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Calm and peaceful in turbulent times



Dear readers,

Spirituality and reality (and the science of  physics) are inextricably intertwined. The exhortation to “love one’s enemies” is one of Jesus’s teachings that is both intriguing and inspiring to me. In this brief statement lies incredibly difficult challenges that defy the nature of reality and our beliefs about what is real and what is not real.

As human beings, we live on the free-will planet Earth. It is so easy to manipulate human beings who are taught to believe simultaneously that we are weak, fragile, and in danger of dying at any moment while also believing that we are the best, the strongest, the most talented. The propaganda is clever. We are shown that we are noble, living in the best of all free societies, while our lifeblood, time, and creative energy are stolen from us by a handful of elites. All of our societies are driven in this manner. “Leaders” become powerful, controlling resources and using fear tactics to keep the masses believing that we must spend our entire lives working to survive, giving up our freedoms in order to simply remain alive. Is it not true that most people believe that they must work in order to live? Birds and squirrels live freely in the world, yet they have neither employers nor mortgages.


Because we believe what we are told, these beliefs become truths. I recently read a phrase that resonated with me, which I am paraphrasing here: It is not what we want that becomes reality, it is what we believe that matters and manifests. More often that not, our beliefs are in conflict with our desires. We believe we are ugly and unlovable, yet our heartfelt wish is to be loved. We want to sing, create art or music. Yet we believe we must work at a job that does not inspire us, because we believe that no one would pay us to do what we were born to do. It is not until our desires coincide with our beliefs that we can manifest in reality our hearts’ desires. Any given society is not consecrated reality unless we accept it as such. And if we also accept that we personally do not have the power to change that reality, then we prove to ourselves that we are indeed powerless.


No matter into what family we are born and what personality and temperament we display, all of us will encounter many challenges and confrontations in our lifetime. Many people will pretend to like us or to love us, and if we are lucky, a few will sincerely feel affection for us. We are trained to judge ourselves and others mercilessly from childhood onward. To compete for success and affection and compare ourselves to those who might be better or more lovable than ourselves. Stress and worry destroy our peace of mind and our health, increasing the distance between our true nature and destiny and the life we have chosen. Our minds and hearts are a battlefield.


Few of us are taught that we are the gatekeepers of our thoughts, and that the state of our hearts and minds is central to our ability to create peace in our own lives and in the world.

What does it mean to love your enemies? What if your enemy is your own mother or father, husband or wife? What if the person who is supposed to cherish you and protect you attacks you and tries to kill you or to destroy you? While a vulnerable child is capable of the most profound love, especially to a destructive adult, will this child be capable of loving him or herself as an adult? I believe that self-love, which means to love oneself as a piece of the universal source, connected to Earth below and the cosmos above, is essential to the mastery of life. To lead a peaceful life, even in chaotic times, we must learn to love ourselves first. To love our enemies is then possible. When a human being knows that he or she is a channel or antenna between the divine energies of Earth and Sky, and that the frequencies of energy which animate the entire universe are calibrated to the human heart beat and breath, then no human being, however misguided, violent, or destructive, can harm this person.


The human thought process, when connected to the human heart, is a very powerful conduit. All human beings, plants, animals, the Earth herself, are entangled or interconnected. When we think about another person in a loving manner, that person picks up on that energy. This may be unconscious, but the energy of the thought is received. If we allow ourselves to think a bad thought about another, then that person’s energy is sapped. We don’t even need to speak a thought for its power to be felt. Why then do we not teach our children to be careful what they think, speak, feel? For to be the master of one’s thoughts, words, feelings, actions, is to be a master. And when we display mastery, we possess the power to create a peaceful, loving, and cooperative world. This is what the human being is intended to be, but because we live on a free will planet, we must each discover this truth for ourselves.


It has taken me nearly five decades to realize that I am worthy of my own love, and that love is the building block of reality. Like most of us, for many years I believed that the people who hurt me would never change. And because of that belief, they did not change. I inadvertently isolated myself because I thought that the world was separate from myself. This is what we are all told to believe as children. We have a name, a body, and a yearning to belong, to be loved. We are not taught that love is always available to us. We are not taught that our thoughts are powerful and that we must be careful in how we use them. We are not taught that by changing our thoughts and beliefs that we can model and reform the reality that we experience individually and collectively.

By teaching myself to reject negative thoughts and to embrace loving and positive thoughts, I am learning to be a creator of reality. These affirmations are not positive psychology. They are the understanding that the human mind changes the physical world. the human mind is an instrument of reality, of quantum physics.


I am learning to help create the kind of world that is cooperative, caring, and inclusive of all people, and compassionate to all beings. Reality is not a machine or a jumble of separate beings and things. Reality is a pulsing energetic mass of which we are a part. Reality is consciousness. And we are the keepers of consciousness on planet Earth. Even a rock is not inanimate. All matter is consciousness. We create the form life takes on Earth by organizing it with our hearts. We can continue to be reactive, hating those who hurt us. Or we can choose peace, which is not a passive acceptance of being hurt. To be loving and peaceful in the face of torture, bullying, or violence of any kind is the most courageous form of action. It is thought creating reality. It is the human heart taking a stand for peace.

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