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Be powerful: choose love, avoid fear


Hello readers,

We are living in a special time in which great changes are taking place. In fact, together, we are bringing about a historic paradigm shift. As the electromagnetic energies of the Earth rise and the polar shift continues, human beings are experiencing much turmoil all over the planet. The opportunity to raise our awareness of the true nature of life and the true nature of ourselves as human beings is both unique and extremely important. The more humans who choose to select and to manifest love over fear over the next few decades will have a great impact on the outcome of life on Earth for all of humanity.

The truth of the nature of reality is becoming more widely known as the gap (which in reality exists only in our belief systems) between spirituality and science narrows. In reality, we humans, like the rest of the Universe, are pure energy. We are light, love, sound. We are creators of the world in which we live, and through our choices and levels of awareness, we can manifest love or fear in each and every moment. What science is not yet able to accept or integrate is this fact of nature: love is at the heart of all energy production. All of matter is energy, and all that exists is intelligent, conscious. The Universe and everything in it is alive and conscious. We are an integral part of this intelligent Universe, and we are all interconnected. Our thoughts and feelings have an immediate impact on everything and everyone on our planet and beyond. In fact, the quality of our thoughts and feelings affect the electromagnetic vibration – the frequency – of Mother Earth herself. This is not esoteric spirituality. This is reality, and one day, science will integrate this information. Today, experimental science knows that water possesses memory and consciousness. Science does not yet acknowledge the power of emotion and the heart over consciousness and the production of energy.

When a human being listens to news on television, watches movies, is manipulated by fearful messages and reacts to those messages with anxiety, anger, defensiveness, and fear, this fear is communicated to others, to plants, to animals, to the Earth. This fear lowers the vibration of the energy on the planet and creates more violence and disharmony.  Love and loving thoughts and feelings heal and create harmony. Fearful thoughts, angry feelings, disunity, racism, self-loathing, hatred, jealousy, envy, greed – negative thoughts and emotions create chaos, sickness, weather disturbances, and social fracture.

In other words, we are all responsible for the world that we create, individually and collectively, at each moment. We can affect the weather, we can reduce or grow global warming with our thoughts and feelings. It sounds outlandish, but in fact, this is the true nature of our reality. We can heal the waters in our bodies in our oceans with loving thoughts and by invoking gratitude. Yes, we can heal cancer and restore health to our cells and those of other people through our thoughts. Our hearts are powerful engines, oscillating liquid crystal motors, as was the Ark of the Covenant which drove the engines of the power plants in the ancient pyramids of Egypt. Our bodies are made up of over 70% water. Water contains crystals which conduct electricity and which contain consciousness and memory of every thought, experience, and feeling that comes into contact with that water. Through the channels of water, the power of prayer, thought, feelings, and telepathy are conducted.

We live in a very mysterious universe, and we, as human beings, are very powerful. We are each a manifestation of love and light in the Universe. We are consciousness. We have the choice to awaken and to choose love, or to remain asleep and be manipulated and controlled by fear.

In America today, the presidential election process is an excellent example of how the corrupting influence of the media, our political parties, financial systems, and candidates spread fear in order to keep people anxious and feeling powerless. The rich, powerful, and greedy are aware of the power of fear and they wield it well to maintain their stations of privilege. They fear the power of love, because they know that love will unite and empower the masses of human beings living around the globe into consciousness and reduce their empires to dust.

When we experience in our society the so-called threats of terrorism or other criminal behaviors, it is important to think. Who manufactured this threat? Is it a real threat?  Why are we afraid? Who wants us to be afraid, and is it worth giving into this fear? What is the cost  of fear, and who is benefiting from terrorism? The truth is, our leaders have created terrorism in order to keep us afraid. By keeping the majority of the populace afraid, they control us and maintain their power. When we are afraid, we are weak, and by projecting the energy of fear, we weaken our planet, our health. Fear is an invisible prison which maintains our planet in a state of disharmony, war, chaos, and disease.

If we want to change this state of affairs and live in a world which is peaceful, beautiful, harmonious, and in which we are healthy and live long, productive, and creative lives, then we must individually and collectively focus all of our attention and energy on love, not fear.

There is much evidence that the Clinton empire has been working tirelessly for decades to amass fortune and influence, benefiting themselves and hundreds of millionaire and billionaire donors, both private and governmental, from around the world. The Clintons intentionally work to remove democratically elected leaders around the world, replacing them with hand-picked leaders they have bought. They work to create conflicts between rival groups from which they benefit financially, all while disguising their input as positive charitable contributions or regime changes in the name of democracy. Weaving a complex web of manipulation and deceit and using their influence and station for evil, the Clintons believe they are above the law, concealing their nefarious activities behind the smoke screen of a charitable foundation, all while making themselves and their friends fabulously wealthy.

We observe Hillary Clinton proclaiming she is above the law, and many believe she is right in her power and cannot be touched or be held accountable. In the past few months, we have watched  Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee commit shameless and massive election fraud, stealing the nomination and the popular vote from Bernie Sanders. In Hillary Clinton, we have a presidential candidate who is being investigated by the FBI for multiple and extremely serious charges which her surrogates have consistently downplayed. She abused her power and influence while Secretary of State under President Obama as yet with impunity…and still relatively few people are aware of the extent of her criminal behavior . Manipulation by the media in her favor has wiped away awareness that this woman and her husband are criminals who should be in prison and not running for the highest office of the most high responsibility in our land.

Simultaneously, we observe Donald Trump, who uses the fear and anger of portions of the disenfranchised to disunite the people. He only pretends to listen and to care, constantly changing his positions to feed off the shifting mood of the crowd. Our system has been run by and for the wealthy for decades, ignoring the needs of people and the planet for as many decades. People are hurting, and they feel frustrated and angry, lonely and sickly. By turning people against one another, Trump increases hatred, bigotry, mistrust, and increases fear. He invokes the potential of terrorist attacks, and makes people believe that we  should imagine our neighbors and friends as enemies. He speaks of building walls and excluding our fellow human beings. Hillary Clinton is as devious as she is dangerous.  She is a designer of war, a vulture of greed. Donald Trump does not yet have blood on his hands, as does Clinton. He is blatant and unoriginal in his scapegoating tactics, but is almost as dangerous in his contagious negative intentions.

Yet in America today, we do have a candidate who truly cares about people. That candidate is Bernie Sanders. He has consistently devoted his energies to the welfare of all people and our planet for his entire life and career. He wants to empower people, to spread love and caring through policies that create wealth and prosperity for everyone. And so he is ridiculed and diminished by the press and by the powerful. It is logical that those who are in power would try to disempower the people. Our government system is not a democracy. We can take back our power by being united. By thinking loving thoughts, and from those loving thoughts and feelings, we can create a world that is love, that is loving.

Please do not lose hope or feel that you are powerless. When you begin to wake up, you begin to feel your own power. When we accept responsibility for our thoughts and feelings, we can create beauty and harmony in the world. We are not victims when we accept responsibility. The aboriginal and native peoples of the world have always understood this principle. They have been waiting for us to wake up. We have great power when we project love into the world. We are the world, and the world is us.

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