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Self love, body image, and the power of thought


Hello dear readers,

Although it still feels as if we are living in a world in which we are atomized – separated from one another and even from our own inner self, in fact, our true nature is very different from what our families and cultures have taught us about being human. Most of us have learned shortly after birth that some people are prettier, smarter, or more powerful than others. In reality, every human being is beautiful and powerful – a being of light and energy which is intimately connected to everyone and everything that exists. Because of cultural prejudice, linear thinking, and scientific materialism, however, we often feel ugly, powerless, and lonely. When we look into the faces of other human beings, if we are “less than” the idealized image that we are constantly fed, we feel invisible and unworthy of our own love as well as the love and approval of other human beings. And the doubts and anxieties we harbor in our own minds and hearts most likely communicate to others in our body language and energy we unconsciously express in the company of those we would love to impress most.

I personally know a lot about rejection, solitude, and beating up on myself. I might even consider myself to have been an expert on the subject. My study of the nature of reality has helped me to realize that my thinking was for so many years completely wrong. About me, about the world, about life itself. Fortunately, we can change the way we think about our self, which is actually a very powerful way to modify the way others perceive us. Thoughts are contagious. We can send love and joy to those whom we have been conditioned to feel will reject us or harm us. It is such a deeply ingrained habit to harden into a shell the image of a person who is hurtful, or who has behaved in a hurtful manner to us in the past. And it is our reaction to that pain which reinforces the continuation of the hurtful behavior. By breaking the cycle and sending love to that hurtful person, even from afar, we are changing not only the relationship, we are increasing our own light and power as well as that of the entire planet.

While I am not entirely sure why human beings have for the most part failed to remember our divine connections, abilities, and beauty, I do believe that today it is becoming easier to remember who we truly are. The Earth itself is a library for human memory, as is the DNA in our cells. When we choose to wake up and remember our true identity as eternal beings, something stirs in our very cells, and we begin to feel wonder and delight once again. We begin to feel it is possible to shrug off the weight of slogging through life, just trying to survive, constantly worrying and judging our self and other people, feeling as if we will never have enough or be enough.

In reality, each and every human being has the power to impact relationships and the structure of our own bodies through our thought process and through our feelings. When we each take responsibility for our self and begin to mature spiritually and emotionally, we realize that we are the artisans of our own life and even of the shape and health of our own bodies. Every human being is a creator. When I think about the conditioned world in which I have lived and struggled so far in this lifetime, I do truly realize that I have created each of my experiences as well as my responses to those experiences. By not being aware of my own power and beauty, over and over, I have created for myself more than a bit of loneliness, a handful of doubt, and a measure of self-loathing. Now that I know better, I am determined to create something much more pleasant and exciting for myself.

It takes some self discipline to change lifelong habits. It takes above all quite a bit of self-awareness to realize which thoughts and feelings are responsible for the painful experiences that feel at times like rejection, abandonment, or simply being invisible to others. If I created these experiences and can no longer blame them on my body, which I did in fact choose before birth, then I take responsibility for my life.

Taking responsibility is the first step to living creatively and happily. It is very hard to change a lifetime of thought and self-images. I use visualization to release parts of myself that I feel I no longer need, releasing them into a place glowing with silvery light. I imagine a piece of my own sad self weeping her way into another realm. How can I learn to love myself the same way, with the same delight I would feel looking into the innocent face of a newborn baby? To find this degree of joy while facing oneself in the mirror…it seems almost unreachable. How can I, with my cellulite, spider veins, gray threading through my hair, be as wonderful, as gorgeous, as miraculous as a newborn infant? Yet self love is the challenge of mastery. As an ordinary human being, a lifetime of enumerating flaws is challenging to deprogram. But now I know that my body is a canvas that I can recreate. My cells are always dividing and recreating me according to an autopilot program. I can change that program by simply talking aloud to my cells, showing them gratitude, and carefully redefining the program as a fait accompli. Over time, the cells incorporate the new information and reprogram my DNA.

It is challenging for humans to think of ourselves as powerful creators. To realize that our thoughts and feelings affect not only us, but the entire planet and the universe beyond. When I consider this reality, as an energetic being of light, I feel both delighted and very responsible. I have to catch myself when negative thoughts or feelings creep into my mind and heart, grab them and attempt to reformulate them. Individually and collectively, we can learn to be kind to ourselves and to one another. I imagine a day when I will look into the faces of strangers at the market or on a city street, and I will see a gentle recognition and acknowledgement, rather than blank and uncaring countenances. I did see one such face today, beautiful and wise. An older man with his hair piled into a tall hat, leaning on a beautiful twisted walking stick. He gently nodded at me as I gazed at him, walking by. No longer will any of us be alone, feel ugly or estranged. As humanity evolves and we begin to know who we truly are as human beings, it will become much easier to relate to self and others. It will be easy to love. And judgment of self and others will be a thing of the past.

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