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Heart coherence: taking responsibility for the power of love



Dear readers,

We have the privilege today of living in the most crucial time in human history. Humanity has finally reached a critical mass of heart consciousness – enough to expose the corruption and forces of darkness which have been used to control and manipulate human beings, sustaining chaos, fear, and allowing the majority of humanity to do little more than survive for thousands of years.

Many people live their lives feeling victimized or reacting to thoughts and feelings from within or to circumstances occurring around them. Because we live on a free will planet, we each choose how to think, how to live. No one can or should be able to tell us what we should or should not do or think or feel. Yet when we react to events or thoughts as if they were generated from outside of ourselves, we are automatically disconnected and disempowered.


Again and again, we see human beings blaming other people or groups of people for their problems. The roots of racism, economic inequality, and social chaos are all rooted in the way we think about ourselves and the world. When we each are ready to accept responsibility for our thoughts and feelings and realize that these are very powerful creative acts, then we take a great leap forward. A new world without racism or inequality is made possible by this simple act.


Every time a thought or feeling comes into your mind or heart, you can simply pause and experience how that thought feels. This is where free choice meets consciousness. If the thought or feeling is unpleasant, you can choose to then think: “I do not like this thought. I reject it and refuse to allow it occupy my mind or heart. I replace it with another, good thought that is beneficial to me and to everyone else.” Each time you choose to be a gatekeeper for your thoughts and feelings and choose love over fear, you become more powerful. And the love you project affects the rest of humanity as well as the planet, for the greater good of all.


It is time that we learn that we are each extremely powerful. We are each a small piece of God. God or the source of all life and consciousness, is not separate from us. All that exists is consciousness. All that exists is what most of us call God. Together, all of the pieces of God can unite and create universal peace. When we believe we are separate, our voices are a buzz of incoherence or chaos. What appears to be random is simply the voice of the unconscious collective mind.


What is disease in the body? It is cells functioning automatically without conscious direction from a heart and mind which are awake and aware. We, human beings, each have the power to create health in our own bodies, and peace in our families and the societies in which we live. Our current paradigm is based upon separation and an incorrect materialistic hypothesis about the nature of reality.


In this old paradigm, our mind is limited to our brain and a collection of memories, beliefs, conventional thoughts. We must constantly strive to survive and often feel worried, stressed, fearful, because the basis of the old paradigm is that we are not in direct control of our bodies or the environment in which we live. In this old paradigm, some people are more powerful than others because of birth, personality, looks, circumstances. It is a system based on outer appearances of reality and not of internal resources and truths.

Heart coherence is connected to the unified field theory. If you click on the link in the previous sentence, it will take you to a YouTube video called “Earth’s Magnetic Fields Carry Information that Connects All Living Systems”.  Our hearts and minds are connected through magnetics to those of all other living beings, and in particular to other human beings and to our planet, Earth. The premise of meditation is to empty the mind of conditioned thought and to allow the higher self, which is the part of your soul not contained in your body and living on the other side of the veil, to connect to your consciousness, allowing your to see, hear, and experience reality at a much greater level of clarity and understanding.

3D Reconstruction of Blue Angle = 0 Orientation = Horizontal Recon Type = Max X = 1 Y = 1 Z = 1

In the meditative state, which can become a permanent state of being, a person’s magnetic field is strengthened. Most of the time, our individual fields overlap with those of other people. We influence one another with our thoughts and feelings all the time, whether or not those thoughts are expressed out loud or in the privacy of our minds. In other words, we create reality with our thoughts and feelings. The question remains: do we create that reality consciously and intentionally, or do we continue to spin in a conventional version of reality that strives to maintain chaos and drama so that we can be controlled by fear, the illusion of separation, and our feelings of being relatively powerless?


The true superpower of the human being is the ability to love. Love is the foundation of all consciousness. When people say that God is love, this is the supreme truth. What they do not say is that we, as individual human beings, are God. God is what we are, and our true voice is the voice of love. Because we live on a free will planet, we are given the ability to choose  love or fear, unity or separation. We cannot be forced into a higher level of consciousness. The choice remains free. When we realize that we, human beings, have the power to create the reality in which we live both individually and collectively, we immediately understand what a great responsibility this is. We can no longer be careless with our thoughts or discount our feelings as harmless.


Yet when we choose to love all that exists, regardless of the choices and behaviors of the beings in front of us, magical things begin to operate in our life. Energy begins to flow freely. We meet the people we need to meet. We feel compelled to speak to certain people and share information that those individuals need to hear at a particular moment. We then know that we are all connected to one another. This is the true World Wide Web. It is consciousness. The beauty of this divine system was designed to support humanity, and we are designed to support one another and planet Earth, as she supports us. It is a system of cooperation and not of competition and exploitation. In this wonderful and organic system, everyone wins, and all actions benefit everyone involved – humans, and all creatures and plant life on our wonderful planet.


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