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Magical thinking, wishful thinking:thoughts on consciousness and power


Hello dear reader,

While many of us love super-heroes, we mostly think of ourselves are small, weak, and without much power at all.  Americans are culturally conditioned to be competitive and encouraged to seek out opportunities to win and dominate others, yet the truth is, anywhere from one in three to one in seven Americans suffers from chronic anxiety and fear of failure.

My personal belief, shared by many others, is that we humans have been intentionally deceived with regards to the nature of reality as well as the nature of our own humanity. Our true history as well as our true abilities as humans have been hidden from us. Humanity is still in its infancy, and our science as well as our moral evolution are both still young and immature. We think of ourselves as a technologically advanced society, but in fact, we know very little about advanced physics and the truth about reality.

The good news is that humanity is now evolving. Soon we will leave behind the endless wars and barbarism of the last several thousand years and finally embrace wisdom, compassion, and a more enlightened way of life. Humanity will finally see our own creative potential and embrace our own quantum nature. We will see our own divinity. We will expand our connection to self and others as well as understand our true purpose and relationship to our DNA. This spiritual advancement will be paired with vast scientific leaps forward. For consciousness is physics, and mastery of physics is the true manifestation of power, both personal and collective.

Today, when we think about our desires and beliefs, we are either frightened by the perspective of failure or loneliness, or else over-confident in our beliefs. We feel we must manipulate or convince others to love us or to gain what we call success. We are accused of magical thinking when we claim to believe that our minds influence the outcome of events or can impact matter. In truth, our minds and thoughts are extremely powerful. Thought influences matter, which is energy. And thoughts reorganize the world. With our thoughts and actions, we create the world we live in. When we believe a certain set of thoughts we were taught from birth, we unconsciously create a certain form of reality which we collectively accept as inevitable and not as a consequence of our thoughts.

The magnetic field of the earth is monitored for activity, and this activity is continuously recorded by the U.S. Geological Survey. It has been noted that human activity on Earth causes notable changes in the Earth’s magnetic field. Events which cause people to come together in solidarity, such as after an earthquake or tsunami, or when large numbers of people die at the same time cause variations in the field. In other words, every thought and action, individual and collective, affects the field. With this understanding, humans will become more thoughtful when taking into account the responsibility to self, others, and to our Mother Earth, as we are leaving a legacy with our being. Consciousness affects the planet.

As for human behavior causing climate change: we do, but not in the manner with which we have been told. Our actions affect the planet. Our intentions affect the planet. When we behave with loving intentions, this energy literally restores the planet. When we drill into the Earth or cut down a tree, as indigenous Americans believe, we cause light energy to escape from the Earth. It is as if the planet is bleeding, losing life force, when we do her harm. When we recognize and cherish our mother planet, we strengthen her and ourselves. Human beings are extremely powerful beings. We have not been taught who we are, and because of the materialistic philosophy of the last centuries, we have dissociated our minds and hearts from our actions, from the human family, from Nature, from our Mother Earth.

The time has come for humans to realize that consciousness and mastery of consciousness is the next frontier in science. With mastery of the physics of consciousness, the possibilities of life are mind-boggling. We will need to let go of an old paradigm – that of scientific materialism and  false objectivity. There is no objectivity in reality. The subject that is us is innately connected to all outcomes. Einstein knew this, but he was still bound to Newtonian physics, and he required scientists to keep away from the experimental data so as not to influence the results of the experiments.

As humanity moves slowly into mastery and embraces the divine spirit within us, anxiety will diminish. While fear is part of the mechanism of survival, mastery is a condition in which we create the outcomes we desire. These desires are independent of all competition, for in the new paradigm, we are all one family. All actions spontaneously create harmony, as nature intended. Our current society, based on separation, creates only increasing disharmony. Just as all of our artificial medications, processed foods, and energy systems cause negative side-effects, disease, and pollution, the new way of being will lead to self-healing, truly nature-made foods, and 100% sustainable energy systems. By changing the way we think and the way we see ourselves and the way we perceive reality, humanity will become healthy, happy, free, and creative, as nature intended.

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