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Whispers from an awakening planet


Dear readers,

Amidst reports of foiled terrorist plots or attacks, of mass refugee migrations fleeing civil war in Syria, Libya, or Somalia, inner city murder rates in Chicago skyrocketing, there are also many stories, small and large, which awaken hope in a more compassionate future for humanity here on Earth. The future of the world is in our hands, and although we may not always notice it, we are making a huge difference.

While I wish that these enlightening stories would push through to the forefront of what we call news, I am encouraged and feel that soon we will collectively clamor for more good news. News that unites us, that touches our hearts, and that makes us feel good about being alive and being human. Humanity is waking up, and the younger generations of human beings are creating unity, demanding integrity from our elected officials and businesses, and speaking up against inequality, discrimination, and intolerance.


Just yesterday, in Ireland, EU government officials made the decision to demand that Apple Corporation cough up 14.5 billion dollars in unpaid back corporate income tax to the Irish government. As you may already know, Apple is one of many American and international corporations which has chosen to set its headquarters in Ireland because of extremely low corporate tax rates. As a tax haven for global corporations, Ireland has stimulated its own economy, but it has also drawn some criticism, as huge multi-national corporations leave their own countries in order to avoid paying taxes at home. The encouraging news is that the European Union has taken the risk of alienating these multi-national entities in order to demand that these corporations do the right thing and pay the taxes they owe. This is a step in the right direction. Over the last 40 years, corporations have been given extensive rights and privileges while ordinary tax payers and workers have seen their own standard of living drastically decrease while tax rates rise. When we hold corporations and our governments accountable, we will see more money in our collective coffers to pay for education, healthcare for all people, infrastructure, and programs for green energy.


Around the world, people are speaking up for integrity and human rights. We clearly see how whistleblowers such as Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden have been unfairly punished under the Obama administration, while Charles Ortel reveals the extent to which Bill and Hillary Clinton have been allowed for decades to commit charity fraud and traffic of influence without penalty, enriching themselves and their friends in the order of possibly hundreds of billions of dollars. We see how refugees and environmental activists are tortured and imprisoned under terrifying conditions in illegal secret prisons opaquely called CMUs (Communications Management Units), reported by investigative journalist Will Potter. We observe how people of low income, mostly brown and black, are imprisoned largely without trial, and exploited as cheap labor by large corporations.

Most of our elected officials and corporate leaders have been in bed with one another for the last century, and we have seen monopolies grow unchecked and banks consolidate, becoming dangerously large. Many are beginning to realize that our government and economy are elitist and far from democratic, but many still swallow the illusions propagated by corporate media propaganda, which stifle the truth and pretend we are still living in a free world with free speech.


Not everyone accepts the inaccurate and incomplete reporting, and the younger generations are waking up and thinking critically. Using the Internet and social media to communicate desires for a clean planet, healthy food, water, and air, and true democracy, the younger generations are different from the Baby Boomers and most of the Generation Xers, who seem either content with the status quo in our pseudo 2 party political system or else are unaware that they have the power to change our current reality.

People are organizing demonstrations. Native Americans are standing up for their rights, their ancestral lands and burial grounds, protesting the theft of their lands for pipelines and the destruction of clean land and water for industry. While Native Americans have been speaking out for the Earth and the protection of the environment for a very long time, people are beginning to take notice and to support their visionary efforts.


Jill Stein and the Green Party are finding a following of people who want a country based on equal opportunities for all people. Jill Stein is the only presidential candidate to denounce the U.S. military empire, explaining that the United States has over 700 military bases overseas, while all other countries combined have less than 30. She also explains that we have created terrorism by selling weapons and aircraft to Saudi Arabia who distributes those weapons as they see fit, and by funding rebel groups during our endless wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria. She is the only candidate who proposes to end terrorism by cutting our funding to terrorist organizations and by ending our alliances with and financial support for human rights offenders Israel and Saudi Arabia. Ultimately, the endless wars are simply a financial support system of the military industrial complex paid for by American tax payers which enriches the elite, who pay almost no taxes. Most Americans do not support these wars. People are beginning to see how the system works, and when enough people speak up, we will stop selling weapons, and we will stop funding terrorists. We will stop creating wars for profit which hurt ordinary people and which enrich the billionaires.


Everywhere, people are speaking out against injustice and the hypocrisy of our current government and its leaders. People are finally criticizing Big Pharma, Big Agriculture and CAFOs (where farm animals suffer under atrocious conditions). Our entire society is out of harmony with Nature, and so are our bodies. And we want to heal ourselves. We want to heal our planet. People are beginning to realize that the system that has grown out of the Industrial Revolution is out of touch and out of pace with the needs of the people and the planet.

Are people ready for extreme transformation of our culture and economy? Can we consciously create together a new way of living, eating, and governing ourselves? I believe we can. Climate change may possibly give humanity a boost by destroying much of the infrastructure of the old systems, making way for the new. It is possible that growing awareness of the need for change will help us to reach a cultural tipping point where we begin to create together food systems, systems of government, new ways of working, and a green economy and energy production template that gives us room to grow rather than to lament. We are living in a critical time, and the changes of which we dream are up to us to create.


Hope is here. Changes are happening. Black Lives Matter, the Fight for Fifteen, the LGBTQ movement, environmental activism against fracking and the further exploitation of fossil fuels, an increasing number of people choosing to be vegan or vegetarian, the growing voices against endless wars in the Middle East, and the growing awareness of corporate greed and governmental collaboration with corporations are all part of a movement that buoys up the values of love, compassion, helping one another, unity, and integrity. I do believe that most people have always been against war, and that the elites have always pushed or drawn the people into systems of government or culture against the will of the majority. Now that we have a global economy and a global system of communication in the Internet, we, the ordinary people, finally have the means to make the changes of which we have been dreaming for so long.


The time has come. Humanity is changing. New generations of children are being born who are different from those of the past. People who love peace over war, and harmony over disharmony. The new humanity is choosing love over hate, and unity over division. Keep your eyes and ears open. Every day, you will see signs of it coming. World peace is just around the corner.

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