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When love joins science



Hello readers,

It has taken me many years for my life’s purpose to unfold to me, and it is still unfolding a little bit every day. As it turns out, although I grew up in a family in which my mother rejected me, my purpose is to help people to awaken to understanding the presence and the importance of the feminine in our lives. Feminine energies and goddesses have been virtually banned from nearly every aspect of our lives for several thousand years. Without those energies consciously honored and integrated into our societies, cultures, economies, political systems, energy systems, and  without the input of those spiritual guides, we have been spiraling down a long road to collective destruction.

I believe we are all very lucky to live in a time when the visible and the invisible will become one, and when the energies of masculine and feminine will once again be embraced by all in an harmonious way. The time is approaching when science and the spiritual will be joined in a single world view and when all people will understand and embrace Natural Law. We have a big responsibility, individually and collectively, to help raise our own awareness and that of our communities. It is by waking up and realizing our true nature and purpose that we can heal our bodies, our planet, and hopefully avoid cataclysmic natural disasters that inevitably come when the natural harmony of all systems become disturbed to a degree that no longer supports life.

For the last several thousand years, the majority of people on Earth have been ruled by small groups of people who enjoy wealth, power, and privilege at the expense of the well-being of the majority of the world’s populations. Under Natural Law, it is not possible to profit or enjoy wealth, beauty, or health at the expense of anyone or anything else that exists. Doing so damages the magnetic field of our bodies and of the earth, creating disharmony, disease, and in the extreme, to natural disasters.

The privileged people of our planet consist of politicians, owners and CEOs of corporations who exploit natural and human resources, investors…anyone who takes more than they need…and these individuals are today greedier than ever before in human history. The power hungry are endangering the survival of humanity on our planet. It is not terrorism or nuclear war, which are developments intentionally created to keep us in fear, that are the biggest dangers.  The greatest dangers to our security and continued existence on this planet are fear itself, the maintenance of ignorance of the true nature and power of all human beings, and the exploitation of peoples and nature and her resources by the power hungry.

The so-called powerful people of the world hold it in their own best interest to keep the remainder of the people fearful so that they may continue to expand their wealth and privilege. We have all been indoctrinated into scientific materialism, which encourages the notion that we are all separate from one another. Excessive individualism ramps up the narcissism which contributes to damaging our collective power and magnetic field. The powerful establishment uses the media, religion, science, and other tools to keep our minds and hearts from evolving and growing. In this manner, they maintain our collective beliefs in materialism, terrorism, and other invisible threats. They keep many loyal to beliefs in demons and the threat of punishment, judgment, hell. They turn us against one another, because they know that when the people are unified and conscious of truth, the powerful will be defeated and forced to live as everyone else does.

Scientific materialism has us believe that we are separate from nature. This world view has separated the mind from the heart. Emotion is at the center of Natural Law, and to exclude the heart and the importance of emotion prevents our true understanding of how the Universe works and how we fit into it. Materialism deprives us of our true power, and gives us meaningless competition, dividing us into the pursuit of something called “success”.

We are taught that to be scientific, we observe and make objective readings of what we see.  However, certain aspects of reality are excluded from these codified observations and scientific method. In reality, our minds, thoughts, and emotions influence the outcomes of all experiments. Because we are all connected in a living electromagnetic field, all thought and feeling either increases or decreases the power of this field. Our expectations influence outcomes. There is, in other words, no such thing as objectivity. Nature does follow laws, but her laws are subject to Natural and Universal Law, not to our biased human scientific principles. Our current system is inaccurate and is not based on the Law of Nature, which says that everything is electromagnetic energy, and that everything is alive and intelligent and interconnected. Natural Law also demands that we take responsibility, and that we be aware of the possible outcomes from our thoughts, emotions, actions.  Extended exposure to materialist thinking and emotional alienation reinforces the domination of our governments, religions, and scientific systems, but it does nothing to make us healthier, to extend our lifespans. It does nothing to improve our quality of life.

When you look around yourself, you will see that the domination of so-called science has caused our oceans and waterways to be polluted with heavy metals, toxic industrial and agro-chemicals, plastics, and radiation. Our soil is polluted, as is our air, and our bodies. We feel tired and are often sick. Many people suffer from allergies, asthma, eczema, autism, heart disease, cancer, drug addiction. Our immune systems are compromised, and we can’t seem to naturally protect ourselves from bacteria and viruses. Our weather systems are becoming difficult to predict and the intensity of storms has multiplied. Many of us are fearful of what is to come and feel we have no ability to control the outcome of our lives. In political life, corruption  has reached such a degree that our votes do not count and our voices are not heard.

Yet, when we embrace Natural Law and see ourselves as we truly are, as an integral part of Nature, then we can make a difference. This is where our power lies. We have the power to heal our bodies, our water ways. We  have the power to unify communities and families and to end abuse. Once we begin to obey Natural Laws and take responsibility for our every thought and feeling, we will be able to replicate the scientific systems that Nicolas Tesla had discovered for the completely sustainable production of electricity which was known and used in the ancient world. Intuitive scientist and observer of Nature in 1930’s Austria, Viktor Schauberger, discovered the properties of water in its natural state and how to maintain that power to restore health and natural balance as well as to create hydroelectric power without damaging animals, nature, humans. The mind is servant to the heart, and when harnessed together, anything is possible. The human being is extremely powerful.

Today, around the world, there are scientists who have been studying water, quantum physics, electromagnetic energy. We now know that water has memory. Luc Montagnier, French scientific researcher who discovered the AIDS virus, has been conducting fascinating experiments which will define the future of medicine based on water memory. Montagnier has been following the lead of Jacques Benveniste, whose work in water memory and how homeopathic medicine really works, was discredited by the scientific establishment, which felt threatened by his revolutionary work.

We know that all substances that appear solid, including our bodies, are in fact all energy. Our cells are power plants, and the foods we eat and thoughts we think, as well as the emotions we feel all affect our electromagnetic field, which some people call our “aura”. The Earth itself has an electromagnetic field. What scientists have not yet understood is how our emotions connect us to the planet, and how individual and collective responsibility is key for our survival. In sum, moral and emotional concerns are extremely important components in understanding how the world, how the universe work. By separating out the feminine, which includes the power of love, creativity, abundance, generosity, prayer, nurturing, and emotion, we are handicapping our ability to live in harmony with nature and thus to survive and thrive on this planet.

The ancient peoples of Egypt, Sumeria, and others that for the time being appear only in our collective history as legends (Atlantis, Lemuria) possessed the ability to produce wireless electricity. These peoples were familiar with Natural Law and lived with technology much more advanced than our own today. History is not linear, building up from primitive to more sophisticated, as we have been often taught. Alternative history explains that the legendary land and people of Atlantis perished because at some point in their evolution, they stopped respecting the laws of nature.

In fact, it is very important to know and understand that the peoples now living on Earth who have been the most exploited and treated with the most racism and cruelty – the Native peoples of the Americas, of Africa, and of Australia and Asia – these people possess in their traditions the true knowledge of Nature and science and the value of the feminine. The Native Americans who have remained in touch with their roots know how to live, how to heal our mother Earth, how to connect to the energies and other peoples of the Universe. They have much to teach us. In fact, their teachings are key to our survival on this Planet.  They have long prophesied the coming of a Great Purification, which, if we don’t change our ways immediately, will cleanse our Earth and millions of people around the world will die. It doesn’t have to be this way, but we must begin to embrace the feminine and consciously regulate our thoughts, prayers, and emotions in order to save humanity and our planet.

Native American cultures announced our entrance to a new era on December 21, 2012. Around the world, people feared the end of the world, but the transition to the new era has been misunderstood. The new era announces the rise in the vibrations of our planet and people. Because of the higher frequency of electromagnetic energy entering our atmosphere, people are waking up in increasing numbers. As we experience widespread violence, drug addiction, social injustice, global warming, and pollution, we can understand these phenomena through the constant attack of our minds, hearts, and bodies by our current cultural and scientific paradigm. The end of this era has come, and the birth of the new era involves the collective experience of the pain of transformation. We must let go of the old in order to embrace the new. Negative energies, pollution, fear all contribute to pain and disease as well as opening us up to natural disasters.

This is how we can help heal our Earth and change our relationships to our selves, to one another, to our communities, to our planet:

  • Think positive, loving thoughts.
  • Meditate when you feel sad, tired, or discouraged.
  • Show gratitude at each moment of your day for the blessings of your life.
  • Reach out to others and encourage people to express their gifts.
  • Don’t use more than you need.
  • Drink revitalized water.
  • Give thanks for your food and water. This is not about religion.
  • Read and study how to raise your energy levels. Because we are all connected, our frequency of vibration in our personal magnetic field is contagious, and it can strengthen or weaken the magnetic fields of those around us. This affects the planet as a whole. When more people are fearful than loving, the magnetic field of the planet weakens.
  • Observe and respect Nature.
  • Know that you are part of Nature.
  • Think about how your thoughts, intentions, and actions affect other people, animals, and the world. Be responsible and caring.

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