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The Awakening: Free Will and the Purpose of Fear


Hello dear readers!

If you are among the awakened, then you know that we are now breathing in the pure energy of 2017, a new cycle which promotes human creativity in an atmosphere of elevated benevolence and support. If you are just beginning to awaken, then this post may be of crucial help to you.

Dear fellow human beings, we are living in a time that is unprecedented in human history and prehistory. Human consciousness is constantly evolving. All of us who are now living on Earth have been raised in an older energy pattern which conditions us to struggle and to experience much stress and fear. In this old energy, we identify with our ego, perhaps our ethnicity, our career choice, our gender or racial description. What we accept as reality is a paradigm in which dubious wars are fought, the media manipulates us, and we are taught to believe that we are weak, and never quite good, worthy, or beautiful enough to be loved. If we are unsatisfied with our status quo, then we must fight for our desires. We are taught that nothing comes easily, that time is money, and that hard work is required to get ahead. This same old energy encourages or at least accepts deception, manipulation, and the need to control our own lives and those of others. Fear, anxiety, and stress as well as disease and violence run high in an old energy system.


Somehow, enough human beings have awakened over the last forty years to allow for the restructuring of the energy system on our dear planet, Earth. It is said that we have shifted from a 3 dimensional reality to the 5th dimension. We have worked hard on ourselves, releasing ourselves from the negative conditioning and surrounding our minds, hearts, and bodies with the light which allows for and defines a spiritual awakening.


Human beings are intimately connected to one another and to our planet. Our energies are entangled, allowing us to co-create a new reality together. One that is benevolent, peaceful, compassionate, cooperative. And we could not have accomplished this herculean task without free will. We chose to become aware in the midst of the chaos of the darkest energies in human history, in which humanity nearly destroyed itself and our beautiful planet with us. It is said that the peaceful collapse of the Soviet Union was a turning point. We have succeeded in avoiding the apocalypse prophesied by so many cultures and religions. The chaos we see erupting around the world  is an expression of the residue and decomposition of the old energy and its infrastructures and systems.



Many people today are identifying with and reacting to the turbulence and upheaval which is occurring all over the world. Reactivity is part of the old energy system. Free will means that awareness is always a choice. We are fully responsible for all of our thoughts and feelings. In the old energy system, we were always taught that God is outside of our self, and that everything that happens is not intimately connected to who we are. In other words, in the old energy, whatever happens happens. Life is a sequence of random events, some of which can be predicted, others which we don’t understand. We try to manipulate nature, but we create consequences which are unintentional. We are not responsible for what happens. We simply react to it. Because we feel we are not in control of reality, we live in fear. Fear inspires a desire to control and understand using the mind. The mind spins, trying to find a way to get around fear. But ultimately, the only way around fear is to choose to let it go. The awakened human being realizes what the gift of fear truly is.


Without fear, there is no awakening. There is no conscience or consciousness. There is no choice. The myth of the Garden of Eden in the Bible is extremely interesting in many ways. I believe that the blame placed on Eve for the temptation of Adam is a distraction. In the garden, there was a Tree of Knowledge and a Tree of Life, the masculine and feminine principles. Both are necessary for harmony. One cannot dominate the other. Did the Tree of Life bear fruit? Why was there no discussion of Adam or Eve eating its fruit? And why was the consumption of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge banned? Partaking of the Tree of Knowledge’s forbidden fruit is a powerful image for separation, for rationalism. It is the primacy of the mind over the heart and the body, which are more closely associated with the feminine.


Why would Eve work against her own best interest? I believe that the old energies, equally dominant in biblical post hunter-gatherer times, designed a creation myth which intentionally chose to suppress the feminine energies in order to allow rationalism and the patriarchy to dominate and to flower. Perhaps that period of exile, excessive masculinity, and the development of the Ego, science, and individualism were necessary points on the evolutionary road for humanity. The Garden of Eden itself represents harmony, with an innate balance between the sexes and their talents and energies. Leaving the garden meant the destruction of that harmony, which was not yet a conscious choice. Allowing the humans to eat from the Tree of Knowledge was the beginning of the reign of fear and separation from intuition, the heart, from the primal knowledge that God is inside of all of us.


The Adam and Eve creation myth also shows us the wisdom of free will, and how the human being is extremely powerful and can manifest everything needed for a happy life without effort. We are, in fact, born into this Garden of Eden. But our social and cultural conditioning, as well as the residue from inter-generational trauma and past life trauma interfere with that birthright of peace and creativity. It is our internal attitude toward life and not the external world or how we are treated by other people which separates us from this innate ability to create happiness.




In my mind, the Garden of Eden is in fact our entire planet Earth. We are intimately connected in our consciousness to our home planet, and Gaia is connected to us. When we live in harmony with ourselves, we live in harmony with her. Our bodies self-heal, and we manifest a reality which is cooperative and supportive of all life. We are about to return to the Garden. Humanity is preparing to manifest world peace. Without Free Will, it would not have been possible. We had to choose peace. We had to stop reacting to the circumstances in the world which seemed so cruel and unfair. We had to look inside of ourselves and find self-love, joy, and inner peace. We had to work hard to crawl out of the dark cave of our own creation, supported by thousands of years of old energy culture. We had to voluntarily leave pain behind and emerge into the light of love which has always been present for us.


Fear will always be here. We will always be at liberty to react to bullies, to fear for our physical survival. We are free to relinquish our bodily integrity and power of our body to self-heal and put our entire trust in doctors and other scientists. We are free to rationalize, to struggle, to fight with ourselves and one another. It is important to know that the Ego and Fear play their roles as a foil to love and light. It is Fear that gives birth to Free Will by allowing us to choose on our own. When we choose, we understand the limitations of the human mind, because it is our own mind whose workings have become familiar. We begin to understand that no matter how hard we try to control reality and to understand how the world and how other people think and function, we will never obtain mastery through these channels. Science and rationality, or the masculine realms of the mind, cannot alone help us to understand the universe and make our lives easier or better.


It is hard to release this concept of control, because we all want to understand the world and to have control over our lives. Science and rationality are the religion of modern times and have been since the Renaissance. Individualism was born at that time, after the terror of the plague swept through Europe. People felt so helpless in the face of Nature. This lead to us placing absolute trust in science and its high priests, the scientists. Well, most of us do. But in the new energy, what is so exciting is that as individual human beings, we have absolute control over what we create. A new sense of responsibility is born when a human being awakens. When a person suddenly realizes that every thought and the emotional quality of that thought are the creative foundations of reality, a sense of awe at the power of self emerges.


Think about it. You can accept that the world we now live in is real, and you react, making choices based on that external reality. Your life is dominated by drama and angst. You can allow yourself to be manipulated by news and information. You form opinions, take sides. You can create a world out of fear, a world that you imagine as dangerous, cut-throat, competitive. You can choose to be terrified by climate change, terrorism, and allow yourself to be controlled by so-called powerful people in high places.  In fact, in this so-called rational world, you don’t know what news or information is true or fake. The rational mind is not capable of differentiating. It can be easily tricked.

You design strategies and inventions in order to survive climate change. You go to rallies to fight racism. All  of your energy goes into opposition and reaction. Because you don’t actually realize that you are creating reality. Everything that exists that is human-made on this planet was imagined by someone. Our societies, cultures, economies, education systems, our homes, furnishings, our vehicles and modes of transport, the foods we eat…all of these and more came from the human imagination. We do create our reality. And we can do it consciously or unconsciously.


The conscious human being chooses to live from a place of love and compassion. When awakening, the human being must sort through or allow to emerge all conditioning, all words of judgment, all thoughts, memories, fears, worries, beliefs which are limiting in order to release these limitations. The new energy, now fully present in this new year (2017) allows us to consciously create and manifest reality according to our thoughts. So we must carefully choose our thoughts and actions at this time. A very astute YouTuber, Andrew Martin, explains in one of his videos that we can give thanks to Fear and say: (I am paraphrasing here) “Thank you for helping me to become aware. I no longer need your services. I have made other choices for my life. You can go now.”


Once we, as human beings, realize that there is another way to live, outside of survival consciousness, we stop reacting and we start creating. It is time to be excited about life. Time to find our joy, our childlike wonder once again. It is time to dream. Time to love others and to truly love ourselves. Self-love is mastery. Self-love means no more obstacles between the piece of God inside our self and the creative source on the other side of the veil. We are fully intuitive, receiving guidance from within at each moment. Centered in our hearts, the awakened human plays close attention to each flash of intuition, guidance.


The heart may gently suggest, look at that book or web-site. Call that phone number. Talk to that person sitting next to you on the bus. Smile at that homeless person. The awakened heart is connected to all that is, and doors open easily, with almost no effort. In this new energy, awakening is becoming much easier. As soon as you become aware of some dysfunction in your life, your cellular structure, your family, you can release it, and it will depart. In the old energy, it took a lot of work to release old pain. This is no longer the case. Many people are awakening now, and this will continue over the next generation. The new children being born now will be much different, and as time goes by and the old ways of parenting and educating children change profoundly, the old limiting belief systems, the competition, rigidity, hierarchies will all disappear. We are quickly moving towards cooperative systems of government, towards world peace.


As Lee Carroll, the Kryon channel says, world peace is just the beginning. It is not an end. It is what will permit humanity to grow and create a reality so amazing and so spiritually profound that most humans cannot yet imagine what it might look like. Try to visualize instantaneous travel, non-locality (being at different places at the same time), intergalactic relations with beings from other star systems and planets, homes which are entirely self-sufficient, people being able to communicate without electronics. Imagine the human body regenerating missing limbs or organs and living well beyond the accepted lifespan of today’s world. The stuff of science fiction is emerging as very real possibility. With the awakening of humanity, we will restore the full expression of balance and harmony of the sexes. The feminine will no longer be suppressed, and the human heart will be finally recognized as the powerhouse of consciousness.


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