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Overfed and divorced (a poem)


relentless hunger twists internal organs

chimp raised hawk hoards billions

shiny brilliants golden chips fresh water and virgin land

expensively shod feet  crush serene beauty

masturbating mountains and the glinting eye of cruelty

ownership of what can’t be owned

oversized testicles twist minds

perverting meaning and information

intention to mislead

maw open masking fangs spreading seeds of blame

standing over cowering silent resilient

enduring the projecting shadow


projectile vomit enforced domination

corporate imprisonment

made to pay through pores

punishment by insecure repeated beatings

to ensure mirror does not reflect back

image of crow pecked voracious need

supremely white and broken

gastric bypass your divorce from

supreme female

our green maternal

waits tranquil for her moment

sheds your empire

your pale limbs of terror

salted acid waves confound your self-addressed inevitable escape

consequences of presupposed immunity

taken superior insecure voracious

organs of discontent know no empathy

separation, then divorce


life herself



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