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The new face and science of intuition

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Hello dear readers,

Human nature is evolving, and the range of personalities, behaviors, and ways of interacting with reality are also changing. Those coming into the world with these evolving personality types are currently considered anomalies. These behaviors which grate against today’s norm are treated with medications to normalize them and to make these individuals now considered odd more acceptable to those living in a paradigm which is no longer valid or current.

What we call modern medicine today is in fact an artifact of 19th century technology, much as are fossil fuels to a modern energy system. We still treat the human body like a biological machine, into which we introduce foreign chemical substances intended to manipulate the biology of this machine. We consider our bodies to be mysteries, to which only doctors and experts have the knowledge to understand and to heal. This paradigm of separation is inherent to the old language of the industrial revolution.


The time to understand quantum healing, which is essentially self-healing in a unified field, has come.  What was once limited to esoteric learning or spiritual realms is now entering the cutting edge of scientific and medical understanding of reality. The science of consciousness is at our doorstep. Very soon, as our DNA and our brains evolve, and as we learn that reality is created by individual and collective consciousness, our behaviors, our technologies, science, medicine, and our societies will be entirely transformed.

The new more conceptual evolution of the human brain and DNA can be seen in the increasing number of human beings which have been diagnosed under the old, normative paradigm as “ADHD” or on the autism spectrum. People with autism are often thought to be lacking in social intuition and empathy. They do not perceive reward and punishment reflexes or have the same gut instincts as other humans, but often connect easily with animals and the plant kingdom. The brain of a person who displays what is now called attention deficit disorder or autism functions differently from the three-dimensional, rational mind which echoes the cultures of human societies and thinking for the last several thousand years.


Artists, creatives, psychics, empaths, yogis, and other intuitives have always known how to connect to the unified field in order to access the higher self. In the new energy, these exceptional intuitive abilities will become mainstream. It will be much easier to access the field. Elaborate ceremonies and training will not be required.

The new personality types and brain structures have not yet been mastered by those coming into the world, because our educational systems, parenting styles, and cultural constructs do not understand how to function on an intuitive level. In fact, the human mind can capture enormous amounts of information from the inner self, from our own ability to communicate with our DNA and cellular structure, from other human beings, from the vast web that connects us all. It is key to release all negative energies, ideas, conditioned behaviors and habits in order to achieve harmony in the body and mind. Conditioned thought, fears, worry, lack of self-love are but a few examples of what creates disorder and disease in the human body and in collective social human behaviors.


The intuitive mind is a holistic mind, and an intuitive person instantly receives needed information as he or she dialogues with the field. Using what C.G. Jung called “synchronicity”, the intuitive person talks to his or her own body and to reality. The cellular structure of the human body awaits instruction in order to maintain harmony. A conscious person knows to eliminate all negative thoughts, fear, all static which creates disharmony in the body and which impedes the flow of communication between the mind and the unified field of being. In the new paradigm, the authority to which a person submits is internal, making external hierarchies and authorities redundant.

This shift will completely transform our societies, our infrastructures, and the way we think about ourselves and our relationships with other people. It is good to practice being more conceptual at this time. The energy now circulating on the planet is supportive of this effort.

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