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Doing, doing, done: A new era of BEING begins



Hello dear readers,

Can you imagine living in a world where you don’t need an alarm clock to wake up in the morning? Where when you meet someone new they don’t ask you what you do but rather who you are? A world where you don’t have to go to work, but you still do important work that you love? A world where there is no pressure to create optics or narratives and no need to manipulate or control anyone? A world where you need not compete, because the goal is to develop the talents with which you were born?

This is the new world for which we are now working. This is why the Donald Trumps around the world are being elected. To break up the old system. While it may not look like it on the surface, it is the chaos and instability generated by these non-establishment leaders that are furthering what has been fomenting below the surface for a long time. Humanity is waking up. We no longer want to be on a totem pole, climbing a ladder to success or anywhere else. We want to be ourselves. We want to live meaningful lives.


The biggest argument consistently offered up against a guaranteed minimum income is that people will become lazy and will contribute nothing to society. Nothing could be further from the truth. People are aching to manifest their best selves, to fulfill their potential. Why else would self help books be so popular and YouTube channels that teach how to find your true purpose be so prevalent? People want to be excited about life and to have time to enjoy their lives. People want to share and are tired of greed and competition which benefits no one but a few people at the top of the pile.


There is concrete evidence that human beings and the things that we value individually and collectively are changing. And this shift in values is why the changes to our societies which are moving us towards a more peaceful, creative, and egalitarian world will finally work, where past revolutions have only brought on much violence and more of the same. Many corporations, in order to incentivize talent to remain on staff, are offering some unusual perks. For example, Mail Chimp, a large e-mail marketing firm based in Atlanta, GA allows its employees paid time off to donate their skills to volunteering and contributing to charitable organizations. This company has a high retention rate, because its employees feel like they are contributing something valuable to society, which in turn makes them feel as if they are fulfilling an inner need.


The changes of which I speak will happen gradually, in fits and starts. The first step is to deconstruct the old system, all while bringing in some glimpses of what is to come, to give people hope and to motivate us to expand our vision for future generations. We are now building the foundations of a new civilization.

Many people are currently expressing that technological advances won’t create new manufacturing jobs, and that mechanization in factories and transportation (self-driven cars and trucks) will eliminate even more jobs as time goes on. Isn’t it time to have a serious discussion about the end of work as we know it and the creation of a new way of educating children and using people’s talents that intrinsically benefit each person as well as all of society?


Today’s education system is basically a class based vocational training system which tries to indoctrinate students to abandon their innate talents and skills in favor of skills which can be monetized by the global corporate system. In the new paradigm, educators will be better listeners. Instead of imposing a pedagogical doctrine onto their students, they will be trained to work with the kids to figure out what their talents are and then develop those talents. Cooperation, empathy, creative problem solving, civics will also become serious subjects taught to children. As children are entering the world more intuitive and conceptual, passive learning will no longer work. Kids will need to use their creative abilities to solve problems rather than mere sit back and regurgitate rote learning.


In the work place of the future, there will be no hierarchy – no managers or CEOs. All people will co-own their companies and will contribute to the creative evolution of the business. Overall, creativity and well-being will be the values that dominate the new society, and focusing on profits without taking into account the well-being of each individual and the greater good of the collective will become a distant and rather unpleasant memory.


The election of Donald Trump to the U.S. presidency has many up in arms. Many people are very worried about the future. I personally supported Bernie Sanders and Jill Stein this past election cycle, and I was very disappointed to see Bernie cheated out of the nomination by dirty Democratic Party politics, voter fraud, and manipulation of the primary. Overall, I still feel encouraged and remain hopeful about the future. While, like any right-minded person I disagree with and abhor the ridiculous racist and bigoted ideas that Trump has spouted, and I see his cabinet appointees as about the worst of what America has to offer, I draw different conclusions about this incoming administration than some.


A progressive and relentless decomposition of American society has resulted from the long reign of predatory global corporate capitalism with its endless greed and pursuit of profits at any cost, which began in the early 1970’s. An equally insidious cause of America’s fall from grace is the rise of the American global military empire built on an ever-expanding military industrial complex with its inherent fear mongering and attendant removal of our freedoms as citizens.


This decay of American society is now complete. We cannot blame Trump for this result. He is the end cap, the end result of a process in the making for nearly 70 years. He is now making visible what was being kept covert through massive propaganda all these years, while our rights and our livelihoods have been progressively stripped away from us in order to make a handful of people at the top wealthier than half of the world’s population.


What gift is Trump giving to us? He is making visible and ridiculous what America has become. He is helping us to more widely awaken to the fact that America is a rapacious materialist nation which gorges itself on the blood of the people of other countries, using the hard work of its own citizens to fund  government funded military coups around the world for no reason other than the accumulation of power and wealth for elites who pay to play. He is making us see, by his becoming a ridiculous authoritarian right-wing dictator that the “age of American exceptionalism” is over, and that we are not and have never truly been a free and democratic society.


With this gift, we can resist the system, because we see it clearly. This reality was always there, but only a handful could clearly see through the propaganda to the truth and could not effectively resist it because of a lack of  widespread grassroots support. Also, by being on the fringes of the wealthy ruling class, and with his business relations with other countries, Trump brings the possibility of a mostly unintentional diplomacy and a necessary isolationism, which can possibly allow other countries to restore their sovereignty and create peaceful relations between nations around the world.


Today, we will begin to resist and deconstruct. All civilizations come to an end at some point, and the time has come for the end of global predatory capitalism as we know it. This economic system can no longer provide for its citizens, build infrastructure, or sustain social stability. The levels of crime, chaos, and discontent are visible pointers indicating the end of a system that cannot resist the draw of endlessly increased profit for a few and which refuses to take into account human suffering or well-being. But really the true revolution is not one based on economic or a political systems. The true revolution is a shift in human nature. The energy on the planet is shifting with us to support us in the creation of a new, more cooperative, and more compassionate way of living which equally benefits all humans, animals, plant life, and the planet.



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