a presentation to this crowd.


Third connection: About a year ago, I was listening to a talk on YouTube by Chief Golden Light Eagle. He only very briefly touched on this topic, but it took on great importance in my mind and heart. He said that it was not “the man on the cross that the government was after”, but his sister, his twin, and they murdered her. During a shamanic journey, he explained to his live audience, Jesus, whom he called Emmanuel, visited him. He said that he came from the star people of Pleiades, and it took him 12,000 lifetimes to remember why he came to Earth, and many more lifetimes until he was able to recall the wisdom he needed to transmit to humanity.  He speaks of the 11:11 – of the 11 universal and 11 spiritual laws. The universal laws are feminine, and the spiritual laws are masculine. These laws apply to humanity living on Earth.  He says there are also cosmic and natural laws which apply to the universe.

Chief Golden Light Eagle

Chief Golden Light Eagle said that the first time he told a group of people about Emmanuela, the women collectively sighed with recognition and a kind of knowing, which is what I also felt when I heard this story. Chief Golden Light Eagle also explains that when you hear tones in your right ear, it is the sound of star ships communicating as well as Devas and guardian angels. Tones in the left ear are spiral gateways to Nature as well as to the stars. I have been hearing these tones for the last year or so. I knew they were related to ascension and downloads to the body of codes to unlock my DNA.

Gaia Belize

With my 50th birthday approaching on April 4th, I know the time has come to receive all of my information directly from within, and for my being, heart, mind and body to align with Gaia and the cosmos. 2017 is the year of release of all negativity, resolution of all karma, and alignment into purposeful loving action through inner connection to highest self. The new energies support a speedy awakening.

amethyst violet flame

When I ask my highest self about Emmanuela, I see a book, like a diary, whose cover is red with gold embossed decorations. I feel that I am called to write her story and share it with humanity. I also see a red door, which is open. I was told that I will receive the story through automatic writing.

red and gold  ancient tree

In July of 2016, I did a session with a Dolores Cannon QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique) trained practioner, Laura Bogen. She asked me to write down a list of questions that I would like to have answered by my higher self during the session. One of my questions was about Emmanuela. During this segment of the session, I experienced Emmanuela alone and suffering on the dusty road to Mount Gethsemane. I could not help her because I was a silent but fully compassionate witness – an old and wise tree. My heart was breaking and intimately connected to hers.


Today I came across a video channeled by Mario Gattoaladino entitled “The Magdalena speaks of loving your body, your self”. He describes her relationship to Jesus and to the physical body. He states that her colors are “ruby and gold”. Since mastery is defined by self-love, the mastery of the number 44 and Magdalena, Gaia, or Emmanuela would be the love of Earth, of Nature, of the physical body. Because Jesus and Emmanuela were two faces of a single avatar, together they represent, when consciously integrated, the balance between the divine masculine or cosmic spiritual self, and the divine feminine, or earthly spiritual self.

masculine feminine

To me, it makes perfect sense that Jesus would be one of a pair of twins. While their close relationship has been to this day stained by the Church, it is time to bring out the beauty of the fully sexual divine feminine. Some have suggested that Jesus and Mary Magdalene were a couple. And while we may feel that the purity of the Virgin Mary represses her full feminine power, she is also a soul fragment broken off from the divine feminine. For the realized woman who embodies her divine masculine as well, her body is sacred, and she shares intimacy only with someone who vibrates at a high frequency and level of consciousness.


When we fall in love with our full self, body, mind, heart, spirit, we realize the 44. We are grounded in our bodies, who serve us and love us each and every moment of the day. We treat our self with the same loving delight and compassion that we offer to each person, plant, or animal we may encounter at any moment of the day. The 44 is the empowered feminine, fully connected to Mother Earth and to the Cosmos. Gaia’s planetary ascension is made possible by our own return to self.


As we look inward and begin to honor the sacred nature of our own bodies and being, we realize our true nature as co-creators. We begin to remember who we are, and we offer unconditional love to the beauty that is our self, to humanity, to all of the creatures living with us on Earth. True self love is not possible without a full-hearted embrace of our own bodies, nor is it possible without integrity. Our consciousness is intimately connected to the planet. When we become gentle and loving, respectful of all of Nature, Gaia responds to us. When we become peaceful, Gaia too delights in our peace. In return, she too relaxes and responds to our care. Our awakening and ascension are only possible when we understand that all of life is energy and manifestation of thought forms. When these thought forms and intentions are rooted in love, and when all anger, frustrations, worry, doubt, drama, and pain have been resolved and released, then we return to our true nature as beings of light and love.

ascended gaia


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