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Intuition and Nutrition



Dear readers,

Like you, I am concerned about health and well-being. I am a single mom, and I want my son to live a long, healthy, and happy life. I am sure you want the same for your self, your spouse, your children. Every day, I worry that my son eats too much bread, too much macaroni and cheese, not enough vegetables. I work overtime to buy organic foods. Every day, I want to do better. And every single day, I ask myself how can I know what foods to feed my family so that we can cleanse our bodies of toxins and give our cells the nutrition and fuel we need to heal our bodies, minds, and spirits.

Most of us are aware that our soil, air, water, homes, foods, and products we use on a daily basis are contaminated with thousands of toxic chemicals. Even before birth, numerous tests show fetuses displaying hundreds of chemicals in their immature systems and umbilical cord blood, which should be pure and untouched by such poisons. Unbeknown to ourselves, we ingest poisons and heavy metals through dental fillings, foods, treated water, plastic containers, air fresheners, carpets, paints, fabrics, emanations from vehicles, health and beauty products. Chemicals in vitamins and supplements as well as drugs that are supposed to promote health are in fact unnatural and cause imbalances in our bodies. Our livers, kidneys, lymphatic, endocrine systems and digestive tracts are overburdened and are not able to filter and discharge the hormonal imbalances and toxic overload in our bodies.


Mother Nature is very wise, and our bodies work their very hardest to protect us from the poisons that humanity has created to improve and facilitate our lives on this planet. As we see our bodies becoming fatter, we should know that Nature is protecting us by encapsulating toxins in fat and tissues so that these poisons do not circulate in our bloodstreams and kill us. Nature, in her wisdom, purifies her oceans with algae, which absorb the heavy metals and other toxic substances that we pour into her waters. Our fish become toxic by eating the krill which consume the polluted algae. If we stop polluting and collectively choose to return to a harmonious way of living with Nature, our planet would work hard to cleanse itself. In short, we need to help Mother Nature and work with her. How can we do this in our daily lives?


If you read a lot about health and nutrition as I do, you will soon realize that there are many experts in the world who have the answers to all of our health and nutrition problems. The only issue with this is that all of these experts contradict one another. I recently listened to a series of TedTalks about healing the body of diabetic conditions through diet. One advocated a high starch diet as traditional to natives of Hawaii, while another advocated removing all meat and all starch. Some say an all whole foods, plant based diet is best, while others explain that high protein is best. Yet others claim that only plants made by Nature are truly healthy and alkaline. The truth being that Nature-made plants (weeds and herbs) are abundant, but often little known and poorly understood. Humanity has been modifying Nature for thousands of years. Most of the fruits and vegetables we eat today are out of season and modified by man. Natural foods are often full of seeds, unattractive, too sour or too bitter for our refined tastes. Yet bitter foods are some of the healthiest…and most Americans shun this taste. We have modified Nature to suit ourselves, and in that process, we have fallen out of harmony with  our own bodies and our own intuition.


Every single human being is unique. We are our own experts. No one else can tell us what we should eat to be healthy. We have this knowledge inside of us, imprinted in our DNA. If you can accept the possibility of time being a loop and death being a form of transformation and rebirth, you can easily understand that your soul has been alive on Earth and other parts of the Universe for an extremely long time. In your being, you have the experience and knowledge of millennia.  Your body is not an inanimate object. Nature is not a silent “thing”. We are all alive and conscious, and we live on a conscious planet. We are able to communicate with everything that exists. It is simply necessary to acknowledge this fact, then to take action.

When you begin to talk to your own cells, you can ask your body what it needs to be healthy. In order to receive the response you require, the correct attitude is to remain respectfully silent. When quieting your mind, you create a receptive space. Into this space, you will receive answers. The responses may be in words, in images, in sounds, sensations, memories, or in smells. If you are not habituated to working with your imagination or intuition, you may need some practice visualizing or being receptive. Be patient with yourself, as it takes time to remember who you truly are as a human being. This is not the same as listening to cravings, which are more often than not, conditioned brain responses to addictive foods such as saturated fats, sugar, or salt. The knowledge you require is available. You can speak to foods and to plants, asking them if they are suited to you, for your consumption. What is healthy for your body may not be healthy for your family members.


While intuitive eating and healing are at the cutting edge of medicine today, many humans are beginning to realize that chemicals are not the answer to living healthy. There is a lot of pressure from the multi-national corporations which run our global economy to push consumers to purchase and eat highly processed foods containing countless chemicals. Our bodies become sick from the thousands of substances which are not meant to ever enter a human body. Then we are pushed to consume yet other chemicals to heal ourselves from the diseases caused by the pesticides, fertilizers, preservatives, artificial flavor enhancers, and other toxins. These drugs, as they become farther from their plant origins, cause increasingly harmful side effects. As our bodies get more and more out of balance, we suffer from a myriad of diseases as well as chronic obesity. Our children are ill, and we are in pain. At some point, we have to collectively admit that our entire cultural paradigm is a fallacy. Eating more fruits and vegetables and exercising are not sufficient to heal our bodies. Chemicals do not make for better living. Chemicals, even those attempting to reproduce plant functions, are ineffective.

Soon, larger numbers of human beings will begin to realize that Nature can only be healed with Nature. Our bodies have the ability to heal themselves, and we have the ability to work with Nature to participate in healthy eating, healthy living, and in building healthy communities and lifestyles. Nature always works to maintain harmony, and our bodies were created to participate in this harmonious process. It is simple, but we have to give up a lot of artificial comforts to create health. We will all feel much better when we do. Remember to always listen to your body, and to actively speak to your cells. Maintain this dialogue, and you will know when to eat, and when to fast. As your body cleanses itself of harmful chemicals, mental and physical health issues will disappear. In the future, we will heal our bodies and minds with foods and with plants, and we will no longer focus on money, greed, success, or hierarchy. We will all be equal participants, actively creating a harmonious planet, where the greater good of all beings will be paramount.


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