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We are built for love: “haters” beware!


Hello readers,

Apparently it only takes a handful of “lovers” in the world to overtake the lower vibrations of fear which are contaminating humanity and our planet to a critical degree. If we don’t transform the way we think individually and collectively now, the immediate future of humanity is in grave peril.

The laws of nature and the universe determine the true nature of our reality, of which most people are still not aware. Most humans still believe that we are separate beings, that we are not connected to one another. Most people think we are made of solid matter, and that objects, animals, and plants are not made of the same stuff that we are. Most people do not know how incredibly alive and intelligent the universe is, and how powerful we, as human beings, are. Most of us have yet to learn how powerful our thoughts are, and that we are the fully responsible creators of our own lives. Most of us also do not yet know that every thought we think and every choice we make modifies the quality of life for everyone and everything else on Earth. We are all responsible for the well-being of our fellow humans, our communities, animals, plants, and our planet. Everything that is here with us is our family.

Because so many people do not realize the power of their thoughts and do not know that the heart is an incredibly sensitive instrument of intelligence which can transform the world, we allow ourselves to be manipulated by other people who on the surface appear to be more powerful than we are. If only we all knew that we could purify the water from our taps to the water of our oceans with our thoughts and collective prayers. If only we all knew that by loving with our hearts, thoughts, and actions, we could right the imbalance that hundreds and even thousands of years of cruelty and suppression of the feminine have created. We have the power to let go of the negative from now and from our history, to brush it off, and to raise our thoughts and actions to unity, peace, and grace.

I have been closely following the current presidential election cycle, and it is interesting to note how much energy and effort our political establishment, corporate media and culture devotes to deception and manipulation. As we all well know, corporations including credit card companies, the petroleum industry, Wall Street investment banks, the pharmaceutical, healthcare, and food industries, and a host of other corporate interests and lobbies pay off politicians and the media to reflect their views and interests. It is because the wealthy and powerful believe that they are powerful and separate beings that they continue to exploit people, the Earth, and its bounty. They do not realize that by hurting people and the planet, they are harming their own bodies and imperiling their own survival as well as the survival of the human species. Responsibility seems as rare as integrity, and indeed, these two character traits that go hand in hand have become qualities that few recognize or value.

It has become apparently acceptable to many that our prospective leaders be openly dishonest and deceitful. No one seems to be shocked or repelled by these behaviors. It has become admirable to many that the Republican presumptive nominee for president be a racist, immature, inconsistent, uncommitted, and unable to accept responsibility for either his words or actions. On the one hand, we have a woman who is only consistent in her constant changes of position in order to woo voters and who is under FBI investigation for what amounts to treason, and on the other, a man who is a malignant narcissist who has no intention to honor his unambiguously divisive and bigoted promises.

The rise of Bernie Sanders on the scene, despite unabashed negativity and lack of objective coverage on the part of the media, is encouraging. The younger generation is overall ready for true change, and Bernie’s message resonates with open-hearted people of all ages and origins. Unity over division. Love over hate. Integrity over manipulation. Equal opportunities for all over oligarchy and corruption.

It is clear that of the three remaining candidates, only Bernie Sanders is kind and honest, a man of integrity. His honesty, refusal to badmouth his opponent, Hillary Clinton, despite abundant opportunity and justification to do so, and his focus on bringing together the American people, shows that he truly cares about the well-being of all Americans. On the other hand, Hillary Clinton and the Democratic party have used outright lies, buying out media channels to prevent Bernie Sanders the coverage he deserves so that all citizens can get to know him and his policies. It would seem that Hillary Clinton and the Democratic establishment will resort to the lowest of low tactics to prevent progressive and independent voters from voting, to prevent valid votes at caucuses and primaries from being counted. We have seen outright and repeated lies despite abundant videos and documentation of the facts. It has been revealed that the Democratic Party, likes its Republican counterpart, is rotten to the core.

This election cycle is one example of many of how negativity is spread from person to person, creating virtual realities, and perpetuating the status quo. Many Americans want change. So how do we truly go about transforming our world from one where we are used and exploited and not treated with dignity, love, and respect to creating a world where what we truly desire is realized?

The answer is a simple one. We look within our hearts. We pray that our mind be connected to our heart. We examine our thoughts and cast out all negativity and fear. We don’t blame anyone, and we focus on loving our self and on purifying the sludge of thoughts, conditioning, negative emotions, and habits from our bodies, minds, and souls. We think clearly about what it is we really want, and then we take action. We join together with other people, and we use the power of our thoughts to cleanse our culture, our land, our water, our food, our bodies, our soil, our animals, our plants, our planet. We reach for balance, and we recognize our power to connect our thoughts to one another, to the universe. We realize our nature as beings of light and energy, and both individually and collectively, we work to raise our frequencies of vibration to heal our communities and our planet.

We know that the haters can hate and will accelerate their projections of fear, but we will no longer accept that fear as our own. It will pearl up and roll away from us, as love fearproofs our skin. Love is more powerful than fear because it is our true nature. Love is light. We are light, we are water, we are energy. We can communicate with anyone and anything in the universe, without even opening our mouth, through the power of our thoughts. We live in a wonderful, vibrant, and beautiful world. It is time to cherish this world, cherish our self, cherish one another.

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