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Syntropy: the power to create harmony


Dear readers,

Every force in the Universe has a push-pull action. Everything works in pairs, pulsating. Male-female, positive-negative, null-node.

The society in which we currently live is driven by primarily entropy, which is the chaotic, disintegrating force – Newton’s 2nd law. We are taught that aging and death are inevitable, that time is linear, and that things fall apart, and that we have little to no personal control over Nature or our own biology. We are not taught that the creation-destruction flow that exists harmoniously in Nature is also part of our own creative powers as human beings.


Around the world and at home, we observe a lot of chaos. What is chaos? It is disorganization. Life expressing itself in frequencies or vibrations that are expressions of dissonance. The opposite of dissonance is harmony, and we can create harmony – not by reacting against dissonance, but by using harmonious frequencies in our own words, thoughts, behaviors – even in the music we choose.


Basically, our current societies, in particular Western societies, operate from a dissonant premise. According to an interview with Len Horowitz, even our music is discordant, tuned to a frequency of 440 Hz. All of the dissonant frequencies that surround us, including microwaves from wifi and cell phone emitters and receivers, radiation in our water, sound waves in the air, messages from radio and television news broadcasts, advertising, entertainment, and thoughts projected by human beings are a soup that we are bathed in constantly. We have to learn to sort out the negative from the positive, consciously reject the negative, dissonant, or entropic thoughts – which lead to stress, disease, disharmony, and premature death. And we need in parallel, to welcome only good, harmonious, syntropic thoughts and feelings into our minds and hearts.


Because all human beings and everything in Nature and in the Universe are connected into one grand pattern, the sacred geometry also operates in us. Human beings are given free will, and life presents us with a constant flow of frequencies from which to choose. We are free to choose the frequencies of sickness, death, and chaos (entropy), and we are equally free to choose the vibrations of harmony, life, health (syntropy).

How do we create or tune into syntropy, and what exactly  is syntropy? Syntropy is the organizing force of Nature. Dr. Ulisse di Corpo in Rome, Italy, is a syntropy researcher and explains his findings. When a fetus is growing in his or her mother’s womb, syntropy is activated. When we send loving prayers to a person who is ill or in need of encouragement, syntropy is equally active. When anything is growing, whether it be a child or a plant, we observe syntropy. When cells reproduce in a healthy environment, syntropy is encouraged. When a catastrophic event happens in the world, and humans all around the planet rally together in sympathy and cooperation, syntropy presents itself. When we focus our hearts on love and when we are in love, we experience syntropy. When we breathe in air, if we are focused in our hearts and on loving thoughts, we transform the air we breathe. Others will breathe in our loving intentions. This is syntropy at work. Although contemporary art and music is often dissonant, artists and musicians often work in syntropy, inspired by the creative source and sharing the harmonious energies and frequencies of love. It is the creative force.


Water is key to life. Lately in the news, we have watched Native American water protectors and sympathizers to the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe united against the Dakota Access Pipeline. The indigenous peoples have always revered their ancestors, water, Mother Earth. They have intuitive understanding of the workings of Nature, of the sacred abilities and wisdom of water, of our ancestors, of our planet. They know that we must maintain not only balance, but a constant relationship with the living consciousness that is embodied in water, our home planet, and in our ancestors. By maintaining these links through ceremony, intuition, and pure intentions (heartfelt-inspired action), indigenous peoples around the world understand quite a bit more about the nature of reality, human history, human power, and physics than do western civilization and our scientists.


Water contains a crystalline structure, as does the planet. (See work of Dr. Masaru Emoto, Dr. Jacques Benveniste, Dr. Luc Montagnier (French doctor who discovered the AIDS virus) on the memory of water, also medical applications). Humanity is intimately connected to Mother Earth, who is here to support us. When we begin to mature and think, feel, and act consciously and intentionally in a benevolent way, we will begin to re-enter the flow of Nature and reach balance and our true potential. Humanity was not intended to live in violence, survival, chaos, and constant fear. The plan for our lives is not to live fraught with stress or to be victims of war and disease. These negative outgrowths of western thought patterns and beliefs are the cause of short life spans and the chronic diseases from which many people suffer, including cancer, heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, ALS, etc.

The crystalline structure of water (active in our bodies, cells, pineal gland) is also present everywhere on the planet – in the water, in the ground and rocks, and even outside the planet, in our atmosphere.  This structure contains the ability to record and remember our energetic patterns – our thoughts, feelings, intentions, actions. When we project positive, loving thoughts, these are recorded in every cell of our body. Water is the carrier of the energy or frequency of love /health or disease and transmits this information to all of our cells and outward, across the planet. Air also carries information, which we share by breathing. The forces of entropy and syntropy are dependent on human consciousness.


When we understand that we are in control of the amount of chaos or organization that exists in the world through our thoughts and intentions, we can begin to take responsibility for how we think. If we want to live a long and healthy life, if we want to create a harmonious and healthy climate on the planet, both regarding weather and human social behavior, we must constantly monitor our thoughts and our energies. Human beings are emitters and receivers of frequencies – the same as any mobile device you carry in your pocket. You can choose to set the frequency on which you function in the world. You can tune into the frequencies of love and harmony and become a conscious creator, planting seeds for peace on Earth.


Scientists have studied how groups of human beings influence organization of energies on the planet. There are random number generators placed around the globe. The patterns of these numbers generally reflect entropy – the numbers appear to be random and chaotic. When an event occurs that has global response – such as 9/11 or the death of Princess Diana, when millions of people around the world came together in compassion – the patterns of the numbers organize and clearly demonstrated syntropy – the harmonizing effect of an organizational force. This is but a small piece of proof that human consciousness has a clear effect on the patterns of consciousness of the planet. In other words, we, as human beings, have the power to create life, peace, harmony, health, unity with our minds. When we allow chaos, fear, negativity, despair, reactivity to overtake our minds and hearts, chaos, death, wars, and entropy result.


If we want a better life for our children and for future generations, if we want pure and vitalized water to drink, if we want a healthy planet, if we want to live long, healthy, and creative lives ourselves, then we simply need to tune into the frequency of love (528 Hz) and set our intentions consciously. Human beings – each and every one of us – has the power to create peace on Earth. It is through our thoughts – through consciousness – that this will happen.


When we let go of the belief that hierarchies of church, state, finance hold all of the power, and that money is more important than life, love, or consciousness itself, then we will continue to live as slaves in a sick, unbalanced, war-torn world. We hold the power in our minds and hearts. So turn off your wifi routers, cellphones, news casts. Tune into your heart. It vibrates on the same frequency as that of Mother Earth. Water is the bridge. Give love to your water. The information will be stored in its crystalline structure. The water we drink today is the same water, billions of years old, which was created with the planet. It is impregnated with information. Countless years of war and chaos live in the memory of water. We need to cleanse the waters of our beautiful planet with loving intention. We are the co-creators of life on our planet. For a better, greener, more harmonious world, in which humanity supports and is supported by all life on the planet, we have the power to create balance. We are the fulcrum. We are the key. Everything else is waiting for us to wake up.

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