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Stand up for yourself…on back pain in America

Flax Seed

Hello readers,

So many of us, including myself, suffer from chronic pain. The most common chronic pain is back pain, and generally, because we live in a material world and a materialistic culture, we attribute our aches and pains to material causes. I sit too long at my desk, staring at the computer. I spend hours sitting in traffic, commuting to and from work. I stand at a counter serving customers all day.

We also try to cure our pains and diseases with material cures. More and more medications are taken, each of which includes an array of side effects. While I personally take no medications other than supplements, every day we hear about increasing numbers of people addicted to narcotics, many of whom began by seeking out prescription pain killers because they suffered from chronic back pain or other physical ailments.

Why are we suffering so much? Is it because many of us are lonely? Is it because many of us are not doing the work we were born to do? Is it because we live in a society that values money and productivity over love, compassion for people, animals, and our environment?

Young woman sitting in a jar

My chiropractor, Dr. John, is an amazing man. He is the epitome of kindness and compassion, and what I love best about him is that he  doesn’t try to sell his patients extra products and services. He tries to help people to help themselves and find ways to justify our modern lifestyle and the ancestral biological and emotional needs of our bodies and souls.

Still, despite his amazing knowledge of the human body and natural methods of healing, Dr. John couldn’t help me heal my back pain. He did recommend eating raw ginger and cutting out sugars and grains. Raw ginger definitely does help. And I think I lack the will power at this point in time to cut out the sugars and grains altogether. But I have cut back.

I did, however, find through trial and error, a few ways to ease my pain. I tried cold pack and hot packs, exercises with tennis balls, stretches, special cervical and lumbar pillows. I raised up my computer screen at work. That helped my creaky cervical spine quite a bit. Mostly, I sense that being able to stand up for myself, to live a purposeful life and to find joy in my work would be the most healing of processes. I find that as a single parent, most of my life energy is taken up with the logistics of physical survival, and this is painful to my emotional being. I feel certain that stress and emotional depletion through lack of opportunity or time to contribute to society by using my true talents and skills to a greater extent is expressed in my body through this chronic back pain.


The single thing that has helped the most is taking flax seed (ground with a coffee grinder, two tablespoons at a time, mixed with organic cottage cheese) and flax seed oil. The difference after just two weeks is remarkable. Before taking flax seed, sometimes I could hardly get out of bed or bend over to tie my shoes. I decided to try the flax seed after reading about the Budwig diet, which recognizes the importance of supporting the electrico-magnetic fields in our biological processes. Therein lies the spiritual within our physical being. Here is a little information about the Budwig diet, taken from the site cancertutor.com

“Dr Budwig was born in Germany in 1908. She passed away in 2003 at the age of 95. She has been referred to as a top European Cancer Research Scientist, Biochemist, Blood Specialist, German Pharmacologist, and Physicist. Dr Budwig was a seven-time Nobel Prize nominee.

Dr Budwig discovered that when unsaturated fats have been chemically treated, their unsaturated qualities are destroyed and the field of electrons removed. This Commercial Processing of fats destroys the field of electrons that the cell membranes (60-75 trillion cells) in our bodies must have to fire properly (i.e. function properly).

The fats ability to associate with protein and thereby to achieve water solubility in the fluids of the living body—all this is destroyed. As Dr Budwig put it, “the battery is dead because the electrons in these fats and oils recharge it.” When the electrons are destroyed the fats are no longer active and cannot flow into the capillaries and through the fine capillary networks. This is when circulation problems arise.

Without the proper metabolism of fats in our bodies every vital function and every organ is affected. This includes the generation of new life and new cells. Our bodies produce over 500 million new cells daily. Dr Budwig points out that in growing new cells, there is a dipolarity between the electrically positive nucleus and the electrically negative cell membrane with its high unsaturated fatty acids. During cell division the cell and new daughter cell must contain enough electron rich fatty acids in the cells surface area to divide off completely from the old cell. When this process is interrupted the body begins to die. In essence, these commercially processed fats and oils are shutting down the electrical field of the cells allowing chronic and terminal diseases to take hold of our bodies.”
Read Morehttp://www.cancertutor.com/budwig/


The core of Dr. Budwig’s diet consists of eating organic flaxseed oil mixed with lowfat organic cottage cheese to prevent and cure a wide array of metabolic disorders, neurological diseases, and cancers. There are other aspects and treatments contained within her protocol that you can read about more abundantly online by simply searching “the budwig diet”.

A healthy diet, caring about yourself, using your talents to serve others…all of these things can help you stand up for yourself and for our human community, as well as for our non-human neighbors and friends on this planet…and hopefully heal your back pain or other chronic pain.

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