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Turn on the light!


Hello dear reader,

Sometimes the world seems to be filled with darkness, fear, chaos, and corruption. We look around ourselves, and our news reports are often grim. It would seem that we cannot trust our fellow man. People are constantly trying to take advantage of one another or harm others for no apparently good reason. But when I stop to think, I ask myself what is the true nature of darkness? What is evil, and what is good?

In a video which I recently watched, I heard a statement that jumped out at me. The speaker explained that darkness is a passive force, while light is an active force. This concept was illustrated by the following simple metaphor: When you are in a dark room, you may feel frightened by the darkness. But the darkness does not escape from the room. It does not act on the room. The darkness is merely the absence of light. When you turn the light on, the darkness immediately disappears.

When you apply this principle to daily life, you can question your own role and responsibility in how the events in our communities around the world unfold. We observe darkness when we see our elected officials taking corporate funding and giving favors to corporations, banks, and their lobbies rather than serving their constituents. We see darkness in our colleges and universities when young men drug young women and take advantage of their vulnerability, engaging in acts of rape. When driving our cars, we see and perhaps engage in darkness when we or others behave in selfish and irresponsible ways, not taking into account our own safety and that of others. We watch horrified as refugees pour out of war torn countries, and those who stay are abused and murdered. We see unlimited greed in our global capitalist economy, in its banks and corporations, which put profits before people and our planet. We see people who are exploited in sex trafficking, others who are sick or hungry because of the greed of wealthy countries and individuals. People who have discovered cures for cancer, AIDS, and other diseases have been murdered or alienated, because their cures cannot make pharmaceutical companies more wealthy. We wonder at the enormity of the darkness. We wonder what we can do to make a difference, to help make the world a better place.

The answer to the enormous problem of darkness in the world, which is, in fact, the manifestation of a lack of wisdom, is a simple one. When it is dark, turn on the light.

How do we turn on the light? An enlightened human being is someone who puts life and connection to all being before self preservation and survival. Light is expressed from the heart and emanates from every cell of our being. It is programmed into our DNA. We are beings of light. The physics of consciousness will soon bear witness to this fact. When human beings wake up and realize that we are light bearers, we will also realize that we can heal our planet and our problems by simply being the solution. We control our thoughts and feelings. By choosing to stop reacting to darkness and trying to attack it, we discover inner peace.

When you are attacked by a bully or an unpleasant person who constantly tries to blame others for his or her personal unhappiness, you have a choice in how you respond. If you try to defend yourself or if you are afraid, you give away your power to that person, and you give them permission to continue attacking you. You also give them permission to continue being sick. They cannot heal if they are allowed to pour their darkness outside of self. They cannot begin to look inwards, which is the way to all healing, if they can easily eject their personal pain, fear, and darkness out of their own mind and body and into that of another person.

When you choose to turn on the light, you see that person as a person who is experiencing duality, inner conflict, pain, immaturity. You see them with compassion, and from your heart, you visualize a beautiful warmth and white healing light that beams outward from yourself towards that person. You do not accept their pain, but you do not reject it either. It simply exists, and it will dissolve in that light that is you. For, you see, darkness cannot continue to exist when the light is turned on.

Collectively, humanity has great power to resolve wars, conflicts, greed, hunger, pollution, disease. We do not have to fight cancer, terrorism, hunger, or pollution. The approach we have been taking does not work. In fact, this reactive approach increases darkness. We observe this directly. By sending weapons to the Middle East and by arming various factions, we create more division, more distrust, more fear on all sides. Our country created terrorism in order to sell more weapons. It is a sad and ugly fact. The United States constantly creates new outside enemies to keep us focused away from looking inward. It is Russia, then terrorism, perhaps even aliens from outer space. As long as there is someone to fear, an enemy, we can be controlled. As long as we remain in this darkened room, we will never be free.

For if we all began to look inside our self and to see who we really are, we would be incapable of being tricked by the constant propaganda and manipulation. Like the bully on a personal level, our leaders – corporate and government – want us to remain in the dark. We have a choice. And I am observing it happening. People around the world are beginning to question and to see what has been taking place for a very long time. We are beginning to see the brutality and the immaturity of the choices that have been made for us.

It is key at this time to move towards unity. Light is a unifying force. It is, remember, part of our collective memory, our DNA. Darkness divides and deceives, and when we are misled, we cannot see clearly. And then, we remember who we are, and we turn on the light.

When a disaster occurs, people reach out and pour their love, resources, and time into helping others. After all, we are a human family. We are all related. But then, when the emergency subsides, people most often go back into their atomized lives. We were made to live in the light. To be constantly connected to one another, intuitively. We are emotional beings, meant to love ourselves and one another. We possess a divine light within us which shows us how to behave, what to do, and when to act. Within us is a guiding light, but we have to stop following outside direction and learn to listen to our inner compass. The indigenous peoples of the world have always lived this way, and we can learn from their example. That inner compass tells us when we are sick or out of balance. It tells us when we need to move house or change jobs, or how to develop a talent. When we learn to trust our inner self, we relax and are more in control of our lives. We don’t have to compete with others, because our own self interest coincides with that of others. As we evolve together, fear touches us less and less. When you know that you are creating your life and contributing to the co-creation of the world, you are peaceful. This is being human. We are light workers who have been cowering in a dark room for thousands of years.

It is time to turn on the lights.

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