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Bernie Sanders saves the world!


Dear readers,

In a recent rally, Bernie Sanders told fervent supporters that he is not a savior. That alone, he cannot accomplish anything.  It is the people who have the power to bring about change, which always comes from the bottom, not the top. He evokes the awakening of millions of people, of human beings, to a state of awareness about the current state of our country and our world. And from that awareness grows consciousness that the well-being of people, animals, plants, our planet should be more important than money and power. Collectively, people must raise their voices, take action, fight back.

We desperately need men and women of integrity in office today. Leaders who are not trying to curry favor and manipulate us to get what they want for themselves, their friends and contributors. The future of humanity depends on a mass awakening, and we all have little time left to take action. Choosing between Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump is not an option, because we are at a unique place in the history of humanity. The choices we make today determine whether  our culture, our cities, our civilization, and whether humanity will live to see the 22nd century on Earth.


Hopi wisdom explains that we are approaching a great purification. All of the nine signs of the prophecies have been fulfilled. (Click on link to watch video of prophecy.) The “Fourth World” or fourth stage in the evolution of life on our planet signifies the era of the “human being”. The First World was the era of the mineral or rock, the second of plant life, the third (our era) of the experience of being an animal. The rise to higher consciousness will be a difficult transition. While human history teems with stories of warfare, conquests of other peoples, slavery, discrimination, famines, and chaos…we have arrived at a critical point. Human populations are higher than at any time in human history, and without global cooperation, there is absolutely no way that we can continue our current lifestyle and all survive.


I personally believe that an awakened human being, a person of higher consciousness, the most famous examples being Buddha or Jesus, is someone who takes full responsibility for his or her thoughts, actions, choices, words.  It is a person who walks with compassion and who lets go of a limited sense of self. An awakened human being knows that all that exists is interconnected, is life itself. Anything we think, say, or touch is family. And we cannot harm that which is part of our self. No one is saved who does not awaken, who does not walk with humility, compassion for all people.

Bernie Sanders is a good man. He is very kind and has high moral standards. He wants to help us create together a country in which all people of all origins are treated with kindness, dignity, and compassion. His words echo the Hopi prophecies, for the “Fourth World” is a world in which humanity is raised up, and which all of the four lineages of humanity will unite and teach one another from their collective wisdom: the Asians (yellow peoples, responsible for the element of air), the Native peoples (red peoples and keepers of the Earth), the White peoples (keepers of the fire), and the Black peoples (responsible for the element of water, the most sacred element, without which there is no life.)

In one Hopi prophecy, it is spoken that the people of Baha (Baha’i) will lead all of the survivors of the Purification, creating one global federation. In this future, a higher level of humanity will exist, in which there will be no separate countries, cultures, or languages. There will be one central government for all of Earth. People will live in harmony with one another and with our plants, animals, our Earth.


I do not know if we can avoid this coming Purification. From what I understand, it may be coming very soon, during our lifetime. There is great urgency. I am someone who is generally a skeptic. I think carefully about what I read, and I choose multiple sources when I do research. In the past, I have always felt strongly positive about the ability of human beings to grow and change and for us to cooperate with one another. I have felt reluctance to admit that we are living in the “end times” as my Christian friends tell me.


As time goes by, I have observed great changes, in particular with the younger generation. Some older people are open to the changes, but many are stuck in the ways of cultural and scientific materialism, which is the way of the past. We have to let go of a life based on the pursuit of physical comforts. In the era of the human being, the focus will be on love and compassion, and everyone will be aware that we are all one family.  Today, we need to simplify our lives drastically. Above all, we need to realize that if our children and future generations are going to be able to live on this planet, we will have to change the way we think, the way we eat, the way we govern, the way we travel.

If we choose to elect Bernie Sanders as our next president, I feel that all of humanity will have a greater chance of survival. The United States has great power over the world, mostly because we have historically exploited other countries and their human and natural resources. We have dominated the global economy and politics in ways of which I feel ashamed. At the memorial commemoration of the U.S. bombing of Hiroshima, Japan, President Obama spoke about the courage to remove nuclear weapons from the world, all while knowing that he has approved a half trillion dollar budget to update our own nuclear arsenal from the Cold War. The words are nice, but they mean nothing without action, without true courage. If we want to bring about these changes, we all need to stand up and stand behind our leaders. If we want life, we must choose love over fear.


On a positive note, I feel that if we lead by removing the predominance of fear and greed in all our attitudes and policies, such as by actually removing our nuclear arsenals and nuclear power plants and by paying all workers a decent living wage, we can choose to spend our funds on education, the creation of widespread organic farms, universal healthcare, and sustainable energy systems. Above all, we can serve as an example to other countries, and we can humble ourselves and learn from those who are more evolved than we are. It is time to listen to our Native and Aboriginal peoples from around the world. They have the wisdom and knowledge that we need to live in and with our world, with Nature, whom we have exploited and abused during this material age.

If we stop fearing Russia and China, they may no longer feel the need to react to a perceived threat, relax and develop more loving modes of governance. They may choose to stay on their current path. We have no control over what they do, but we do have control over what we choose. At this point in time, we have all to gain and everything to lose. For if we continue on the current path by electing an establishment politician such as Hillary Clinton, or an unpredictable and bigoted elitist who pretends to be a populist, such as Donald Trump, we are surely leading all of humanity to extinction.


Bernie Sanders may not be a savior, but he is a great leader. He is a rare breed of human being in this day and age, for he is honest and true to his principles. His heart is kind, and he is passionately devoted to caring for those who have been forgotten, and for the most vulnerable. When hard choices need to be made, he has the courage to make those choices, even when they are unpopular.

Our vote this election season is not about capitalism or socialism. It is not about electing one person or another. It is about the survival of humanity, and it is about the transition to a new way of being human in the world.

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