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Darkness seeks light for friendship, more if affinities (a poem)


parrot face.png

the likeness of a parrot repeats, choking on bone in my throat

mirroring rehearsals of a blind genocide

the patterns of intention

seemingly proud, conscious, and placing one foot in front of the other

patterns of disaster

yet so hopeful, with a tenderness that defies reality

you saw how frustration built that mob

anger of helpless hands that could not build an empire

or make a house payment on time

the powerless squirm when fear lights their bellies

taking the darkness and squeezing it into quarantine

injecting that isolated threat

into something more vulnerable

someone more helpless

than myself

the helpless have always carried the darkness for the mob of sleepers

and yet it is our job to reflect

we are all mirrors for one another

our faces the reflection of our brains

trusting us to use one another

to reflect back light

not to absorb our darkness

the parrot wakes up screeching, its garbled words decoded

by the electricity that runs up and down my bones

jolted into consciousness

seeing himself in another and still not closing his eyes

embracing his face in the face of another

and not retracting in fear, denial, pain, anger

vomiting darkness

terror dripping from the tips of his wings

no longer

the vulnerable, our minorities, our mirrors

need not fear again

they have permission

to see their own shadows in any of our faces

all human, all reflectors, all alchemists

we all have that power

transformers of darkness into light

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