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A letter to Hillary Clinton from a Bernie Sanders supporter


Dear Hillary,

It seems to me that you are at a crossroads. I have been diligently researching your past for clues to your character and for information about your past choices. From the lovely expurgated biographies narrated by the seductive voice of Morgan Freeman to less flattering versions which evoke a tragic path reminiscent of Ancient Greece or Shakespeare, I have delved within to find some form of truth about the woman hidden in the folds of each story.

What I see is this: I see a woman who is strong and intelligent, but who arrived on this planet at a time when it was almost, but not quite easy to be a strong woman and a leader. The young woman who you were at Wellesley College then Yale Law School appeared on her way to becoming an authentic leader. And then she met Bill Clinton. I do not blame Bill on your downfall into the seamier and darker channels into the corridors of power. I believe that you chose doubt and fear over love and compassion. And in that lack of love for yourself and in that insecurity, you made a choice. You always wanted and craved power and authority. I am not certain about your true intentions, even at that time. You claimed you wanted to help women and children. Were you sincere? It is difficult to know.

Perhaps at first, you saw in Bill Clinton a young man who had the charm and charisma that you lacked. You saw that you could use him to make your own way into the places of power that you so desired. The society and culture of the latter part of the 20th century frowned to some degree still on the image of a strong and outspoken woman. Perhaps at first you did not know the true nature of Bill Clinton. You did not yet know that he was a pathological liar, a womanizer, a coke addict.  What drew you to Bill was a powerful unconscious force. Perhaps it was sexual. But it appears that it was something deeper, calling out to you.


Sociopaths are very charming. Many political leaders and corporate CEOs are sociopaths. They are ruthless and engaging, and they have no ability to feel empathy or compassion for their fellow human beings. The American people have allowed generations of sociopaths and malignant narcissists to rule this nation and to dominate world politics. However, humanity is changing, and our desires for our planet have also shifted. We are no longer ready or willing to accept domination by oligarchy, greed, or violence. The age of endless wars, meaningless nationalistic affiliations, and submission to fear and anxiety are drawing to a quick end. The leaders of today, you will soon realize, will no longer be able to dominate the masses. It is not about any ideology. The days of ideology are also a thing of the past. Humanity has simply evolved, under your nose, Hillary.

With the advent of the Internet and social media, you can no longer conceal your past or the truth from the American people, Hillary. Perhaps you have brainwashed the Baby Boomer generation, because many of them still swear by the corporate media for their sources of information. You chuckle, thinking you hold the world in the palm of your hand. You think you can intimidate people by placing your friends in positions of influence so that you are free to conduct your own business and enhance your own interests at the expense of not only the American people, but also global citizenry.

We can see your game, Hillary. We know that you are corrupt and profoundly compromised. We know that the Clinton Foundation is an immense money laundering scam and a tool through which you and Bill distribute political favors. It is quite transparent and well known. We know about Mena and the immense billion dollar international cocaine trafficking business that you and Bill conducted in Arkansas that benefited the CIA and many in the government. We know about the Whitewater scandal and that you, while working for the Rose Law Firm in Arkansas shredded key documents. We know that your private e-mail servers while serving as senator of NY and Secretary of State were a cover for the Clinton Foundation trafficking. We know what you did in Haiti, Honduras, and how you make friends with dictators and shady deals with governments guilty of human trafficking and other human rights abuses. We know that Bill is a sex addict and that you have covered for him and his thousands of sexual escapades. We know that many of these women were then placed in government jobs to hush them up. We know that many honest people who were victims of your and Bill’s crimes were either threatened, placed under IRS audit, put in prison, or murdered.

Is this immense web of deceit you and Bill have created a pleasant place to exist? Is this the type of career you envisioned for yourself as a young woman? Does hiding behind an image of helping people while abetting corporate greed and political corruption rather than actually contributing something positive to real human beings feel good? These are just a few of the questions I have for you.

Bernie Sanders is an honest man, Hillary. The American people know that you and the DNC colluded to rig the primary election in your favor. How does it feel knowing that by keeping a man who can truly help America to grow in a positive direction from office that you are keeping America in an old, low energy for four more years? How does it feel to win knowing that you are always lying and cheating? What are you truly winning? Does it feel good to rise to the top of a mountain of corruption? Is being part of the elite and being a cog in this political machine sufficient? Many Americans, including myself, ask: Did you threaten Bernie Sanders in order to obtain his endorsement of your campaign?

The most important question I have for you, Hillary, is this: What do you plan for your legacy? What will you choose now?

The world has changed. Like I said above, humanity has made a choice. Humanity is rising to a higher level of consciousness and we cannot go backwards. Your past choices are a reflection of a past world which will soon be no more. Humanity is working towards world peace, the end of all wars, towards cooperation, compassion, and unity. As the Baby Boomer generation dies off over the next 20 or so years, you will find no support for your type of politics or business. The world will simply no longer tolerate the games you play and everyone will see very easily through your deceit and manipulation. Your energy and Bill’s energy are the old energy. The new energy has chosen love over fear, and generosity over greed.

In coming generations, we will see the expansion of new technologies. Free energy as envisioned by Nicolas Tesla will be distributed to all people around the world. These new technologies cannot appear until the old energies are extinct, so that they cannot be used for war or domination. It will be common knowledge that all human beings are equal, and there will be no hierarchy or power structure. Levels of technology will expand exponentially, and we will live in harmony with our planet and one another.

Hillary, if you would like to leave behind a legacy that will create an impact for the new energy and for coming generations, then you are going to have to make some tough choices. Do you want to be the last of the leaders of the old energy that people look at think, how could human beings be so cold, so cruel, so primitive? Going to war, polluting our planet, our waters, our soil, our children, destroying our health, manipulating governments for financial profit, cheating children and families out of what they need so that elites can enrich themselves? Hillary, people will soon see all of these behaviors as extremely barbaric. They will appear so primitive that it will be difficult for people to even imagine others behaving in this manner.

So, Hillary, in summary, you are at a crossroads, and you have an important choice to make. Will you continue to be a part of the old energy as a war hawk, elitist, corrupt money launderer and global trafficker of influence? Or will you choose to be a true leader and apologize sincerely for past behaviors? Will you change your ways and truly work for the common good of all people and our planet? Will you be a true stateswoman and work for peace rather than instigating wars for your personal wealth and benefit and that of your Foundation’s donors and contributors? The people of the world want peace, Hillary. We don’t want your wars or profiteering. The time has come to make a choice.

A true feminist is someone who supports values that women cherish. Integrity, cooperation, peace-making are some feminine values. Until now, you have not demonstrated any of these values in your behavior. You have compromised yourself, thinking that to navigate a man’s world you had to behave as a man. You have been a follower, not a leader. This is why so many young people do not, cannot support you. Myself, I am not so young. I am 49 years old. But I see through you. I see your insecurity, your fear, your cowardice. Your lack of self love. Your lack of integrity. I feel sad and sorry for you. And I wonder how you feel inside, knowing that your husband is a lamentable excuse for a man. He has behaved in a despicable manner towards women, and you have covered for him. He has taken advantage of children, sexually, and you have covered for him. I feel sorry for you and for him. But you are adults, and you have consciously made these choices. You are responsible for your lives. It is not too late to change for any human being at any place in his or her life. Will you change? Can you change and be the woman you say you are?




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