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Coming Soon: The Fall of Big Pharma & the Rise of Natural, Intuitive, Self Healing


Dear readers,

We live in a very special time, and we are playing an important role in an unprecedented rise in consciousness of the human species. This is a momentous event. Humanity has lived in brutality, darkness, and chaos for its entire short history, with brief moments of beauty and small pockets of evolved awareness along the path. Our world is peopled with a handful of old and many newer souls, and it is the role of the older and more experienced beings to pave the way to a new and more gentle way of being human. As new generations of young people are born to Earth, we will be seeing a different kind of human being. A gentler, more compassionate human who is intuitive and who values integrity and truth.


Big Pharma is one among many symbols of the corporate domination of global society today which has systematically entangled itself into every aspect of our lives. As he prepared to leave office in 1961, former president Dwight D. Eisenhower gave a speech heavy with premonitions. In this speech (click on link for full text), Eisenhower warned America against the dangers of the unchecked growth of a corporate military industrial complex as well as the dangers of a scientific and academic community too dependent on government or corporate support. Essentially, he feared the loss of civil liberties as well as intellectual freedoms. For when corporations take over, creativity, truth, and freedom all suffer great losses. And sadly, the dark possibilities he felt could arise from the potentials of his time have fully realized themselves to their darkest and most greedy ends today.


In the current expression of the United States of America, we are given the image of a republic, and we are told that we live in a free society, but it has become ever more apparent that our society is in no way a democracy. Our elections are rigged, and we are ruled by a small group of elites with infinite privileges who suck the marrow from working people who have little to no rights and who are increasingly struggling to survive. Our police forces are militarized and their officers exempt from the rule of law, as are our elected officials and their corporate sponsors. In short, we live in a society without integrity. It is a brutal, cruel, and selfish system which tortures animals, people, plants, benefiting only  a select few at the top.

An increasing number of people are realizing that our “health care” system is in fact rigged as well. This is a key realization. Once the majority of the American people accept as reality that our government institutions which regulate food, drugs, and public health are not only deceitful but knowingly killing innocent people by denying them true health care, then Big Pharma will tumble and the rest of this poisonous system will follow. What is required is not revolution in the traditional sense, but a rise in consciousness. When the lights are turned on, we are no longer in the dark.


Pharmaceutical drugs and the corporations that produce them are in the business of making money. A lot of money. Trillions of dollars. Health care “providers” and their corporate offices are also in the business of making money by keeping people sick and dependent on their services. Endless diagnostic tests, inventions of diseases which don’t really exist (fibromyalgia, anyone?), and intentional ignorance of the true cause of disease are all part of a system which does not hold at its core the well-being of the human being from its embryonic state to the last breath.

The core truth which has been concealed from us is this: human beings are powerful. Our bodies are designed not only to live a very long time, at least twice as long or more than we currently expect to live, but also our bodies have the innate power to heal themselves and to regenerate not only cells, but also organs and body parts. These regenerative cells exist as reproductive but also non-differentiated cells in our bodies. Research reveals that these cells can become cancer cells when the body is out of balance, but, in fact, the true purpose of these cells is to heal our bodies. Soon, we will begin to understand the purpose of these cells and we will cease to see them as enemies to be eradicated.


Our “leaders” have lied to us for thousands of years, and the truth about our reality, our history, and our innate abilities and connection to the cosmos have been intentionally hidden from us. Our “leaders” poison our water and food supplies to keep us weakened and out of touch with our  innate, or higher self. An increasing number of people are beginning to understand how the fluoridation of water and absorption of heavy metals damages and calcifies the pineal gland, the gateway in the endocrine system found in the brain which is a portal to the higher self. The growing consciousness in the human being cannot be stopped.


Intuition and imagination are some of the gifts of the feminine aspects of the human being. I equate the upcoming fall of Big Pharma as the first domino in the collapse of global corporate capitalism. Our culture has thrived on crushing the feminine and indeed depends upon it. This is not about individual men or women, though these models of behavior and values do affect how men treat women and how men and women view themselves and one another. Big Pharma represents human beings being treated as passive machines which are ignorant of their own inner workings. It is a faceless conglomerate, a cruel purveyor of false hopes. When people are at their most vulnerable and are seeking healing and care, instead, they are bombarded with heavily marketed toxic chemicals characterized by a myriad of dangerous side effects. In addition to pushing these drugs, doctors often encourage needless painful and expensive surgeries and harmful or unnecessary diagnostic tests.

The masculine culture which has grown out of Christianity is perverse, greedy, and monstrously cruel. By suppressing the feminine in every aspect of life, we are now seeing the end results: work without the intrinsic benefits of creativity and attendant joys, an interest in entertainment and distraction over the deeper explorations of art and philosophy, entire populations of sick people, their sickness resulting from a completely unbalanced society disinterested in wellness and promoting environmental disaster and endless wars.


The original healers were mostly women. Throughout history, medical intuitives and shamans have been both men and women, but in early European cultures, women were often the keepers of knowledge about plants and herbs and the arts of energy healing. Why were women accused of witchcraft and burned at the stake throughout Europe and America in the Middle Ages to colonial times? Why was Jesus’s twin sister murdered and her very existence erased from history? My answer to this question indicates that the leaders of the time did not want people to heal. They did not want people to be conscious or to know the truth. They did not want people to be self-responsible. They did not want people to be in touch with their intuition and higher self. They did not want people to understand the fundamental truth about what it means to be human. God is inside each one of us. We are all powerful. We are all capable of miracles and of healing. This is the message of the feminine. This was the message that Jesus’ twin sister Emmanuela came to Earth to share with us all. Jesus bore this same message, and he brought with him an incarnation male and female, to show us that we are all enlightened and powerful beings. They came as teachers, to show us what we all can do, and how we can heal ourselves.


As the religion evolved, Christians twisted the message of Jesus because they were not able to understand it. Their level of consciousness was not ready to receive the teachings of Jesus and his twin sister, Emmanuela. Are we ready to receive this teaching more than 2000 years later? I feel that the gateway to this step up in human consciousness is now preparing to open. When Big Pharma collapses and as the old institutions of the “male” cultural paradigm and old energy pass away, the newer energies will emerge with more clarity. It will take time for humanity to evolve, but many teachers will emerge to help all people with this process. Our societies will become more egalitarian, less divisive. When policies are proposed, they will benefit all people, and not just a select few. More transparency and integrity will emerge, and people will clamor for truth and will no longer be fooled by manipulation, marketing, and deceptions. As the light becomes stronger, the darkness which has caused so much suffering among human populations will no longer make any sense at all.

There will be no room for drugs with harmful side effects and inflated prices as an increasing percentage of the world’s population realizes that all of the major diseases that increasingly plague humanity can be easily cured. In fact, the cures for cancer, AIDS, herpes, Ebola, malaria, and a host of other diseases already exist. These cures have been concealed from the general public because they are affordable and because, well, they exist. When those responsible for Big Pharma, the FDA, and major health care corporations will be confronted with these truths in front of the world’s populations and it becomes known that millions of people and lab animals have been intentionally tortured and murdered by these corporations for no reason other than obscene profits, the entire global capitalist system will begin to crumble.


It is exciting to look forward to this transformation of our society. I am looking forward to human beings taking charge of their own health and their own creative destinies. We each have wonderful gifts and talents to explore and great happiness comes from using personal talents to serve the greater good of all people, animals, plants, and the planet. In a freer society, our explorations of physics and the physics of consciousness will grow exponentially. We will be able to freely explore local and small scale food production beneficial to people, plants, and animals. Herbal, homeopathic, energy medicine, and other healing arts will become widespread in use, and people will learn to hone their own intuitive skills to communicate with their own bodies and self-diagnose. Healing will become a participatory process, an art, and a dialogue with our own cells. There is much growth ahead, but for now, we must be the light that shines strong as the old energies do their very best to try and stop progress. Darkness cannot defeat light, and the old energy is dying. Global corporate capitalism and masculine domination of world cultures are fading fast.


Darkness will give a good fight. We see it in our current election cycle, with the blatant voter fraud, the dishonesty of the mainstream candidates, the obvious corruption of the Democratic Party. We see a corporate owned and run two party system with fake rigged elections where even the voting machines are owned by corporations that donate to the candidates’ campaigns. These voting machines are manipulated to create the results that the candidates desire. The people are left out of the entire process. We saw Bernie Sanders, who legitimately won the Democratic primary, pushed off the stage when he could very easily have taken the presidency this cycle. Many citizen journalists have come to the forefront, reporting truths where the corporate media are simply mouthpieces for their donors. If you want information, you will not find it in newspapers, magazines, or on television. It is up to us to keep exposing the darkness for what it is. Share all information that you learn about the truth. Be compassionate and patient with other people and with yourself.  Love is winning, and the world and her population are becoming more feminine. Love and light dissolve fear and darkness. Be ready for the change, and as you shine your light, take an active role in the rising tide of  human consciousness.

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