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Survival or success?


Dear readers,

Some of you may know, and some may not yet have noticed, but today we are living in a very special time of great change and great opportunities for self-mastery. Until very recently, survival was the best we could muster, and only few were either handed an artificial form of success based on being part of an elite, social climbing or celebrity, or ascension in business, sports, or entertainment. Only a handful around the world would achieve spiritual mastery with great efforts and often isolation from society at large. What has changed is that today, mastery is available to all of us while living in our ordinary circumstances. Today, the shift in human consciousness which began in 1987, is reaching new peaks. New humans are being born each day who think differently and who will help others out of the 3 dimensional ways of being and out of linear thinking. While some of those children have special skills which we admire, others we simply misunderstand and categorize them as having special needs, giving them drugs or setting them apart in institutional care.

The essence of survival is being trapped in karmic circumstances. To every situation, we would react, and some kind of drama would ensue. Life is a struggle, and we never know what will happen next. In survival, there is no real spiritual connection with our own power or with what is called “God”. Life is a string of experiences, and we do our best to survive, reacting to the situations and getting through them, for better or for worse.

In pure survival mode, we feel powerless. We accept our governments, political, social, religious, and financial systems as they are. We don’t think we have the influence or ability to change the world, and we accept the world we have been given as reality and as truth. We are told a story about what is real, what is our history, what we are as human beings. We believe in this story, and we are conditioned to believe that we are very small. And yet, our egos remain strong and we are in constant battle with ourselves and others. In survival, we are trapped in a very primitive state of being and we feel a lot of pain. We are separated from self, from Earth, from the cosmos, but we are not very aware of what we are missing and what has been taken from us.

Between survival and mastery lies the state in which many people still live today. It is a state of trust, in which there exists spiritual power, but it is outside of ourselves. Essentially, we are blind in this faith. We can ask for help, but the powers that be are not human. Or if they are human, they belong to some kind of elite to which access is limited, at best. In this state of trust, you are not in control, and you relinquish power to the being of your choice. It could be “God”, Jesus, Buddha, Allah, a celebrity, a guru, a leader of some kind. Because you essentially feel you need outside guidance, you surrender your personal power to someone who seems to know what you need and who you are.

You accept the narratives and predictions of religions, captains of industry, Wall Street tickers, news media pundits. In the state of trust, you are easy to manipulate, because  you are still giving your power away to either human entities, organizations that humans have created, or supernatural entities. In this state of surrender, you may find peace, but essentially, you are a ship without a true rudder, for you have little control over the direction your life takes. You have little control over your health and well-being. You listen to a myriad of sources to get  information on what to eat, how much exercise you should do, what medications to take, what you should look like and how you should dress, as well as what career you should pursue. This is the world we live in today, for the most part. It is familiar and perhaps comforting. But in the end, in the era of trust, we still are not enjoying personal power.

You may say, but there are people who are successful in today’s world. They see what they want, and they go for it and achieve their dreams. These people are powerful. To some degree, this is true. And there are people who have a better understanding of reality and what being human actually is. Some people do know that the story we are fed about our origins as humans and about who we truly are is completely false. There are people around the world who have always known this, but mainstream society has ignored these people…most of them are the indigenous peoples of the world – the peoples of the South Pacific, the Native Americans, the indigenous peoples of South and Central America, New Zealanders, the Aborigines of Australia. Our societies have done everything in their power to repress and destroy these peoples. But now times are changing, and ordinary humans around the world are beginning to remember who we are.

So what is mastery? A master is someone who is in constant and intuitive connection with his or her higher self. To a master, karma no longer applies. We no longer need to push back against events. In each event, there is an infinite array of potentials, and you hold those potentials in your own hands. The master is part of the creative power of the universal spiritual energy, and he or she is capable of creating anything that can be imagined. A master depends on synchronicity and not on surrender. While today we worship masters such as Jesus or Buddha, both originally intended for all of us to see the master in our selves and to see what the human being is capable of achieving and doing.

The main secret of mastery is self love. This is the hardest part of becoming a master of your own life, which essentially means being an artist and creator every second of your life. When you are a master, every thought and feeling has power. With this power, you must become aware of the responsibility that this entails. No longer can you blame anyone else or outside circumstances for the outcome of any event in your life. As a master, you realize that you are entirely creating your own life, with the help of universal energy. In mastery, there is unity of consciousness.

You are connected to all of the information and experience that you have ever lived over the course of thousands of lifetimes. You have been everything from a lowly weed or insect to a tree, a bird of prey, a tiger, a slave, a king. You have been both genders many times, and your skin has been every color. You have been maimed or deformed as well as ideally beautiful. In your DNA is the history of all past and future experiences as well as the potential for anything that can be imagined. As a master, you are pure energy, light, sound, in contact with all energy. You are information in a web of information and light. You are no longer a separate physical body in a sea of bodies with whom you have no knowledge or communication, except with a select few. Now, as a master, you can communicate with anyone or anything. Everything is alive and contains experience and information. All you have to do is ask.

A good place to start on the road to mastery is to forgive yourself and others. Letting go of all conditioning means becoming aware of how you have been conditioned by family and society to limit your perceptions of yourself. We have all been taught either to think highly of our self or to think little of our self. Both teachings are wrong, because all humans are beautiful and very powerful. It is not about self confidence. It is about coming into being. As humans, we can create anything that we imagine…just by speaking the instructions out loud to our self, we can reprogram our own DNA. We can heal our bodies. We can create peace in the world. We can communicate with trees or flowers. Once we shrug off the heavy cloak that has been causing us to harm our self and not take responsibility for our own life, we can be free. Life becomes exciting. We all are artists of potential energy. We sparkle with light and beauty. It is a great relief and joy to become human once again.


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