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Medicine is physics


Dear readers,

Many people are awakening to the realization today that powerful financial and political interests are doing their best to prevent medicine, science, food and water protection and production, and energy technologies from being where they should be today in the 21rst century. In fact, we are being held back in 19th and 20th century technologies in all of these areas as these powerful elites attempt to maintain a dying culture with its attendant technologies: fossil fuel exploitation, biochemistry in medicine and pharmaceuticals, use of pesticides, fertilizers, and other chemicals in our food and water systems.

What we can observe is that the dying culture is one in which the average human being is perceived as atomized (small and relatively powerless), “rational”, and as an actor outside of nature, whose actions are not intrinsically connected to those of all others. The human being imagines in this system that he or she is not accountable for actions created nor is he or she willing to accept the myriad of consequences that each action creates on the totality of being that is our planet.

The awakening that many are experiencing includes the very important concept that physicists have begun to explain. Everything is energy. There is no matter. And yet we persist in a paradigm which no longer makes sense, only because it is keeping a very few people extremely wealthy while progressively impoverishing the remainder of the population. The elites are able to bully all systems of research, because they have manipulated the political systems and laws in their favor. For an academic or scientist to pursue research, they depend on funding. And corporations today control all such funding.


Yet the paradigm has shifted, and the energy that has been produced by that shift is awakening in minds all around the world. The old system will give way to the new, and with the new, we will gain access to the ability to see our minds, hearts, and bodies in an entirely new way.

In the distant as well as fairly recent past, doctors were called physicians. Not because our bodies are physical matter, but because of an understanding that the body is a channel or antenna for the energies of the Earth and the Cosmos. Between Earth and Sky, the human body is able to absorb energies from both. When in balance and fed by the positive and negative electromagnetic charges from their fields, and when acting in concert with universal balance and cooperation, the human being is able to create very powerful energy fields. Few people know that Sir Isaac Newton, whose research in physics defines our current belief systems, was also an avid alchemist.


In our current system, we perceive ourselves as victims of events that seem to happen outside of our arena of control. Our lack of understanding of physics means we are not understanding how our thoughts and feelings, our choices and actions are affecting all other humans, animals, plants, the planet, and ultimately the Universe. As humans, we naturally have the ability to affect weather patterns, our own health, collective human actions around the world. Our energetic nature has not yet been recognized by the collective in a conscious manner and is not yet widely accepted, but it will be soon. Physics is spiritual. Science and spirituality will no longer be separated in the new paradigm on which our future culture will be based. Our technology cannot evolve until we are able to accept this concept.


The revolution that is coming to medicine will also spread to all aspects of life on Earth. Spirituality is inextricably connected to science and technology. This has nothing to do with religion, but everything to do with the power of the human being. We are beginning to discover our own power and to take responsibility for our thoughts, actions, words, creative efforts. Through our observations of climate change, population growth, the effects of pollution, we are beginning to collectively realize that the Earth is not inert matter. All matter is energy, which is consciousness. We are beginning to see that everything we think, say, or do, has important consequences.

In medicine today, human beings are submitted to batteries of tests, because doctors do not use intuition and do not fundamentally understand that the human body is a complex energy system which is perfectly calibrated when healthy. Happiness, self-expression, freedom, empathy, self-love, compassion for others, cooperation are all aspects of living harmoniously with self and others.


The diseases that modern medicine has created do not exist in reality. The differentiation of specialties and the division of the body into separate compartments has done nothing to help us heal or live better. The drugs our pharmaceutical companies create have increasingly deadly side-effects the farther they delve into chemicals, distancing themselves from the phytonutrients and plants by which many of them were first inspired.  There are no real diseases, but a lack of harmony and lack of the human ability to release negative energies which express themselves in the cells and tissues of the body.


As physics and understanding of the human body evolve, we will begin to see the human being taking full responsibility for him or herself. The human being will no longer need to put his trust in doctors or pharmaceuticals. The knowledge will come from intuition. The human being will self-heal, constantly regulating his or her internal compass to maintain homeostasis. Eastern traditions such as Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic medicine in India are based on this notion of holism and of maintaining wellness. And as we move away from the scientific materialism and pseudo-rationality born of the hyper-masculine Judeo-Christian-Muslim religious cultures which eventually produced the Industrial Revolution and its attendant tendency to objectify, we will shed our vision of man and the planet being objects and machines. We will naturally let go of our financial systems such as capitalism, which by its very philosophy and goals objectifies humans, plants, animals. Such philosophies will soon appear to be outmoded and barbaric. To some of us, they already are.


The new healing practices already exist, but they will evolve rapidly and become easily accessible and affordable as well. Today’s medical systems are designed to produce profits for health care corporations and pharmaceutical corporations. They are not designed to keep people in balance. They are not made for wellness. The current systems do not seek to unmask the root causes of disease in the body. Today, we see widespread dementia, diabetes, autism, MS, cancer, heart disease, and other chronic ills and afflictions which express the break-down of the human body and spirit. We see the immune system overwhelmed, unable to help the body to heal itself. And our drugs further weaken the body.

In addition to the drugs and debilitating treatments, our water and food supplies are polluted. We are inundated with powerful and toxic chemicals in the form of plastics, pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, neurotoxins in our water, pseudo-estrogens in our foods, beauty, and cleaning products. The microbiome in our intestines is compromised, as our diet and the surcharge of chemicals in our systems cannot be easily eliminated. The intestines and colon cannot absorb nutrients or eliminate waste as designed, and parasites, fungi and their mycotoxins, harmful bacteria and their attendant toxins take over the body, eating it from within. Today, we are the living dead, as decomposers which normally only attack deceased tissues are consuming us  while we are still alive. If we cannot cleanse and strengthen our bodies to allow them to eliminate toxins naturally, we cannot heal.


There are many ways to heal the body, but the primary understanding of the true nature of the human being must precede the creation of a new system of healing. When we begin to switch our focus from the body as a mysterious yet objectified machine  to an energetic system with a powerful magnetic field which is connected to the fields of everyone and everything around it, then we will gain a better understanding of how our being is in harmony (or not) with its surroundings. We will heal from a spiritual level. We will talk to our own cells and learn to know our own being and our own body. We will learn to understand physics, and we will become the physicians of our own bodies. We will heal our planet with love, compassion, and cooperation.


When living in harmony with our own creative abilities and talents, our bodies will recharge, and we will eliminate toxins naturally. It is our culture which is sick, and our bodies have absorbed the negative energies and chemicals discharged from a total disrespect for life as it was created and intended to be lived. We feel sick because we are not able to take full responsibility for ourselves and to live free, abundant, and creative lives.

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