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Want to ascend to the 5th dimension? Self-love & radical personal responsibility in the age of higher consciousness


Dearest readers,

Have any of you ever read the self-help classic, “Co-dependent no more?” Co-dependency is the general template in which humanity currently relates to self and others. It is a victim mentality, in which no one in this system loves him or herself. A lack of self-love inevitably creates a void of personal responsibility. And we all know that without true self-love, we cannot love another.

Ego consciousness, which I call survival consciousness, is the plane of reality in and on which most of humanity currently dwells. It is a place where people compete, treat one another, animals, plants, and the planet like commodities. It is a place where money, power, and status are more important than love or other people. In survival consciousness, we are alone, and we feel afraid most of the time, though we constantly seek to hide how we really feel from others. We don’t want others to know that we feel vulnerable in any way, because they might attack us or take advantage of us in some way. In survival consciousness, we are always tense, always posturing, looking for an advantage. Everything comes at a price, and we have to work hard just to have what we think we need. In “love” relationships, we count what we give to others, and we secretly feel cheated if we don’t receive as much as we have given.


Does this sound familiar? And what about self-love? How can you begin to love yourself when you live in a world in which no one seems to care, and where everyone is disconnected from every one else?

Ascension to fifth dimensional from our current 3-D Earth requires making a radical personal choice. It means stepping out of survival consciousness. It means giving up on being a victim, on hoping that someone outside of yourself will swoop in to save you from your pain, your loneliness, your self-loathing, the job you can’t stand. Ascension requires that you take full responsibility for your life. In exchange, you will find inner peace, bliss, wonder, full empowerment, and an amazingly creative life…full of energy and purpose.


It is not easy to give up the victim mentality, but if you wish to stop suffering, then think about this. Human beings are not victims. We are powerful creators. We were not born onto a planet over which we have no control. We are not in reality separate from one another. We have been brainwashed into being slaves by adopting belief systems which do not serve us personally and which do not serve the greater good  of humanity and all life on our planet.

The only reality aligned with our highest self is based on principles of quantum mechanics and what scientists will soon discover to be the organizing force of energetic frequencies of love. Love and light are the creative foundation of the matrix of reality. Spirituality and physics are joining together, and the human being is the fulcrum, the activator of realities on Earth. We all have free will, and we all make choices each day. These choices create the vibrational frequency of the reality in which we personally live. And we have the power to change that reality by learning to fully love our self. This is the road to unity consciousness, which some call Christ consciousness.

We can each choose to remain a victim and to remain in fear. Or we can choose to take responsibility for the world that we live in. We can stand up and say: I can’t stand any longer to see human beings killed in wars. I can no longer accept that farm animals be treated as objects and not as living, sentient and intelligent beings. I will no longer put up with Mother Earth being used as a garbage can and exploited for the personal gain of a few elites. But the bottom line is this: without self-love, we can’t fully take responsibility or create effective change in the world.


Compassion starts with the self. The creation of reality begins from within. We live today in a dysfunctional world because so many people hold that reality in their minds, hearts, bodies. Without our continual permission, the darkness, exploitation of humanity and of nature simply could not continue. The only way to ascend to the fifth dimension and to create New Earth, which is heaven on Earth, is to learn to love our self. To live without fear, guilt, shame or blaming others for our problems. Once we give up self-loathing and all fear and desire to control others for our personal benefit, we can begin to radiate the light and love which is already inside of us. Our soul is a piece of God which lives inside of us. All of life, all living creatures contain a piece of God. It is the life force, and it is the creative source. We are all connected to one another. We are all one human family connected to all life on our planet. Gaia herself is a living, conscious being.


If you want to co-create a magnificent, cooperative, peaceful humanity on our loving, conscious, and beautiful planet, it is time to step up. We are all being supported in this amazing transformation. It is the very first time that humanity has successfully crossed the barrier which has previously prevented us from ascending. It is taught that four human civilizations precede our own who have self-destructed. Low energy frequencies are dense. We are surrounded by these frequencies constantly. Television, radio news, all media, some music, thoughts, electronic frequencies all pervade our atmosphere. The good news being that our home planet Gaia, the sun, and intergalactic energies are now supporting humanity by bringing in high frequency energetic patterns which are recoding our DNA, allowing us to shed the density of the lower energy paradigm.


It is challenging to let go of the old. But the new energy is supporting us, and we must keep our vibrations high as we observe the structures, institutions, and belief systems of the old system collapse. We are living in an extremely exciting time, and we have each chosen to be here, to take part in the shift of humanity to a higher level of consciousness. Not everyone is ready, and each person will eventually make the shift at his or her own pace. If you are ready now, the new Earth is already here. There is no judgment but that which we impose on our self. Self love is the key to mastery, and self-responsibility is the key to the change we want to see embodied in the collective reality we all share.

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