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Going viral…thoughts on disease, globalization, and working with nature


Hello readers,

A lot of us have grown up under the specter of the AIDs virus, and more recently Ebola and Zika have been wreaking havoc around the world. These viruses are not new, but they are evolving, and the globalization of travel and economics as well as global warming have contributed to these phenomena.

Mosquito born diseases such as typhoid, malaria, and Zika have been successfully controlled in the past by concerted government efforts in concerned countries to allocate funds to eradicate the disease carrying pests. Recent epidemics may be attributed to the fact that many governments in tropical countries have been reluctant to continue spending on prevention programs when it appeared that many mosquito born illnesses have been in decline, when in fact, continued eradication of mosquito populations is the surest means to combat these devastating viral and parasitic illnesses.

Shifts in weather patterns, warmer weather in geographical areas previously unaffected, and longer warm seasons affects the breeding of mosquitoes as well as the range of territories they call home. Global warming affects all aspects of our environment, including the life cycles and reproductive habits of plants and trees, animals, and microorganisms. Experts don’t know why the Zika virus has recently evolved to a more virulent and dangerous form, but it is possible that as a larger number of people travel around the world, the virus experiments by combining with the DNA of hosts with differing genetic backgrounds, causing it to mutate. Zika has long been familiar to peoples living below the Equator and was until now a relatively minor nuisance.


While today scientists and doctors scramble to find ways to prevent irreversible birth defects including brain damage, microcephaly, and other serious neurological disorders, it seems to me that a deeper look into our relationship with Nature is required.

Many ancient cultures from the Inca and Mayans of Central and South Americas, to the many native peoples of North America, the Aborigines of Australia, Maoris of New Zealand, and South Pacific islanders share a common cultural thread which has threatened their survival in the modern world. These peoples and others I have not mentioned live interdependently with Nature. While the conquistadors built empires and wreaked destruction around the globe in order to gather power and possessions, these original peoples shared a greater wisdom to which we need access today if we, as humans, are to survive on this planet.



Listening to the voice of Nature before making any decisions is key to creating harmony in human relations and in living in synchrony with our environment. To ask first, wait for permission. To avoid taking without reflection, without consideration of possible effects and consequences. Nature is abundant and generous, and She will give us the healing we need in our communities. She will offer cures for our ailments and diseases, as long as we respect Her.


If you are a careful observer of the world in which you live, you may notice that all actions create unintended consequences. In Buddhist terms, I suppose you could call these responses echoing from our choices “karma”.  As a gardener and home-owner, I have realized that I derive great pleasure from working with the soil and with plants. I don’t view the plants as objects that I incorporate into a design. I see them as friends with a will and design of their own. It is exciting to work with the plants and over time observe their strategies and patterns as they interact with one another. Some plants dominate others in some areas of the garden but behave differently in other sections.

One of the major consequences of global domination by materialist culture of the “white man” is the self-imposed divorce of humans from all that is not human. This separation is the root of the chaos we are experiencing in our societies, in the weather patterns, and the diseases that are overtaking our health. Our collective belief that through the religion of separation which we call science, we can control and dominate the world is a false one. This is the ultimate source of snow-balling unintended consequences, be they wars and terror born of orchestrated regime changes in foreign countries, the designing of GMO seeds and plants, the use of pesticides, fertilizers, and an endless array of chemicals and medications used to treat the diseases caused by exposure to these chemicals and imbalances…you get the picture!


I feel confident that if humans collectively unite, we can realize that falsely empowering objectification and pseudo-objectivity  are the motors behind science, our business and economic models, and our patriarchal societies. These are the core causes of global warming, endless racism and scapegoating, social and economic inequality, the breakdown of human communities, and a major cause of disharmony, wars, and disease. By realizing the irrationality of our cultural mental constructs and the ill-conceived thirst for conquest and domination to which we have been subjected for hundreds of years, we can explore together a new world view in which we heal our own relationship to Nature and to ourselves.

I am hopeful that we will collectively choose to live a simpler life in dialogue with Nature in which we cultivate patience and listening skills. By slowing down and honing our awareness of self and all that is outside of self, we can become cautious in action and cognizant of the effects of unintended consequences. Together, humans can heal the broken fabric between our history of exploitation, greed, and power to become truly empowered and happy creators. For this is what we are meant to be…co-creators with Nature.

My suggestion to those who suffer from chronic or temporary viral infections: please try olive leaf extract. It is a very powerful anti-viral containing the active ingredient oleuropein. Here is an excerpt from drhoffman.com:

“Research suggests that olive leaf may be a true antiviral compound because it appears to selectively block an entire virus-specific system in the infected host. It then appears to offer healing effects not addressed by pharmaceutical antibiotics. Olive leaf’s broad killing power includes an ability to interfere with critical amino acid production for viruses; an ability to contain viral infection and/or spread by inactivating viruses by preventing virus shredding, budding or assembly at the cell membrane; and the ability to directly penetrate infected cells and stop viral replication.”


I have been taking olive leaf extract daily for over a year and a half, and since that time, I have not had a single cold or other infection or sickness of any kind, even though I have been surrounded by sick people and working with the public during that time. I can truly say that olive leaf extract is an excellent preventive treatment for many ills, including high cholesterol and blood pressure. Olive leaf is purported to protect you from Alzheimer’s, diabetes, arthritis, HIV, herpes, and cancer. This may be true…but in my experience, it is an amazing compound that can be taken without fear of side effects. It remains effective, no matter how long you take it, unlike man-made medications.


Inca and Mayan prophecies indicate that a new era is dawning amidst the turbulence of the 21st century. These prophesies point to the formation of a new stage in human development, a new human called “homo luminous”. This luminous being is the realization of a higher level of awareness, compassion, and interdependence with Nature and with one another. We can look forward to the creation of close-knit and diverse human communities, and above all, a new-born communion with Nature, of which we are and have always been an integral part.


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