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Climate change,backyard foraging, and the police state


Dear readers,

You may wonder what might be the connection between climate change, finding food in your backyard, and a controlling totalitarian governmental system might be…but there is one, and it is important to know what it is and why it is important to you.

Most humans on Earth can willingly agree that the climate on Earth is undergoing visible and scientifically validated transformations which are affecting every day life, our economy, and perhaps our survival as a species on the planet. We don’t all agree on what is causing these changes, and it is very possible that our Earth is experiencing a natural cycle of global warming to be followed by a cycle of cooling. Whether it is our extensive use of fossil fuels and the extraction of these fuels, our lack of general understanding and respect for Nature, or our equal misunderstanding of human nature and consciousness, we are going to continue to experience radical climate change as well as Earth changes which will impact human activity and life for many generations to come.


While our governments are heavily influenced by corporations, many of us have realized that the exploitation of planet and people is for the most part intentional. Corporate profits are the only motivation for the shape of our current economic structures including our banking systems, structures and regulations shaping our workplaces, our food system, and our pharmaceutical and healthcare systems. An increasing number of human beings is sick and stressed out by our current lifestyle and by the means with which we treat disease, even though some have shown concern about wellness and nutrition. We are still far from creating harmony in our societies, which are primarily focused on profiteering and war-making.


How can we promote our own wellness within this system where civil liberties are increasingly endangered? And where does the police state fit into this equation?

We have noted, especially since the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement, that our communities are policed by heavily armed, military style forces. We have become increasingly conscious of the fact that corporate prisons profit from poverty and racial vulnerability across our country at the federal, state, and local levels. We know from whistle blowers such as Chelsea Manning, Edward Snowden, and Julian Assange, that our government tracks our every movement, and all electronic communications on all platforms are carefully recorded and surveilled. Corporate media spreads abundant propaganda, hoping that we will distract ourselves from the pursuit of liberty and happiness, as promised by our founding documents. So what are the real reasons behind the formation of the police state and the corporate totalitarian system under which we, and many global citizens uncomfortably live?


Our leaders conceal from us that climate change is not only real, but that drastic Earth changes are imminent. As the arctic ice caps melt, sea levels will begin to rise dramatically, and the glacial waters mixing with our oceans will provoke earthquakes and volcanic activity around the world. Many coastal areas will be simply wiped out, causing mass migrations, and lack of access to food and clean water. The police state has been put in place to control human populations when this does occur. The elites of our country have been investing for many years in farm land and fresh water sources all over the world. They have planned their escape routes and they carefully and relentlessly exploit the remainder of humanity for as much wealth as they can possibly extract. This is a sad reality, but there is hope. While many will most likely perish during the Earth changes, it is possible to survive and to create a new society based on principles of love and consciousness. Humanity is evolving, and change requires erasing the old to create the new.



What some know but many do not, is that human beings do not need a lot of food to survive and thrive. Most of the foods we eat today are literally poison for the human body. Starches and animal products are toxic. The same goes for medications. Chemicals are unnatural substances, and even many of the plants, such as wheat and root vegetables such as potatoes or carrots, which have been cultivated by humans for hundreds and even thousands of years are not healthy for human consumption. Wild plants, many of them considered to be weeds, are some of the most healthy and nutritious foods to be found. They contain iron, essential amino acids, minerals, and proteins. Stinging nettles, dandelions, and plantains (the weeds that grow in your yard, not the bananas) are some of the most nutritious greens around! As long as you don’t spray chemicals in your yard and they have not been contaminated by urine from pets or wild animals, these plants and many other common wildflowers and weeds can be eaten. There are recipes on-line with recommendations. Stinging nettles, of course, have to be handled carefully.


When the Earth changes accelerate to a point where it is necessary to move house, just remember to stay calm. Do your research now, and learn how to purify water and how to recognize essential plants and mushrooms for food and medicine. Work with others and help your neighbors. It is in unity that we create peace. Our Earth is working now to cleanse herself, land and waterways, from many chemicals and pollutants. She is creating new species to feed future humans. Humanity is undergoing a wonderful transformation, and there is no need to be afraid. Our children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren will be the actors of this evolving Earth and the raising of consciousness of humanity. Within a few generations, as we work together intentionally and cooperatively, we will achieve peace, an accelerating creativity with new technologies, and above all, a capacity to love and work with one another.

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