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You’re welcome (a poem)


pits of fear

nuts and rocks scramble

intestine anxiety yet determined

bleeding, raped, maimed, silenced by terror

compassion hacked out of vocabulary

cruelty rebels

against power for power

fleeing for hope the forest of green arms

an opening in the shadows

but the forest shrinks and swallows

hunger, envy, fear

no abundance

when no one wants you

where do you go?

where is the place where the heart grows bigger than the stomach?

I am looking

and I see

a vibrant enlarged heart, softly beating

concealed in a private prison

intentionally hidden from view

throne of the vicious

studded with diamonds and blood

the eyes of the powerful

glitter frozen, impassive

as our world sinks, crumbles into chaos

as greed sucks oxygen from beauty

crumbs of life

break off, reseed, rebel

not allowing

metallic coat of fear in my mouth

to take away the taste and hunger

for freedom

for love

for life




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