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Artistic expression and the immune system


Dear readers,

Arts programs are the first to be cut from school budgets when the economy is tanking, yet the arts are extremely important for our minds, hearts, and even our health.

Artistic creation includes an exploration of the unconscious mind, which is a collection of energies, positive and negative. Artists seek to create harmonies from a multitude of energies which come from the forces of the Earth, which can be equated to what collects inside the tissues of the body as well as the unconscious mind. Any negative energies such as fear, anxiety, dread, lack of self love, guilt, unexpressed anger, desires for revenge, inability to take responsibility for one’s own actions…all of these energies accumulate in the cells and organs if they are not released. Of course, it is possible to release these energies through conscious effort and meditation. But artistic expression is an instinctive means by which human beings create and maintain harmony in the body, both personal and collective.


According to natural and holistic healing, as well as spiritual healing techniques, the first step towards healing the self is the release of negative energies. Bruno Groening, a powerful healer in Germany who emerged in the 1940s also created a simple technique that people could follow in order to heal themselves. Because we are indoctrinated to believe that we do  not have the power to heal our own bodies, it is still challenging for people to believe that we can all access the divine energies that surround us at all times. Since the human being has an electromagnetic field, and our health depends upon the properties of physics rather than chemistry, it is logical that spiritual harmony and the recharging of our electromagnetic field when depleted, would maintain our health.

When an artist or musician creates a work of art, the individual is intuitively following a healing tradition as well as creating a template for harmony and healing in others. While much of modern art can appear to be dissonant or motivated by external concerns rather than spiritual ones connecting the outer or “physical” world to inner worlds of emotions, metaphysics, and symbols, the traditional inspirational sources are still very much alive.



The sources of artistic inspiration is generally credited to imagination. Imagination and its ability to produce powerful and relevant images is very important to the creation of harmony and health. Our hyper masculine culture discredits the power of the imagination because it wishes us to remain outside of harmony, and to be constantly torn by duality. Good and bad, light and dark, male and female. The artist, however, creates healing and harmony by naturally integrating both poles of being, and by being grounded in the Earth’s energy while reaching for the cosmic divine.

A harmonic relationship of the body which releases negative energy and which accepts positive energy which recharges the cells is how the immune system of the human body stays in balance. It is also how the artist creates and how the spiritual healer cleanses the entire body and allows fresh energy to come in and restore homeostasis. It is a process of being alive. Our current culture is a culture of death, because it forces human beings to be cut off from knowledge of our own bodies, and it does not give us permission to recharge ourselves and thus to remain healthy and to grow.


Any culture which becomes stagnant will eventually die. I believe that the excessively masculine culture which is the outgrowth of Judeo-Christian religion and the materialism of the Industrial Revolution is on the verge of collapse. We are already witnessing the rebirth of feminine energies which are a necessary complement to the masculine. The culture in which we live today tries to force everyone to be pragmatic, that all job creation be vocational. Excessive pragmatism is not healthy and disharmony results. The creative force in the human being cannot be shut off indefinitely.

We see human health declining in this culture, and a system of medicine which is based on bio-chemistry which cannot heal the human body of any condition. It can merely mask symptoms while the body becomes sicker, progressively identifying with the names that the medical practitioners call disease. As many have pointed out, disharmony and disease are the same thing.


To return our bodies to health, we must observe our bodies and our emotions. By paying close attention to our bodies and to our imagination, we can return to harmony and restore our immune systems which are plagued by the many poisons in our environment, from plastics to neurotoxins in our water and food. To maintain access to a healthy imagination, we must decalcify our pineal gland, sleep, dream, and learn how to communicate with our imagination and intuition, which expresses itself with symbols, colors, sensations, and subtle hints.

While not everyone is an artist, every person can keep a journal, sketch, write short skits or songs, write poems, make music, or find creative way to express the inner life. By doing so, over time, you will find that your immune system will be stronger and you will be less likely to fall sick.


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