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Today’s challenge: Letting go of being human


Dearest readers,

I have been trying so hard to let go of fear, of poverty consciousness. The fear of not having enough. Not enough money to survive. Wanting so much to trust that my personal needs as well as those of my family will be met, but so frightened to let go of that oh so human attachment to control, however small. My intellectual mind knows the spiritual truth that it is only by letting go and living in alignment with my soul, my highest self, that I will be able to truly enjoy my life, to experience my purpose, share my talents, and receive abundant gifts. So why is it so very hard to let go of fear and of a job that I don’t enjoy?  Why would I or anyone want to suffer, worry, and feel sick?

This very good question that I ask myself. I suppose I could say that I am only human. But I know that human beings live with God inside of each of us. We are all powerful creators. The problem is that we have been raised without awareness of our true reality. We have all been raised to believe that we are weak, nearly powerless, and separate from our creative source.


Currently, we are in the middle of an amazing shift in human consciousness away from ego, survival, duality, war, strife, and disease. Humanity has for the first time in history the opportunity to quickly and collectively rise to a higher level of consciousness. Most of us don’t yet know that four human civilizations before us have destroyed themselves on our beautiful planet. We are the fifth, and while it looks as if we are about to self-destruct, something very different is happening right now. Unity consciousness will one day bind us all together as one, in cooperation and co-creativity of our collective and personal realities.


It is hard to understand why we would want to hold onto something that has never worked for humanity and that hurts so much. Human beings, including myself, don’t often really enjoy change. Especially change that is very abrupt, intense, and chaotic. Change is stressful in itself. And when change means letting go of everything that you have ever known for something that is entirely uncertain, therein lies the problem. There are no outward signs, no hard and fast guarantees. Just a promise of something wonderful if you or I let go of everything we have tried so far.


Which is why desperation, disease, extreme accidents, incarceration, drug overdose and other rather awful end of the road incidents often precede an individual person’s shift. When things get so bad, we are jolted awake, and we are no longer able to hold onto what before we thought was indispensable to our comfort, if not our happiness. It takes a lot of courage to step out into the unknown before hitting the bottom of the barrel.


Today, the world is roiling in extreme social unrest and even chaos. This disorder is in fact a sign of the rising levels of light and energetic vibration on the planet. Global corruption of all kinds is being or is about to be exposed. The old systems, infrastructures, values, ways we raise our children, the way we work and play are about to implode in a very big way. Within the next month or two, we may well see the collapse of our financial systems, of corporate control over our healthcare and pharmaceutical industries, as well as the revelations of extreme corruption and human rights abuses from the depths of our government agencies. The shock from these events will serve to awaken many of us.


What will it take for us to accept and even revel in the freedom from no longer having a job, health insurance, or a retirement account? Will we react in fear, or will we remain calm and look inward for guidance? No one should be judged for our reactions, for each of us will respond in a very personal manner to these changes in our collective patterning. It is really very challenging to give up conditioned beliefs, and the older we are and the more lives we have lived on this planet and perhaps on other planets, the more difficult it is to release old pain and suffering. This is an ongoing process. It takes time as well as dedication, and we have to be patient and loving with our self and with other people. Compassion is so important at this crucial time. If other people are not acting in a loving manner, we need to love them even more…if only from a distance. We are all connected to one another as one family. This is unity consciousness.


Our bodies are currently evolving. Our DNA is changing with the increased energy frequencies. Eventually, we will be able to heal ourselves, and the way we eat will also begin to change radically. This will be good news for farm animals, as with the shift to higher vibrations, more humans will begin to choose vegetarian or vegan diets. Perhaps 1000 years from now, when we will enjoy having fully integrated light bodies, we will need only water and sunlight for nutrition. As plants also have consciousness, their lives are precious too.


There is much to look forward to in these new energies, and we all have to remind ourselves to remain loving towards self and others during this time of change. I am trying to be kind to myself as I think about how I will transition to my own calling. My current job is not in alignment with my higher self, and I desperately want to quit. Yet I think about my responsibilities as a parent and head of household. Do I just take a leap of faith? I am looking to inner guidance as to how to proceed. For now, I really don’t know, but I would much rather take this jump of my own volition rather than be pushed into it by destiny.


I hope I will be brave enough and wise enough to make the right move at the right time for me. This takes personal courage for all of us, as no one but our higher self is here to guide us. Being human is difficult. We are among the few beings in the universe who are born with free will and with no remembrance of who we are – as pieces of God, light, and love. We all wander and struggle, trying to remember who we are. Few of us realize how powerful human consciousness is. Give yourself credit for wherever you are in your journey. We will all eventually become fully awake as beings of light.

Much love from my soul to yours. Be encouraged. We are all in this together.

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