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Waking up: what tomorrow will bring


Hello readers,

Many people want to know why we are here on Earth. What is our purpose? I have been trying to figure this out for many years. Over the years, gradually, like the opening of a flower bud, small bits of realization have come to me. When I was in my early twenties as an art student in Paris, I walked all over the city, and the city spoke to me. There, I became aware that everything is alive and conscious. That we, humans, are all interconnected to one another and to all that exists. Things have awareness. Water has consciousness. We can communicate with animals and plants. We are all energy and light. Still, despite that realization, I still felt then, as I often do now, that I have trouble connecting to other human beings. Why is that?


I believe it is because almost all humans have been conditioned so completely and extensively that we have lost touch with our true nature, with our hearts, with our freedom, with awareness of our power to create. Most people do not know who we are and what is real and true. We have accepted duality as reality and truth. We have lost the ability to care. We have given up on the feminine part of our being. We have lost understanding that there is a sacred masculine and feminine, and that we need to seek self-awareness in order to create balance in the world we experience collectively. Even our brains contain masculine and feminine elements, respectively the pineal and pituitary glands, which can be activated to achieve hormonal and conscious balance. The mind and heart, when working in concert, raise our awareness and pave the way to our ability to easily create harmony.

Today, we are fortunate to have access to minds and hearts all over the world through the Internet. In the not so distant future, we will realize that to be conscious requires that our hearts be connected to our minds and our minds to our heart. We can choose to wake up at any moment. As we awaken, we all collectively know that we are all part of one consciousness. We once again recognize that we have both a sacred mother and father and we respect and hold high our Mother Earth.  Soon, we will be able to connect with one another and absorb knowledge from anywhere in the Universe, without the need for electronic communications systems. We already have that innate ability, and soon, those of us who choose to remember who we truly are, will rise to a higher level of consciousness and gain new abilities.


Why are things speeding up? Why is there so much violence, cruelty, dishonesty, manipulation, depression, despair in our world? Why does almost everything that humans create in our modern materialist world also create harmful side effects and negative consequences? This includes our medications, pesticides, beauty products, cleaning products, water treatment systems, agricultural systems. Virtually everything we create for good is also harmful to our health and collective survival. Today, most people, especially the wealthy and powerful, behave in ways which shows they believe that they are above responsibility and accountability for their actions and choices. I believe we are reaching the end of this era of duality, domination of left-brain thinking and masculine domination. We have always been given the freedom to choose, and we maintain this right. What we are waking up to is this:

  • It is no longer possible to live with a mindset in which we are separate from Nature and the Universe.
  • Human laws until now do not coincide, for the most part, with Natural Law.
  • Human Laws, governments, religions, and economic systems do not obey Natural Law, do not respect and revere the sacred feminine and masculine balance, and therefore create disharmony.
  • Disharmony cannot sustain life or restore health. Harmony is our natural state. In harmony, our bodies can heal on their own.
  • In harmony, we are healthy, emotionally balanced, and we live simply, not taking more than we give.
  • A paradigm shift is quickly approaching. The old world will give way to the new if enough of us wake up. The other option is frightening, but we can choose what we do want.
  • The key to accessing the new world is to wake up and to know who you really are as a human being.
  • Human beings are all equally powerful and important.
  • All human beings are born with gifts and talents. Happiness comes when we use our talents and gifts to share, serve others, and benefit all of life.
  • If we do something in a state of duality, for example to benefit our own health, but in the process, we harm something or someone else: a fish, a tree, the Earth, our own body, then we contribute to disharmony. When we act in a state of responsibility and know that there are consequences for each of our choices, thoughts, and feelings, we connect to our inner sense of rightness and no longer obey outer dictates.
    • In the new paradigm, what is most important for our survival and to thrive:
    • a constant state of conscious gratitude
    • knowledge in our hearts and minds that we are love and light
    • using that awareness of love and gratitude when we think, act, feel in the world.
    • We are each responsible for the consequences of each and every thought, feeling, and action. In this way, in each and every moment, we are creating the world we live in collectively.


As we awaken to our true nature as human beings, we must be aware that those living in the world of disharmony and duality want to maintain things as they are. As our state of consciousness evolves, we realize that Nature will not permit us to continue to behave according to scientific materialism. We see the effects of climate change, pollution, disease, social chaos, drug addiction, the breakdown of human relationships, the abuse of animals, war. We see our captains of industry, government, and the media manipulating us and making every effort to control us through fear.


Fear is the greatest weapon used against humans to prevent us from waking up. The crushing of the feminine means attempting to keep us alienated from our hearts and remaining ensconced in the ego. When we wake up, we know that we are loved, and that we are love itself. We know that we are intimately connected to every other human being on Earth, and to other beings from other places in the Universe. Love is more powerful than fear, but the lower vibrations of fear are extremely contagious. Fear has the power to lower the vibrations of the Earth itself, to cause earthquakes, storms, volcanic eruptions, global warfare. Raising our thoughts and feelings with love and gratitude and connecting those loving thoughts to those of other people heals our planet and brings peace where there was once war. In our minds and hearts, we all create the world in which we live. This is part of Natural Law.


Our true reality has nothing to do with religion, government, or the economy. We are constantly conditioned to believe that we must accept our world the way a small group of humans have decided it should be. Because this small group of humans wishes to keep things as they are, they work very hard to maintain this state of suffering for us, and pleasure for them. In reality, we all have the power to change this state of affairs by not accepting this artificial reality. When in touch with our full energies of male and female, mind and heart, we can awaken to full consciousness.


When we wake up, we realize that the highest levels of science not yet known to most of us are intimately connected to the highest levels of spirituality. In other words, the mind serves the heart, and the heart informs the mind. We have lived for millennia disconnected from the heart, and from the feminine. This disconnection can and will destroy humanity and our beautiful planet if enough of us do not wake up to this realization.


Our Universe is most likely populated by many other nations of intelligent beings. It is logical to think that we are not alone in the Universe. Our Native American peoples have interacted with “Star Nations” for thousands of years. The Aboriginal peoples of Australia have done the same. While I have personally do not have awareness of having met a being from another planet, there are thousands of people all over the planet who claim they have been taught by these beings to prepare for our collective awakening and for our new life in the new paradigm. These people, many of them young children, are learning advanced physics, new languages, telepathic communication, energy healing, and other critical skills.


Many people believe that our government contains highly secret divisions which have developed technology first introduced to us in modern times by Nicolas Tesla, in the 1930s.  Our governments most likely hold knowledge of the source of free energy which could benefit all peoples, but they do not want us to live in freedom as the creative beings that we were born to be. Today, people around the world are beginning to realize that our leaders do not hold the best interest of their people at heart, and we see how only corporations and the wealthy benefit from our laws and systems.

Ancient peoples were aware of and exploited wireless energy, of which there is an infinite quantity of abundance which cannot be exhausted, and which does not deplete or damage our Earth. They knew about the true nature of the physical principles of gravity and matter. There is evidence that ancient peoples knew how to change the density of matter and how to manipulate the time-space continuum. They knew that consciousness is embedded in the  nature of all things.


Our government does not want us to know that terrorism was purposefully created to keep us afraid and to make sure we don’t become aware of our own humanity and our own power. From Communism to terrorism, they tirelessly work to create chaos and external enemies to keep us afraid, then they offer a pseudo solution to these pseudo problems. When we are afraid, we can easily be controlled and manipulated. We must wake up to know this and not accept fear as our reality. We must know that we have the power to feed Love and Care over fear. That we can wake up and know that we are being manipulated.


When we fuel the negative out of fear and ignorance, the negative grows and creates the reality which we fear most. We can choose to keep co-creating a world of fear and destruction. In many cases, we can take a step back and we can stop being fearful. When appropriate, we can resist fear mongering in peaceful civil disobedience, and when necessary, actively fight back against oppression to work together to create a world of Love and beauty.

When a driver on the highway flips you off, speeding up and cutting you off, this driver is contributing to negativity in the Universe, lowering the vibration of our Earth. When this driver does not care, because he or she does not know that he or she is connected to you in an intimate and permanent way, the action still creates a negative effect. We have the choice to react or not to this lack of care. When we act with love, even when we are mistreated, we add to the positive vibrations of electromagnetic energy. We reverse the negative effects of that selfish action. We do not add to it. We are awake and we know that the driver was asleep and not aware that loving actions and thoughts promote life and the survival of humanity on Earth.


It appears that certain secret divisions of our defense departments draw extensive funds in the trillions of dollars without any government oversight from our tax funded programs to build ships that use advanced physics to travel into space. I have read that weapons of mass destruction based on Tesla’s principles of electricity are already installed in space, waiting to wage war against beings from other planets.  These sources say that our governments wish to manipulate us by creating chaos and fear. They say it is planned that we will be told that enemies on other planets wish us harm, and that they will attack us if we do not attack them first. I have read that people with political and financial power seek to enthrone ego and to eternally repress the feminine in order to maintain a world order of violence, mind control, and permanent destruction of freedom. If this is true, then some individuals have become sick with power, sick with the knowledge that they can create great destruction. And they want to drag us all down with them. We must stand up, speak up, fight back.


We see mass shootings. We see people who want to destroy others as they commit suicide. Why would these people want to destroy our beautiful Earth and humanity? This attempt to destroy truth and consciousness is something I can’t and don’t understand. Perhaps the accumulated negativity in our thoughts and lack of empathy is enabling the most vulnerable among us to succumb to the negativity and fear. All the more reason to work hard at raising our vibrations by acting with kindness and caring at all moments. Once we raise our frequencies to that of love and gratitude, there will be no more room for fear, no more desire for the possession of weapons and self-defense against invisible threats.

This desire to destroy the sacred feminine has been harming us and our planet for thousands of years. Native American chief Golden Light Eagle speaks of a vision he experienced during a shamanic ritual in which Jesus came to him. In the vision Jesus was called Emmanuel, which is a Hebrew name meaning “God with us”. It was also another Hebrew name for the Messiah. In this vision, Jesus told Chief Golden Light Eagle that he had a twin sister, Emmanuela. In this vision, Jesus came to him and explained that at the time of his trial and crucifixion, it was his sister Emmanuela who was pursued even more actively than himself and on whom full destruction was intended. So much so that no one has ever even heard of her existence before. What this means to me is that the Messiah contains both the full consciousness of the masculine and feminine principles. Without this awareness, we cannot live in harmony.


What I do understand is this:

  • We must embrace the feminine within us and within all things. Survival and continued evolution of life on this planet depends on it.
  • Terrorism is a false evil created to manipulate humans and to keep us in a perpetual state of fear through which we can be controlled.
  • Beings from other planets most likely do exist, and if they do, they are not to be feared. We must embrace them and open our minds and hearts to them. Please watch videos by Dr. Stephen Greer.
  • People from other countries, other religions are not to be feared. If we open our hearts to them in love, we will all live peacefully.
  • Nationalism is a tool to inflate fear. Do not be afraid to shun patriotism. Be loyal to the heart and to the truth that all humans are equal.
  • Fear is the most destructive force in the Universe, because it lowers the electromagnetic field of the Earth itself. It is contagious and leads to all manifestations of consequences of the things we all want to avoid most (excluding those few psychopaths who actually want to see  death, destruction, and mass annihilation).
  • We all have the power to choose love and care over fear every day, in every moment of our lives. We are here on Earth to learn and to raise consciousness – our own and the collective being. Love and Caring raise the vibrations of our Earth. Love and Care heal our relationship to our Earth, to one another. Love and our obeying Natural Law, embracing the feminine, harmony, and accepting consequences for each of our thoughts, feelings, actions have the power to heal our Earth and our relationship to Her.


Native Americans and Indigenous teachers tell us that there are 12 Wisdom Keepers who have been sent to the Earth at this time to teach us how to heal ourselves and our planet. They teach us that the Earth is currently undergoing a polar shift. This last happened about 10,000 to 13,000 years ago. During this time, the electromagnetic energies in the field of the planet are raised, and we are affected by this energy. At this time, it is critical that we raise our vibrations with those of the planet. We have a choice. We can accept responsibility for our thoughts, feelings, and actions. We are powerful. Our thoughts, feelings, and actions will help determine the outcome of the paradigm shift. Love and Caring will help to produce beauty, harmony, and freedom. Fear, selfishness, greed, and cruelty will bring us down into death, destruction, violence. We have a choice to make. The time is approaching quickly.

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