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Global softening & the feminization of America


Dear readers,

You may be wondering how America is becoming more nurturing and compassionate all while having just elected an authoritarian pseudo populist right-wing president in Donald Trump. While the intention of this post is to discuss a global shift in consciousness towards balance and a more feminine and cooperative view of life and society, I feel I must first explain my point of view about the recent electoral results.


The elites, or 1% of American society which hold most of the wealth, are nearly completely out of touch with the needs and desires of the American people. Most Americans would like to see some form of universal health care passed into law, significantly reduced military spending, strict campaign finance laws, affordable college tuition, reinstatement of pension funds, labor unions, savings accounts that actually pay interest, regulation of Wall Street institutions, and movement towards a fossil fuel-free energy future.


In previous posts, I have expressed before that the elites governing global corporate politics are, for the most part, psychopaths who are incapable of empathy. Cultural anthropologists have ranked countries and their cultures according to degrees of individualism, masculinity or femininity, attitudes towards power, and other criteria. The United States ranks among the highest in individualism, and is fairly high on the masculinity scale, which explains much of why it is difficult to make the American people understand that cooperative behaviors are also responsible behaviors. Since the Reagan era at the very least, we have been told that to support the most vulnerable members of our society encourages irresponsibility and weakness, yet we have been equally brainwashed to believe that corporate welfare is not only a good thing, but necessary for the common good!


Corporate culture encourages greed and the objectification of all life forms, including that of the planet herself. So out of touch is global corporate capitalism that its voracious greed possesses no ability to see the bigger picture, in which the continuous and untempered exploitation of people, animals, plants, and the planet will lead to an inevitable collapse of the system itself. Today, we are experiencing the last shudders and paroxysms of a culture which is expiring. Donald Trump represents a backlash of the old energy – the last expression of a cultural and societal model which is no longer acceptable or viable to human beings around the world and to the planet. The models of our cities, business structures, energy systems are all based on the exploitation of fossil fuels and the enrichment of a small elite group of individuals.

The future will bring smaller communities, increased cooperation with improvements in social and economic equality, advancements in education and creativity as more people are able to use their skills to contribute to a more organic social structure. The transition to new and more affordable sources of energy will also allow us to work with Nature, and not against her. Everyone will benefit from these new cooperative systems, once they are allowed to grow and evolve.


The Democratic Party, which was once thought of as the worker’s party, exemplified by F.D.R.’s New Deal, has progressively become the champion of global corporatism and government corruption. The defeat of Hillary Clinton, probably the most corrupt politician in American history, is in fact a victory for the American people. Over the next few years, we will see massive uncovering of corruption in government, religion, and in the financial sector. We will witness the dismantling of the American capitalist system. The revolution which we are experiencing is a shift in consciousness. And this is why it will succeed. It is not about socialism or communism versus capitalism. It is a spiritual expansion of the human spirit, held hostage by a culture which forced us to believe that man could overcome and dominate Nature. And now this same culture is beginning to acknowledge the damage caused to air, water, people, animals, plants and the planet by the forced separation of humanity from its source energies, both feminine and masculine.



Had the Democratic Party been less corrupt and more visionary, we would have celebrated the election of Bernie Sanders as president this cycle. Sanders is a man of integrity, and his values represent a softening of the American culture towards a more collective and cooperative spirit. Because Sanders was denied his rightful place as Democratic candidate this election cycle (due to rampant election fraud and collusion by the DNC), the American people were reluctantly pushed to support the pseudo-populist candidate, Donald Trump. While it is fairly certain that Trump is incapable of supporting the true desires of the American people, we will be forced to stand up for our true beliefs and allow this last wave of hyper-masculinity and narcissism to play itself out.


I believe that cooperation and compassion are fundamental human qualities which have not been allowed to flourish in American society for a very long time. Could any of us live in a society in which there were only men? Yet this is how American culture has operated, and in fact, much of European culture as well…although Europeans have, for the most part, maintained a certain level of feminine values where America has not. And the American Corporate Empire has dominated world finance for much of its history, forcing on the populations of the world systems of trade and imposed wars that most people do not desire. Most of us realize that the global warfare and desecration of democracy throughout the world are the will of a handful of elites who run the global military industrial complex and fossil fuel industries. Once the shift in consciousness is complete, these elites will no longer be able to impose their rule. Human awareness and even the consciousness of the planet herself will no longer support this tyranny.


In short, I am asking humanity to remain hopeful. Masculine and feminine energies are both key to human happiness and to the creation of balanced societies. We need to live in harmony with our own nature and with our magnificent planet. Human beings are spiritual beings. We are energetic beings, antennae which capture the energies from the Earth and from the Cosmos. When we are clear channels, the information and intuitions flow through us. In mind, body, heart, and spirit, we become healthy. The state of separation that humanity has created, shifting away from our true nature and history, has done all of us a great disservice. But we are awakening, and we will return to live in harmony with the model of a true self.


A softer model of society will use its masculine energies to build new models of energy production which will benefit all people. Feminine energies will reinforce models of cooperation, channeling the outward masculine drive, tempering it, softening it. With compassion and creativity, we will work together, communicate better, and make sure that everyone benefits and contributes. There will be a relaxing of hierarchy and a leveling of power structures. In business and government, everyone will take part and play key roles based on skills and talents. No one will be forced into doing work that is outside of their innate vocation or mission. Humanity will be energized, and people will enjoy working with one another. People will live in smaller communities, working together to produce what they need. We will live more simply, and we will produce little waste. We will love ourselves and feel at ease. Our bodies and spirits will be cleansed, and we will know how to heal ourselves. There is so much to which we can look forward.


Today, we are experiencing a period of cleansing. As we expose corruption, we become aware of our personal power. Our ability to shine light into the world is a form of empowerment which will grow. As the old systems begin to fall, and as human beings realize the importance of emotional intimacy, self-love, and cooperation, we will begin once again to know and appreciate our neighbors. We will begin to realize that there is only one soul, of which we are each a piece. Racism and nationalism will become antiquated and barbaric concepts, as will the memory of warfare. A new era is awakening. Please be patient, shine your light into the world, and plant the seeds of change.

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