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Power and the new age of the human being


Hello readers,

I have always known, felt, and experienced that reality and the world in which we live are so much bigger and more wonderful than we are told as children. As we grow up in this world, we are often taught to think of ourselves as so much less than what we are. We cannot blame our parents, because they too think they are small and powerless. Or they attribute their power to their job or position in the world and what they own.  And those who think they are powerful in the world are powerful because they take their power from us. In reality, all human beings are equally powerful, endowed with abilities that boggle the mind and heart. If we are to avoid great strife in the world and to survive as a species, we must quickly adopt our true nature and live from our hearts, and not from fear. For it is fear that will destroy us and our ability to live on this planet.

Currently, we are experiencing a seismic shift in the paradigm that we accept as reality. We have entered a new age, and people are beginning to awaken into a new level of consciousness. In this new era, all people will be equal. There will be no hierarchy, and no one will have more power or wealth than anyone else. Not because we will all become Communists or that we will adopt some different system of government or culture. Simply because there will be no need for this way of being any longer.

If you observe what is going on in the world today and the people around you, you may see that shift. People who are older (50+) (and there are exceptions) may think that they must accept the status quo, even if at heart they are progressives who want to see environmental protections and social progress. The people who are currently in power in the world use any means that they can to protect their privileges and to manipulate our thinking. For, as it turns out, our thinking – the words and thoughts and intentions that we project into the world, both individually and collectively, are incredibly powerful and transformative.

Once, we, as human beings, begin to harness the power of our hearts and intentions for a compassionate and peaceful world, we can and will work together as one. We are beginning once again to see that we are an integral part of nature. Together, we can shift weather patterns, restore health and beauty to our waters, to our Earth.

Some of the ancient peoples of this world possessed a higher level of technology than we do today, and it was temporarily lost, though there are still a few people who possess this wisdom. When the Europeans came to America in search of gold, their greed blinded them to the true riches which were present in this great land. Perhaps this era of cruelty and domination of peoples, animals, and the land had to occur for the global awakening to take place. I don’t really know. What the Europeans did not see is that the Inca and Mayan peoples in the Americas, and the Egyptians and perhaps other peoples on the African continent possessed the secrets to an energy system that was completely natural, incredibly powerful, and completely sustainable. In these cultures, true power came from the heart, and not the mind.

However, these ancient cultures still possessed power structures. Not all people were equal. Slavery existed, as did human sacrifice. I believe in the new era of the human being, these practices and other forms of cruelty will have completely disappeared. Together, we will harness the power of being. Our awareness of self and others, and how we are all interconnected will become apparent. We will be able to communicate telepathically with full awareness of that ability. We will work together to evolve our world, to heal and grow together through conscious collective prayer. We will finally all know and respect that our planet is a living being with intelligence, and that the entire universe is equally alive and intelligent.

No longer will we be able or wish to exploit our planet and treat animals or matter as resources. For we will know that all is alive. And all that is alive is light and electromagnetic energy. We all come from the same source, and we are all equal as beings of light. In this new era, there will be no racism or discrimination.

Today, in our current election cycle in the United States, we can see the transition. Older people are being swayed by the old system. Some who have material comforts want to maintain their status. And those who have lost their jobs to China, Mexico, Vietnam, or Bangladesh feel powerless. Many of these people think that somehow the rich and powerful can and will help them regain some level of comfort or power in their lives. This sense of powerlessness is what has given Donald Trump his ascent. Yet these people are sadly mistaken. The billionaires today are about to see the end of their reign transpire. They think that they can continue to exploit the peoples and resources of the Earth, then take shelter with huge stores of fresh water, land, and food when war and cataclysms shudder over our planet. Sadly or not so sadly, the uber-wealthy are mistaken. They cannot escape from what is about to come. The world does not belong to them.

Our beautiful planet Earth belongs to all of us, and we belong to her. The Earth is the great feminine, our mother. We are a family, and we all belong. Today, when Bernie Sanders tells his followers that we are all powerful, he is exactly right. When he tells people to speak up and fight back, he is completely correct. When Bernie energizes massive crowds at his rallies, proclaiming that we need all peoples of all origins to come together as one, and that divisive policies and fear-mongering are a great danger for our country, he is absolutely right. Together, we can change the world. And we don’t have to rely on an election system or democracy, or even a political revolution. We are already connected together, and we do have the power to restore peace to this world. We have the power to restore balance and to give back gratitude and acknowledgement to the importance of the feminine. We have the power, individually and collectively, to create together a world in which humans live in harmony with one another, with animals, plants, with our planet, and with the universe in which our Earth lives and breathes.

If you are interested in learning more about the powers of the human being and the awakened heart, please watch these two videos. One is about consciousness: Consciousness – Science Kept Hidden, and the other is a fascinating but cautionary lesson about how crystals can be used for healing and the physics of electromagnetic energy: Les Brown: the Physics of Crystals (the full documentary)  Also, here is a link to some of Edgar Cayce’s predictions, which closely match Native American prophecies.

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