There is only one disease




Dear readers,

Humanity is undergoing a massive shift. The way we think about ourselves and our relationship to the world is changing in a way that has never before been seen in modern human history. Our technologies will take a giant leap forward once we collectively and individually realize that our place on the planet and in the Universe is very different from what we have been taught since birth.


With regards to health and wellness, we have been programmed to believe that there exists a myriad of diseases and that we need medications and surgery to fight them. The operative word being fight. Fighting a disease implies that there is a foreign invader in our bodies and that we must use our willpower and a chemical arsenal, as well as depend on other expert human beings to act on our bodies because we are powerless to cure ourselves. In other words, our bodies are a mystery to us and we have no ability to see and understand when something goes awry. I call our current system, which is based on a societal model of the 19th century, scientific materialism. We are separate from ourselves and from one another. There is a lot of fear involved. In this system, physical matter and biology are chemistry.



Naturopathic healers such as Dr. Sebi have claimed (and rightly so) that there is only one disease. Dr. Sebi used plants and herbs, which he called electrical foods, to heal cancer, AIDs, herpes, and countless other diseases. He said that all diseases are caused by mucus, which is the outgrowth of inflammation. I go beyond what Dr. Sebi claims. Inflammation is merely a symptom of a human being allowing his or her body to be ruled by low frequency energies and thoughts. When the bodily systems have broken down to a significant degree, inflammation and mucus do result. But they are not the cause of disease or disharmony – they are the result of many years living unconsciously.


When a human being wakes up every morning and speaks to her own cells, telling each and every cell “I love you.”, and giving specific instructions to those cells for coming cycles of regeneration, the human being is no longer decomposing. The human being begins to create health and a loving relationship with his or her own body. Health is a loving relationship with self and with life. The reason that plants contain the potential to heal is that plants receive healing frequency energies from the sun, which they transmute through photosynthesis. These healing frequencies are also emitted into the air by plants and trees. When we consciously expose our skin to the sun, when we dig our toes into the soil of Earth, we are also receiving healing energy.


In the new paradigm, healing is a very different process. As in quantum physics, everything is energy. The human body is an energy system, and every human being is surrounded by a subtle energy field. All of our energy fields are interconnected. Our minds, thoughts, feelings, and beliefs determine our health and well-being. If we invest energy and thought and set our minds on believing that we have a disease, the cells in the body comply and produce and maintain that disease. If we do not have a constructive, loving thought pattern and maintain that high frequency, our cells automatically reproduce without intentional instruction from our higher command. Degeneration ensues.


The result of the unconscious process of the human being is simple. If we are programmed in an old energy which teaches us to believe that disease and death are normal functions of aging, then the body follows. Our body is constantly listening for our instructions and obeys our belief systems and thoughts, not our desires. If we do nothing to counter these beliefs, we begin to feel tired. Our bodies ache. Entropy is allowed to take over. Our bodies begin to decompose prematurely. There are thousands of ideas and beliefs circulating about health, diet, disease, and wellness at this point in time in our culture. But the truth is, only we know, individually, what is best for our own body. This wisdom is imprinted into our DNA.

However, the true secret to health and a long life is syntropy. Syntropy is a scientific name given to the complementary force to entropy, the disorganizing or decomposing force of life or nature. Syntropy is the organizing force of life. To remain in balance, everything in nature is in a constant flow of creation and decomposition. It is a lovely symphony. If too much is created, automatically, something comes along to regulate. The human being has been given two special gifts: consciousness and free will. These gifts go hand in hand.

In our current society, most of us are followers. We follow what we are taught from birth, and thus we are conditioned. We lose some of our free will here, but it is always embedded in our psyche. We are constantly offered opportunities to wake up and to make different choices. It is important to remember that we choose to accept conditioning. We are never victims; we are always creating our reality, whether positive or negative, loving and harmonious or chaotic and violent. In our current society, most humans allow themselves to be manipulated by propaganda of all sorts. It comes from advertising, news, popular culture, government, the military, from citizens themselves through social media. How can we liberate ourselves from the constant flow of information and opinions? We can find peace within, where no opinions or belief systems influence us. We can stop reacting and trying to be right or to judge others as being wrong. A peaceful attitude is key to health. Whatever happens is right and real, neither good nor bad.


The title of this post indicates that there is only one disease. What is that single disease? It is simple. Disease is disconnection. Living in an accepted state of duality, in which the person implicitly allows entropy or chaos – low frequency energies to take over the harmonic functionality of his or her body. Cancer is given special attention, but in a negative way, in the current paradigm. I believe that cancer is the potential for the regeneration of body parts and limbs. In the future, when we truly harness the power of consciousness, we will be able to regenerate hurt or damaged parts of our own bodies by intentionally creating new organ systems with these cells and the power of our minds. What we call cancer cells today are in fact super-charged cells that are awaiting the awakening of our multi-dimensional DNA. This will happen eventually.


In the mean time, we need to stop fighting disease. Individually, we need to become aware of all of the low frequency energies which are flowing into our minds, our homes, our ears, our bodies and to consciously reject those low frequency energies. They come in the form of friends with drama, dissonant music, unhealthy foods, mold, parasites, chemicals, plastics, television news, WiFi and cellphone signals as well as microwaves. If we sit in meditation each day and consciously (out loud) enumerate all of the negative energies that we perceive from our unconscious mind (which are stored in the body – the second brain) and then consciously release those energies, we begin the process of healing.


After releasing negative energies – giving them away-, we open our bodies and minds to a higher frequency energy. The energy of healing, the organizational force of nature and the universe is a simple one that we all know: love. Love is not a sentimental Hallmark card emotion. Love is the most powerful constructive force in biology, in physics, in any art or science. Once humanity fully realizes the creative power of love, we will stop allowing ourselves to be victims of entropy, which is an equally powerful, important, and natural force. Consciousness allows us not to destroy entropy or to fight disease, but to find our true and appropriate place in nature. That of a creator. As we learn to love consciously and to reject negativity where appropriate, we will see that our bodies will flourish. In that loving energy, plants and animals will also flourish. We will learn to live more harmoniously with nature and with our own biology.

2 comments on “There is only one disease

  1. I have these same thoughts and ideals. There were a myriad of pieces that we both missed but your account of our reality has made the picture that more clearer. I felt the necessity to reach out to you because if you have this realization then you are full aware of the “human condition” and the need to update our status and way of thinking. Please reach out to me. I wish to become surrounded and immersed by similar minded persons. I become afraid and fearful of our current status and path to total entropy and the lack of realization.

    What comes to mind when u think of the HELIX NEBULA?🤔


    • Hi Logan,

      Thank you so much for visiting my blog and for your comment. Many people are waking up right now, and it is important for us to help and guide one another. A number of years ago, I realized that reality is very different from what we have been taught, and that the human being is much more powerful than we have been lead to believe. Waking up means remembering who you are and why you came to Earth at this precise time in the history and evolution of the planet. It is not an easy process, because in order to remember, we have to let go of all of the beliefs, emotions, thoughts, and attachments to the way of life in which we were raised or conditioned. It doesn’t happen all at once. It is a process. Don’t believe what you hear in the news. As far as entropy is concerned, things fall apart when they are ready to fall apart. Just as when a person creates a new building or work of art, the old must be deconstructed to make room for the new. It can feel scary to us, because the unknown is almost always frightening. But when you think about yourself as a creator of realities and learn to use your emotions and imagination in new ways, then little by little, you will become more confident in your own personal power and your ability to co-create with the Universe. I am not familiar with the term “HELIX NEBULA”. It makes me think about DNA and the zero point field. Please tell me more!


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