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The body, intuition, and shamanic energy


Dear readers,

We are living in the midst of a paradigm shift, and it is an exciting time to be alive. We are experiencing the end of a long (in human terms) period of history dominated by male energy in which we have been taught that all power is outside of ourselves. It seems paradoxical that in a period characterized by war, competition, and the constant quest to vanquish and control other lands, peoples, nature, and our own bodies that we would separate the reason for being and the source for all of life outside of ourselves.

In the new paradigm, we return to the wisdom of our own bodies, the guidance of our own imagination and intuition. If there is a god, it is inside of us, and the most mysterious of all beings is contained within us rather than without. We are living in a time of return, but in a spiral that returns us to intimate and purposeful connection with and to our beautiful planet Earth.


From linear time, we are advancing to a more conceptual way of thinking (intuition), which will allow us to imagine new technologies in communications, medicine, production of energy, and travel. The idea has been advanced by spiritual teachers that children affected by autism spectrum and ADHD may in fact be on the forefront of conceptual thinking. We will be required to adjust our own way of thinking from the linear or causal to a more holistic thought process. By beginning our thought processes using the power of imagination, we will produce answers or conclusions which arrive with a burst of knowing, from which we can deduce related states through fractal thoughts, feelings, images, and sensations. This process will come easiest to young children, artists, musicians, poets, intuitives, and empaths.

By shifting our thinking to the innate with the attendant perceptiveness of our natural abilities, we will no longer project outward goals onto our lives. The new way of living will be more organic, and I suspect more enjoyable. Power structures and hierarchies will become obsolete. Once we are encouraged to look inwards for guidance, we will no longer by swayed by propaganda or celebrity culture. Our life’s work will evolve based on our talents, spiritual contracts, and creative desires rather than be motivated by competition and external rewards such as status or money.


In traditional cultures, the shaman is a healer – someone who is able to access all information – past, present, and future. This individual is versed in space-time (non-linear  or non-causal time), and he or she can see clearly and provide answers to and for the problems and challenges posed by life. The physics and magnetics of the human and animal body, the secrets of plants, the language of the human heart are all part of the shamanic experience. As we evolve into the new paradigm, shamanic abilities, once only practiced by those on the fringes of society, will become more mainstream.

Today, our bodies and hearts often seem opaque. We have not been taught to access our intuitive guidance and the innate connection to our cellular structure. In time, with the renewal of the feminine spiritual realm and a new understanding of Gaia, or Mother Earth, as a conscious and cooperative entity rather than an impersonal and even hostile environment, our relationships with ourselves, with one another, and with the natural world will change radically.


Human beings will begin to understand our own power and how we influence events, health, and our communities with consciousness. We will learn to be more aware of our thoughts and emotions, and we will learn to revere the wisdom of our bodies rather than focusing on the external features of our own bodies and those of other people. Beauty and sexuality will once again become sacred, emotions will be cherished, and the body will no longer be objectified. We will find it primitive to want to manipulate others with our charms, and it will become difficult and unattractive to focus unnecessarily on externals. One day, as our awareness expands, so will our DNA. We will eventually gain the ability to heal our own bodies and to extend our life span. Far in the future, even death will be eliminated.


Terence McKenna tells us in a lecture entitled “What the Universe Wants” that humanity is currently undergoing a literal metamorphosis – physical and spiritual, and that reality is accelerating to an “unimagined omega point”. He explains that we are burning our bridges to the past, and declares that history is coming to an end – adding that we are “preparing for a cultural forward escape”. While many are filled with feelings of worry and confusion at this time, in fact we are experiencing a transition which will mark the end of all wars and a renewed sense of purpose, feeling, caring, and cooperation between humans, animals, plants, and the planet herself.

There is much towards which we can look forward with anticipation, all while accepting that much of what we currently collectively accept as reality will soon no longer exist. Life is by definition constantly in flux, renewing us and bringing us to a more creative and intimate way of being human.

(Art by Josephine Wall and Pablo Amaringo in order of appearance.)


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