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Happiness & health: making choices between reality & illusion




Dear readers,

Many people look for recipes and formulas from outside of self in order to pursue that elusive goal our society claims is necessary for happiness. Staying or appearing young, vital, and energetic becomes a goal when these qualities should be the effortless byproducts of leading a life in harmony with self and others, nature, and the planet.

The word disease itself reveals the discomfort and disconnection that humanity has willingly created and accepted as reality. We have designed a culture which is increasingly distant and disconnected from self and others. Our culture constantly reaffirms a false truth in which disease, unhappiness, and disharmony of any kind can be deleted by using chemicals or solutions which come from outside the self. In contrast, a human being based in the real would resolve any type of disharmony by questioning the body and listening to nature.

When we request guidance from our bodies, we receive intuitive information that is specifically tailored for our own well-being. We can ask our bodies what we should or should not eat, where we should live, what type of work we should do. The same model works for building cities, designing new inventions. We can evolve a new technology which is respectful of Nature, by showing gratitude and asking Nature for inspiration and guidance. The planet is a loving force, ready to give us the information we need to live in harmony with her. The model on which our culture is built ignores reality and attempts to impose its own illusory model on people, animals, land, and water. Disease, environmental problems, pollution, stress are all produced by this disconnect with reality.


The initial mythology of this disconnect can be found in the Biblical story of Cain and Abel. Cain would represent our culture, as a builder of civilizations and founder of discontent with self, nature, and the feminine. He would be the founding father of patriarchy and the archetype of the civilization in which we live today.  His brother Abel, whom he murdered, was issued from the land, a hunter-gatherer, who chose a simple life, tied to his land. He did not wander, he did not create or take from the land more than he needed. His archetype is tied to the feminine, to connection to self, to the God within, and to Nature. The indigenous peoples of the world today who have maintained their cultural roots hold these values and are the only humans alive today which embody a way of life which takes into account the sacred feminine.


In the world of disconnectedness which is the end result of global corporate capitalism, our civilization and its elites have turned against ordinary working people. We are being poisoned by our own culture, and we are diseased. Our society worships money and power, and living beings have become commodities. We hate ourselves and feel victimized by society while simultaneously thinking that we deserve fame and riches. We idolize celebrities and are immersed in a narcissistic trance in which we are taught to think we deserve everything our hearts desire. We are immersed in an illusory immature universe which works overtime to make sure we stay disconnected from the real. The corporate elite work hard to ensure we remain distracted, all while preparing to gun us down if we even attempt to wake up and rebel against the tyranny of corporate rule.

The sociopathic elites who run our civilization are incapable of empathy. Their only purpose for maintaining a working class is to allow them to maintain their privileged life styles. By tricking the working people into thinking they can achieve wealth and happiness, they maintain an illusion for the workers and preserve their own comforts, power, and financial privilege. While the elites could make small concessions to improve the lives of working people and maintain social stability, say by offering affordable healthcare, college education, or housing, they simply do not care about the well being of the people. These elites are ready to milk every single penny out of the people until our society collapses.

They have prepared for the moment of collapse. They have built hiding places stocked with abundant resources. They have purchased farm land and fresh water sources around the globe to protect their own. When chaos arrives in the form of climate disaster with its attendant chaos, hunger, and refugees, or social unrest, they are prepared with our militarized police forces to gun down, imprison, and torture those who are confused, frightened, or rebellious.


Once humanity becomes “useless” to the elites, they will attempt to eliminate us. Until this happens, working people have a choice: keeping believing in the illusion, or wake up, accept reality, fight back, and create a new life for yourself and future generations.  By buying into the illusion, we spend our precious time and money on useless recipes that give us false hope that one day we might achieve beauty, happiness, success, wealth. In this process, we make other people wealthy, and in the process, we get older, heavier, stressed out, depressed, and sick.


The end product of the civilization we have built is imminent collapse and destruction. And from that collapse, we can finally return to the feminine so hated by our patriarchal society of illusion and separation. Finally, we will be able to reconnect to reality, to the Earth, to our inner self, to one another. Women who were connected to Mother Nature, who held the wisdom of the Earth and the plant kingdom were burned at the stake throughout Europe and in the American colonies from the Middle Ages to colonial times. In Biblical times, this hatred of the feminine was equally strong, and it continues to our day. Our western religions have struck out all empowerment of the feminine and have eliminated the voice of Nature.  Reality is a balance of masculine and feminine, and both voices have equal power and necessity. When one voice is eliminated, disharmony reigns.

Natural medicine, herbs, mortar

Naturopathic doctors are widely condemned or addressed in a patronizing manner, driven into hiding, murdered, or sentenced to prison for practicing medicine without a license. Today, the average citizen has been brainwashed to believe that conventional science knows all, and that pharmaceutical medications cure diseases. The truth hidden from the general public is that allopathic medicine does not cure a single disease. Our pharmaceutical corporations make billions of dollars poisoning peoples’ bodies. The farther medications become from the plants by which they were first modeled, the more negative side effects they create. The medical profession, which once swore to “do no harm” are now invested in a culture which makes people sicker, poorer, and addicted to a “health care” system that is extremely profitable for the pharmaceutical and hospital care corporations. The time has come to take our health back into our own hands, and to truly care for our own bodies, minds, and spirits as well as those of our communities.

Once people begin to question the very foundations of our culture, they will see that there is no truth in it. There is no beauty or care, no morality or integrity in our culture. Where there was once community or solidarity, there is narcissism and solitude. It is a hollow shell.

Reality is a beautiful but highly neglected sphere that shimmers outside of the realm of the consciousness of most human beings alive today. As some of us begin to seek health, harmony, and to restore our connection to the Earth, we will begin to heal our relationships to self and to other human beings. We will begin to live more simply, without the need to impress anyone else. Once we look inside our own hearts and listen to our intuition, we will no longer crave the artificial prizes of wealth, celebrity, or success. We will begin to see the wonder and magnificence of life and of the incredible talents of animals and plants. We will awaken to the magnificence of our selves and will no longer be able to imagine that we once hated our bodies. We will finally reawaken to the ancient glimmerings of truth and realize that consciousness is much more interesting and complex than the science we currently worship could even begin to imagine or describe.


It is said that there exists a plant to cure every single disease known to man, and then some. The plant kingdom is incredibly diverse, and every single plant contains complex properties working in ways we can not yet fathom. The whole plant interacts with its environment, and just as every two human beings experience a different alchemy with one another, so does each plant interact different with another plant, person, or animal. The world itself is alive and buzzing with information, feeling, possibility. There is excitement and creation in reality, if we open the door and begin to interact with life.

We can heal our hearts, minds, and bodies by interacting with our own cells. Our body and its workings remain largely a mystery to us during our entire lives. Yet each of our cells is working with and for us, and is following our unconscious instructions at each cell division. If we begin a dialog with our cells and maintain a close relationship with our bodies, we can return to health easily. We simply need to change our minds and our way of thinking about what is important and valuable in our lives. Nature naturally creates harmony, and we can choose to be a part of a system which functions marvelously well.

It can feel dangerous and lonely to wake up. Ray Bradbury explains the experience so well with his character Montag in Fahrenheit 451. Observing the world out of touch, asleep, as your own senses awaken can be disturbing. But someone has to lead the way out of the hellish hall of mirrors that humanity has created, back into reality. Reality includes pain, loss, and suffering. Reality is balanced, and does not require happy endings. Yet in reality, there is art, beauty, authenticity, intimacy. In reality, we are artists and creators. Our bodies buzz with energy, and we feel truly alive.

Recommended reading: Empire of Illusion: The End of Literacy and the Triumph of Spectacle, by Pulitzer Prize winning author Chris Hedges


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